Don’t Worry, Funny Money Will Go On

I see a lot of chit chat about a so-called “fiscal cliff”. Oh come on…even someone with a lukewarm IQ can figure this out. At the last minute, some silly deal will be ironed out and everyone will praise and bow down to our fearless leader and whatever some republican of the week. The media will inevitably fawn over the incredible bipartisan leadership exhibited by our slavemasters. I tend to ignore journalism memes; when I hear fiscal cliff, I want to throw up. We are way past the cliff and in the quicksand by now. The federal reserve and their puppet politicians control everything now. Not that I am conceding, mind you. I will fight until death. Things seem rather dire right now, but I refuse to live on my knees.

They are able to effectively control via fear. Too bad I have too much of that pesky Viking blood in me, eh?

The police state is ratcheting up. Alas, this is what the American populace seems to want, so who am I to argue? Drones, wiretapping, intimidation, fear, senseless wars and “operations”, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, economic warfare, public schools…this will be your demise, although you might not realize it. I think most of you know subconsciously that it is occuring; I see it etched on people’s faces. For whatever reason, people have chosen to ignore it. Tomorrow’s history books will be written with an asterisk.

On the subject, I have been informed that my blog is verboten for the armed forces. This blog is blocked by the military. I don’t know why, but perhaps it is an honor. It is a bit disconcerting, but as I said it has been willed.

Personally, I am choosing to better myself and invest in family and preparations. This Christmas/Yule will be different. Gifts will be knowledge…science, books, and the like.

I’m too old to be arguing silly ideologies with the naysayers. I don’t see the point. I’ve been doing this information dissemination for 12 years now, I’m getting too tired. Argumentation on Twitter, Facebook, forums, etc. is not doing myself any favors; I have been using this time to further my knowledge on a wide array of subjects. I have no patience for ad hominem attacks, threats, parrot repeating, those that refuse to give a damn, the materialistic crowd, etc.
Seek love and knowledge. Let go of fears. Plant a garden. Educate family/friends. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

God luck and good speed.

Idiocracy Part 1

Sometimes, I want to bang my head in total frustration. Sometimes, I just want to laugh. Sometimes, I want to cry. The way society is becoming, this will possibly be a new blog segment, merely commenting on the every day absurdities I observe.

I was at Hasting’s in Benton on Friday. This is a book/cd/movie rental chain here in AR, but they also have a coffee shop. I usually go to this coffee shop because the coffee is good, not too expensive, and I can sit and do my homework and studies. I overhear the most ridiculous things, but this one takes the cake.

Keep in mind the election (err, selection) was on Tuesday.

There was a group of teenagers and twenty-somethings talking about the atypical twenty-something/teenage madness. What really got to me, though? Someone in the group…

“Oh, yeah, the election was this week. Who won it?”

“Oh, it was Obama. I saw it on this comedy show, it was hilarious the way they were doing this.”

“I’m glad he won. I don’t know who he beat, but that’s good.”


The second thing that struck me, we were watching some infowars on youtube and one of the Alex Jones reporters was interviewing an Obama supporter.

“If you had to give Obama a grade for his first term, what grade would you give him?”

“I don’t believe in grades. Grades are wrong.”


We’re screwed.

A letter to Joe Lieberman

Mr Lieberman, you do not speak for us

“U.S. Senator Lieberman: Impose sanctions on Iran or attack it”

This is in regards to Mr Warmonger screaming that we need to be engrossed in yet another useless war. I need you to know something, Mr. LIEberman and other various creeps. You are not the majority. You do not speak for the millions of inhabitants of this world, nor do you speak for Americans. Perhaps you can fool some people, but certainly there are those of us who see through your façade. We, the citizenry of this world, do not bow down to your whims; we will not succumb to your tartuffery.

I believe there is evil on this planet, ambassadors of greed and pain such us yourself. There are also those that opt to ignore the suffering going on within our borders, and the funding we have made to cruel tyrants and regimes outside our borders. The problem is, all of this catches up with you. To make industries based on death and destruction is not progression; this is regression. For you cruel people who stick to the apocalyptic script, I cannot imagine there will be an easy time of it. I don’t know why you insist on lies, lies and more lies; I do not know why you inflict your insanity upon people who simply want to live.

I feel pain that we have not progressed to a better level of understanding; of course, this is exactly how you and your minions planned it, isn’t it? To make sure we never progress, never move beyond a mode of thinking that is outmoded, at best.

I cannot imagine that this is progression; if it is, we are living in a true nightmare, a matrix of lies perpetuated by ignorance and idiocy.

May the true arbiters of understanding get through these difficult times so that we may learn with whatever shred of sanity we might have left…



Canadian MP Considers Pieing an Act of Terrorism

*fukkin dumbasses.*

OTTAWA – A Liberal MP says he believes the federal government should investigate whether the pieing of Fisheries Minister Gail Shea by a woman opposed to the seal hunt constitutes an act of terrorism.

Shea was delivering a speech Monday at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters in Burlington, Ont., when a woman stood up and pushed a tofu cream pie squarely into the minister’s face.

The animal-rights group PETA later took responsibility for the incident. It said in a release that it was part of its campaign “to stop the government’s ill-advised sanction of the slaughter of seals.”

MP Gerry Byrne says he thinks what happened should be reviewed under the legal definition of terrorism.

‘Oral sex’ definition prompts dictionary ban in US schools

Dictionaries have been removed from classrooms in southern California schools after a parent complained about a child reading the definition for “oral sex”.

Merriam Webster’s 10th edition, which has been used for the past few years in fourth and fifth grade classrooms (for children aged nine to 10) in Menifee Union school district, has been pulled from shelves over fears that the “sexually graphic” entry is “just not age appropriate”, according to the area’s local paper.

The dictionary’s online definition of the term is “oral stimulation of the genitals”. “It’s hard to sit and read the dictionary, but we’ll be looking to find other things of a graphic nature,” district spokeswoman Betti Cadmus told the paper.

While some parents have praised the move – “[it’s] a prestigious dictionary that’s used in the Riverside County spelling bee, but I also imagine there are words in there of concern,” said Randy Freeman – others have raised concerns. “It is not such a bad thing for a kid to have the wherewithal to go and look up a word he may have even heard on the playground,” father Jason Rogers told local press. “You have to draw the line somewhere. What are they going to do next, pull encyclopaedias because they list parts of the human anatomy like the penis and vagina?”

A panel is now reviewing whether the Menifee ban will be made permanent. The Merriam Webster dictionary joins an illustrious set of books that have been banned or challenged in the US, including Nobel prize winner Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, which last year was suspended from and then reinstated to the curriculum at a Michigan school after complaints from parents about its coverage of graphic sex and violence, and titles by Khaled Hosseini and Philip Pullman, included in the American Library Association’s list of books that inspired most complaints last year.

Warmonger Wins Peace Prize

Warmonger Wins Peace Prize

By Paul Craig Roberts

It took 25 years longer than George Orwell thought for the slogans of 1984 to become reality.

“War is Peace,” “Freedom is Slavery,” “Ignorance is Strength.”

I would add, “Lie is Truth.”

The Nobel Committee has awarded the 2009 Peace Prize to President Obama, the person who started a new war in Pakistan, upped the war in Afghanistan, and continues to threaten Iran with attack unless Iran does what the US government demands and relinquishes its rights as a signatory to the non-proliferation treaty.

The Nobel committee chairman, Thorbjoern Jagland said, “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.”

Obama, the committee gushed, has created “a new climate in international politics.”

Tell that to the 2 million displaced Pakistanis and the unknown numbers of dead ones that Obama has racked up in his few months in office.  Tell that to the Afghans where civilian deaths continue to mount as Obama’s “war of necessity” drones on indeterminably.

No Bush policy has changed. Iraq is still occupied. The Guantanamo torture prison is still functioning. Rendition and assassinations are still occurring. Spying on Americans without warrants is still the order of the day.  Civil liberties are continuing to be violated in the name of Oceania’s “war on terror.”

Apparently, the Nobel committee is suffering from the delusion that, being a minority, Obama is going to put a stop to Western hegemony over darker-skinned peoples.

The non-cynical can say that the Nobel committee is seizing on Obama’s rhetoric to lock him into the pursuit of peace instead of war.  We can all hope that it works.  But the more likely result is that the award has made “War is Peace” the reality.

Obama has done nothing to hold the criminal Bush regime to account, and the Obama administration has bribed and threatened the Palestinian Authority to go along with the US/Israeli plan to deep-six the UN’s Goldstone Report on Israeli war crimes committed during Israel’s inhuman military attack on the defenseless civilian population in the Gaza Ghetto.

The US Ministry of Truth is delivering the Obama administration’s propaganda that Iran only notified the IAEA of its “secret” new nuclear facility because Iran discovered that US intelligence had discovered the “secret” facility.  This propaganda is designed to undercut the fact of Iran’s compliance with the Safeguards Agreement and to continue the momentum for a military attack on Iran.

The Nobel committee has placed all its hopes on a bit of skin color.

“War is Peace” is now the position of the formerly antiwar organization, Code Pink.

Code Pink has decided that women’s rights are worth a war in Afghanistan.

When justifications for war become almost endless—oil, hegemony, women’s rights, democracy, revenge for 9/11, denying bases to al Qaeda and protecting against terrorists—war becomes the path to peace.

The Nobel committee has bestowed the prestige of its Peace Prize on Newspeak and Doublethink.

Salon Hit Piece Implies Truth Seeking Is A Mental Illness

An advice columnist for the influential left leaning website has launched a scathing attack on Alex Jones in response to a letter from a reader who says his 17 year old nephew has been “sucked into the Internet conspiracy black hole” created by Jones.

Salon’s Cary Tennis refers to Jones as a “cultish fear-monger” and advises the reader named “Buck” that his nephew’s visits to Jones’ websites may be an indication that he is mentally disturbed.

Tennis initially reels off the usual psychobabble about people wanting to find simple explanations for complex things, needing to feel like there is a vast conspiracy to get them, and wanting to feel like they are privy to exclusive information that the masses are not aware of.


Towards the end of his response, however, he makes the following remarks:

I do not want to conclude without making explicit that if he has dyslexia or some kind of attention-deficit disorder, those are things that should be diagnosed and treated on their own. If his mother’s coddling has prevented him from facing up to these possible problems, that could be adding to his anxiety. So I would definitely, in addition to the camping trip, or wilderness expedition, do what you can to bring to light any organic, diagnosable and treatable conditions he may have. Treating them will not only improve his abilities but give him some confidence that obstacles can be overcome and differences in ability can be compensated for.

Labeling as mentally disturbed anyone who is skeptical or open to the possibility that conspiracies may have a basis in reality is a move we have witnessed before.

Last month Psychology Today published a piece with the exact same implications. Writer John Gartner made Alex Jones the centerpiece of a story in which he attempted to define distrust of authorities and alternative explanations for the “official story” put out by governments and their corporate media arms as mental illness.

In our previous article we pointed out that there is a long history of those very forms of authority designating dissenting explanation as a psychological illness as a means to stamp it out along with all forms of critical thinking.

Salon’s Cary Tennis got the gig as the website’s “agony uncle” advice columnist, by his own admission, mainly due to a troubled past. He occasionally makes reference to the fact that he is a recovering alcoholic and that these challenges in his own life have led him to find a connection with others who are in trouble.

I could respond by reeling off a parade of pseudo-psychological clap trap about Tennis wanting to believe other people are troubled because it exorcises his own demons blah blah blah, but instead I will just state that Tennis’ attempt to play at being Sigmund Freud is tired and weak.

Free thinking people are flocking to Alex Jones’ websites not because they are “looking for a system that explains why things are fucked up”, but because they have been consistently lied to by a cabal calling itself government operating through both political parties. They are distressed that elites continue to wage wars in their names, continue to hand over the fruits of their labor to offshore banks and corporations, and continue to destroy their freedoms and lower their standard of living.

Hacks like Tennis appear ludicrous when they accuse those free thinkers of being out of touch with their own world when the reality of the situation is the exact opposite.

Pick up a newspaper Mr Tennis, look around you. Who is engaging in mental gymnastics? Is it Alex Jones, who is gravely concerned about an engineered decline of society, or is it you with your accusations that he and his readers may be clinically insane for suggesting such a thing even exists?

With consideration, however, it is my guess is that Tennis is not engaging in any kind of cognitive dissonance, but that he is just plain lazy. My guess is that Tennis spent less than five minutes evaluating Alex Jones, his standpoint and the material he has produced over the course of the last fifteen years, before tapping away a standard hack response at his keyboard.

The mentally unstable conspiracy theorist in me has another suggestion, however. Indulge me if you will.

The reader letter from “Buck” stinks to high heaven.

The now standard attempt to link Alex Jones with Fox News provocateur Glenn Beck rears its ugly head again, despite the fact that Alex Jones has clearly outlined his opposition to Beck’s agenda on several occasions.

The letter also compares the 17 year old nephew to “young men in 1930s Germany… when told that they were part of a master race being manipulated by the international Jewish conspiracy”, thus ridiculously and callously implying that Alex Jones is akin to Hitler.

In what seems to be a pre-determined anticipation of our response to the attack piece, the letter also carefully points out that the young impressionable mind of the teenager interprets any any criticism of Jones as “a product of the nefarious dark forces out to discredit the only man intelligent enough and courageous enough to tell the truth.”

Call me a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but the letter has all the hallmarks of a carefully concocted smear piece.

Salon Media Group’s board of Directors reads like a who’s who of corporate media executives. The publication also routinely carries columns by globalist philanthropist George Soros, who is always intrinsically linked with routine attacks on Alex Jones directed from the left.

Outlets such as Salon, Media Matters, The Daily Kos and Think Progress have begun attacking Alex Jones precisely because they see his truly individual status, ultimate bipartisanship and real grassroots popularity as a threat to their misconceived “new media” empire.

If “Buck” is a real person he really has done his homework in following the Soros directed attack program to a tee in his letter.

Of course, all that is in my attention-deficit disorder riddled mind. Perhaps I need to take Mr Tennis’ advice and get out into the wilderness some more.


Addendum: I cannot let slip one more rather cheap shot from the Salon piece which comes in the form of criticizing Alex Jones based on advertisements on his websites. Tennis derides our acceptance of “comic book” style ads for “Powerful Herbal Medicines”, while directly opposite his comments, and plastered all over his article for that matter, are a comic book like ads for “The antioxidant superpower” of 100% natural pomegranate juice, instantly rendering his point hypocritical in addition to it’s permanent irrelevance.

Here is a screen shot: