A Hit? Maybe

There was a rather large earthquake on Friday in Alaska; there was no major tsunami, so not so sure of a “hit” in my recent dream:


I will say, though, that in many of my dreams only certain aspects come true. It is not normally the whole thing, fortunately.

Just now getting back online again; the Christmas ice storm knocked out our power for a week and phone/DSL for longer 😦

Yet another odd dream…

There needed to be some kind of sacrifice. For the “greater good” of humanity, a group needed to sacrifice 100 souls. This is the way that TPTB are able to sustain themselves generation to generation. As they sacrifice souls, the souls do not become immortal. Nobody is allowed to move on. It has to be totally voluntary, though. These people had to willingly sacrifice themselves so that their souls would go to these people. There were a lot of people that wanted to give themselves for the sacrifice, though, for the “betterment” of mankind.

This was disturbing to me on many levels…the worst thing being how many people were willing to sacrifice themselves for this goal.

Strange Dream 2

Well, Saturday evening was Antarctic; I suppose it is natural that Sunday night is Arctic.

I was going into some kind of store in Alaska. It was in the middle of nowhere. The people that owned it invited me to their house. It was on the water. Two sides of the house were very close to the shore. There was a severe recession going on; the owners of the store were not making any money on it. I asked how they were sustaining themselves, they said they really weren’t doing well, but that they had 16 bars of gold stored away just in case. When I was in the home, the waters were rising. You could see huge rocks in the water. With each tide, the waters were getting higher. There wasn’t much of a population near the house; they were more by the mountain or past the mountain. This was the only one near the water. Waters kept rising. I then had a vision in the dream. I had a vision that with this water rise, there would be a very large earthquake. I tried to warn the people that lived there. There were quite a few in the house. Nobody took me seriously, though. They said that there was no history of large earthquakes in that particular region of Alaska. I am unsure where this was; it was on an inlet, not directly on the ocean. I saw large animals that were dead rising up with the water. I was desperately trying to get them to leave, because I knew that the flooding would worsen and that the earthquake was coming. Nobody listened to me.

Strange Dream

Still messed up from this one.

December 8th

I was a scientist working at some sort of research station in Antarctica. It was very important research, and there were a few others. This was in a very remote area. We were not speaking English, which is why I don’t know all of the details of the research. I knew it was very important, though. Suddenly, we had to leave. Something had happened. We got into some kind of vehicle. We were concerned. I looked back and there was an explosion. I knew that somehow this explosion had bad ramifications for humanity, even though the explosion was minor. It was going to affect the planet.

Just thought I would share.

Dreams April-August 2010

April 1st

There were a bunch of gods, I was one of them. They were behaving badly, like humans. We were looking for places to hide.

April 3rd

I was walking up a hill, looking for Barb. She was mad at me, and sharing a place with Sharon. There was a grouping of stars far away, they got closer and turned into a round, large UFO. It was coming after us. We had to run and hide behind buildings.

April 8th

I was in a mall, it was falling apart. There were pieces everywhere. I was with a Klingon, who was nervous about something. We were walking through the mall, I said it reminded me of something, but he kept disagreeing with me.

April 9th

I was in Alaska. I was working at a library.

April 10th

I was in a strange country, on a boat. People were not speaking English. They asked me if I would be okay in a foreign country, I told them I lived in Quebec. I fell of the side of the boat, into the water. I managed to swim to the other side without difficulty.

April 14th

I was in Colorado Springs. Something bad was going on. I was in a room with a bunch of packages.

April 16th

I was in a strange house, with a man. He was not allowing me to leave the house, using some kind of supernatural force. There was something outside hovering, a ship of some kind. There was a light on the ship that meant we were being recorded. There was something evil on the deck preventing my departure.

April 17th

I was waiting for a bus. I was looking at a map, but something wasn’t right. It was the Great Lakes, but Superior looked too big. I was trying to figure out how to connect a bluetooth cell phone.

April 19th

I was in Chicago. I was trying to find a way from Wrigley to Comiskey, but I couldn’t find a good way. I needed change for the subway. I was in an algebra class, there was a guy hurting people and throwing them in a swimming pool. The snow that was falling was strange.

April 27th

I was in a Hy-Vee. It closed down and we were all trapped inside. It got dark. My mom was putting together photo frames. There was blood all over. People had to come and go at night.

May 1st

Nobody could leave their houses. There was some kind of intense heat that caused people to be stuck inside. The sun was not normal.

May 5th

I was visiting Christa and she was running a pizza place. The cities were deserted. She had two swimming pools but one of them was not functioning. The kids were playing in one. We were visiting a motel and Jesse was working there. There was something wrong with the Mississippi River and the moon.

May 8th

I was babysitting for a young boy. He stole some wine and was going nuts. I tried to tell his mom, but she did not care. There was a man with a large 31 year old exotic bird and 2 cats and a dog. I told him he was a cool guy and he said whatever. I had to go to a strange house. The house was large and had three levels, I was told it was the place to go in case of catastrophe. I went in and saw ads for a basketball team. They were trying to push a newspaper subscription on me. I went outside and there was another building that had a bar in it. I had to go down steps on a hill to get away. The steps were not in good condition and had black stuff all over them. The sky was totally empty and silent.

May 13th

Everyone was excited because Jesus was coming. I was not. I was in the BP dome. It wasn’t working.

May 17th

I was looking at a map. It was walking part of the way with two wolves. I had to get to a part of the map covered by snow, and had to use a horse to get there.

May 20th

I was in a bank. People were going to kill someone at the bank. My childhood Bible was in my hands, and the words kept changing and mentioned the BP oil spill.

June 3rd

I was looking in the distance. There was a huge volcano erupting. There was smoke and ash all over the place. We were all trying to escape it. I was trying to get to my grandparent’s basement, but there was something wrong with the stairs.

June 6th

I was watching the BP live cam feeds and the oil flow stopped.

June 15th

I was looking at a map. It had the Yukon and the north on it. I was trying to remember a phone number.

June 18th

I was at Southpark mall, but it was knocked down and the stores were outside. The numbers on the door kept changing. A crazy man was walking around shooting people with darts. He shot the Catholic woman next to me. The Walgreens had two floors, some kind of turtle doctor gave me a prescription.

June 25th

I was in Alaska. There was something wrong with the landscape. There was an older man that put me in a room without windows. There was a huge oil spill and nobody could do anything about it.

July 10th

I had a boat, but was having trouble with it. It was large. I anchored it in shallow waters.

July 14th

I was back at EMCS and Pastor Patrick was telling me I was reading too many books to be productive.

July 15th

There were problems with the Statue of Liberty. There were cheap Chinese goods all over the place, it was causing problems. People had to evacuate.

July 16th

I was in a weird place. The sun was shining all the time.

July 22nd

I was in a mall. There were hundreds of Hispanic people there. There were huge televisions all over the place, telling people what to do and they obeyed.

August 8th

James Cameron was buying a historical mansion. Christa and I were on John Deere Road, looked up and saw a UFO.

August 9th

I was in an empty, desolate place. Somebody told me this should not be allowed to happen.

August 11th

I was in Russia. There was some sort of very important coin that I found in very shallow water. People were coming after me to get the coin.

August 12th

I was in a hospital, waiting to see a doctor. I went in to see him, he was a third world doctor. There were Siamese twins in the room. The doctor took a pin to my left eye and it made spirals in my vision. I was angry because it had nothing to do with what I was there for. He got mad and sent me to the waiting room.

August 21st

I was with Kevin. He had a gun to my head and said we needed to die together. I wanted to.

August 26th

I was at a party. A guy made me angry so I murdered him. I hid all the evidence and nobody noticed. They could not find his body, but they reported him as missing. A girl was asking me questions, she suspected me. The police came to find the body, couldn’t find it. They found evidence that implicated me, though. Stuff in a bag: a pack of marlboros, a phone jack. There was Celtic stuff buried in the back yard.

Dreams from the past two nights

March 14th

I was looking at maps of Wisconsin and Michigan. They were different. The lakes had changed. The entire geology had changed. There was a city called Karkgaard or something.  I poured milk over several people. The police were investigating me for the milk.

March 15th

I was on a bus in Chicago. There was water all over the place, the streets and city were flooded. The bus could not maneuver very well. We could not get to many areas.

I was in Boston, in the middle of a terrible storm. I could not go anywhere, there was water all over the place, the city was flooded.

Techniques for Vivid Dreaming

I have found that there are some techniques I have employed that have assisted in more vivid, life-like dreams. I cannot say it will necessarily work for you, but I have been successful. I do not do this every night, and I change techniques frequently, depending on the day. I don’t use it for lucid dreaming; that is not my goal or attempt. The past couple years I have trying to develop a psychic arena for my dreams, and to answer personal problems in my life.

Vitamin B6

This is a helpful supplement to create the more bizarre dreams. I do not use this often, as it does not assist in any way except to make things seem really other-worldly. If you would like this effect, take 200 mg prior to sleep.


Again, I don’t use it often, but it can be helpful for some bizarre dreams. One pill should suffice.


Brilliant stuff, I take it for my fibromyalgia attacks and have found it does have a curious effect on dreaming. It manages to bring up people from the past, more often than not. One pill is sufficient.


I do take this every night.  I boil it with my tea prior to bed time. This stuff is AMAZING. It slowly helps you develop heightened psychic awareness in both your real-life and dream-life. I would recommend it as an everyday thing.


I put a spoonful of turmeric in with my boiling tea water every evening. I have heard it is effective for dream work, although to be honest, I cannot confirm as I use it in combination with the mugwort. At the very least, it has proven health benefits, so I will continue with this path.


This is a big one. I have found I have quite vivid dreams when taking it. I do not take it every night, as one tends to build a tolerance to it. As little as 25 mg is acceptable, and does make a difference.

I am not a doctor, nor am I sure what techniques will work for you. I have found it most helpful for me, though, and can confirm I have had dreams about individuals I have never known and it turns out to be accurate.

Happy dreaming!!