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Eye and skin irritant. Repeated or excessive exposure to butoxyethanol may cause injury to red blood cells
(hemolysis), kidney or the liver. Harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed.
Do not get in eyes, on skin, on clothing. Do not take internally. Use with adequate ventilation. Wear suitable
protective clothing. Keep container tightly closed. Flush affected area with water. Keep away from heat. Keep
away from sources of ignition – No smoking.
May evolve oxides of carbon (COx) under fire conditions.


Eye, Skin



Can cause moderate irritation.


Harmful by inhalation. Repeated or prolonged exposure may irritate the respiratory tract.

Inflammation Example: One Way Comfort Food Poisons

It’s often taken as a matter of faith when natural healers or medical doctors say that diets that contain too much starch, sugar and unhealthy fat causes cancer, heart disease, depression, obesity, fibromyalgia, diabetes and rapid aging. However, while the connections between junk food/comfort food diets and the diseases they cause are numerous and complex, a few can be distilled down into key explanations that provide concrete examples as to how diet actually leads to disease.

Today, I want to talk about one narrow issue of inflammation.

In many parts of the world food is flavored using fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs and spices. In what we view as the healthiest diets, food isn’t only flavored using fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs and spices but those things comprise a good bulk of the dishes. Unfortunately, most of the calories in American cooking instead come from eating meals heavy in refined sugar and starches flavored with fats.

In American cooking, refined-starch foods (white rice, white potatoes, white flour) are usually flavored with omega 6 fatty acid-heavy fat. The fat-based flavorings popular in America include butter, cheese, bacon, mayonnaise and starch-and-fat-based gravies or sugar-and-fat-based icings and syrups. Another favorite American way of flavoring food with fat is to deep fry the food in fat, using fat for both flavor and texture. Thus we have macaroni and cheese, potato salad, macaroni salad, mashed potatoes, french fries, and bread-based fatty combos ranging from grilled cheese sandwiches to burgers.

We keep hearing how this junk food/comfort food diet leads to heart problems, cancer, and so on. Exactly how do they?

One of the many ways a junk food/comfort food meal poisons us is by creating the ideal conditions for inflammation in our bodies. A diet of the above-mentioned foods creates ideal conditions for chronic inflammation, when they are eaten together.

Inflammation and Disease

Inflammation is part of a normal wound-healing and growth process. Under abnormal dietary conditions, though, chronic inflammation destroys tissues in a number of ways, and facilitates the spread of tissue-damaging disorders.

Many diseases like coronary artery disease and cancer can be described as chronic inflammatory diseases because inflammation plays a key role in making the disease possible. In coronary artery disease, the cholesterol-laden plaques deposit on the artery walls as protective coverings over inflammation sites. The more inflammation, the more plaques deposit in an attempt to heal the patch of damaged tissue, and the more cholesterol builds up in that blood vessel. With cancer, inflammation is how cancer is able to disrupt and grow into surrounding healthy tissue (among other things). In both diseases, were it not for inflammation, the progression of the disease is limited, contained or stopped.

It’s not exaggerating to say that chronic inflammation is a factor in many of the lifestyle diseases that are considered epidemic today, and that the rise of these diseases in our society can be linked to the rise of chronic inflammation from diets based on cheap refined starches, fats and cheap factory farmed meats.

How exactly does eating a macaroni-and-cheese dinner lead to inflammation? Using that example, I can explain one pathway of inflammation. A single meal can create the conditions for a bout of unhealthy inflammation, especially meals containing lots of factory farmed animal fats and starch or sugar.

Insulin Spikes Lead to Production of Inflammatory Prostaglandins

Really simplified down, one can say that prostaglandin is a substance our body creates that is part of an inflammation response. Many pain relievers like Aspirin, Vioxx and other so-called “COX-1” and “COX-2” inhibitors, actually interfere with the production of prostaglandin and that’s how they reduce inflammation and pain. Prostaglandins are molecules that are part of one of our inflammation and pain responses.

Where do Prostaglandins come from?

When you eat a lot of sugar or refined starches (high glycemic index foods) your body deals with the resulting spike in your blood sugar from digesting those foods by releasing a lot of insulin to force your cells to absorb the glucose from your blood. In a nutshell, insulin leads to IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factors) and to the production of prostaglandins.

In the case of a junk food/comfort food diet or binge, this process of insulin production is so excessive as to be more than what your body needs. Your body will try producing more inflammation factors than is necessary due to excess insulin, leading to chronic inflammation problems, just as excess insulin leads to type II diabetes.

Prostaglandins Are Made From Omega 6 Fatty Acid

The overproduction of prostaglandins isn’t normally a problem in natural healthy (pre-Industrial era) lifestyles, even if you eat a lot of sweets and have a lot of insulin spikes. It takes another factor to overproduce prostaglandins, and that is excess omega-6 fatty acid.

In our factory farmed food universe today, where animals aren’t grass-fed and free-range, but are fed on cheaply grown grains and other unnatural feed heavy in omega 6 fats, the fats from those animals are in turn deficient in omega 3 fatty acids and heavy in omega 6 fatty acids. Thus, factory farmed dairy, beef, and their derivatives, as well as vegetable oils made from cheaply grown grains, are overloading our diet with omega 6 fatty acids, and we are deficient in omega 3 fatty acids. These factory farmed meats and dairy are considered inflammatory in part because omega 6 fatty acid is used to make inflammation molecules. For example, the prostaglandins that are produced by the body after insulin spikes are made out of omega 6 fatty acid.

When the so-called COX inhibitors like aspirin and Vioxx are inhibiting inflammation and pain, what they are doing is inhibiting cyclooxygenase, which is the enzyme used to convert arachidonic acid (an omega 6 fatty acid) into prostaglandins and other inflammation molecules.

With an unnatural excess of omega 6 fatty acids in our diets, we have more than enough arachidonic acid for our bodies to churn out excessive inflammation-related molecules to support the demand for inflammation molecules that pathologically excessive insulin triggers.

Inflammation on a Plate: Comfort Foods are High Glycemic Index Foods Flavored with Omega 6 Fats

So a diet high in high glycemic index refined starches and sugars combined with heavy use of omega 6 fats like butter, cheese, bacon, fatty meats, vegetable-oil based mayonnaise, is basically inflammation-on-a-plate. Each junk food/comfort food meal that is heavy in refined or dense starches, that are flavored with fats as Americans do when they cook, is an ideal way to feed inflammation as it contains both the insulin triggers for inflammation and the omega 6 fatty acids to make the prostaglandins with.

Inflammation-on-a-plate foods would be: macaroni and cheese, french fries, mashed potatoes and gravy, white bread sandwiches with mayonnaise or other dressings, macaroni salad, potato salad, hamburgers and cheeseburgers, white flour pizzas, fried foods, fried white rice, most foods containing butter and sugar or butter and flour, butter flavored popcorn, buttered corn, nachos and baked desserts. I.e. most American foods.

In closing

The above inflammation pathway is only one common way in which comfort food diets can poison us. There are actually many ways to explain the degenerative processes that junk food/comfort foods are associated with, that contribute to heart disease, cancer, aging, osteoporosis and other diseases.

If you have a chronic inflammatory disease, a doctor could prescribe aspirin, Vioxx, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, or steroids to control inflammation. The currently popular fad prescription today, statins, are cholesterol lowering drugs thought to derive most of their benefit from an anti-inflammatory effect. However, these anti-inflammatories have serious side effects.

A natural healer or nutritional healer would simply say that to avoid inflammation, one way is to stop eating so much of the omega 6 fatty acid containing foods (i.e. cut out the factory farmed meats and dairy and vegetable oils), switch to healthy oils in a moderate-fat or low-fat diet, and switch to anti-inflammatory fruits, vegetables and spices to flavor your meals with instead of fats.

By moving away from the starches-fat-sugar-salt paradigm underlying bland, heavy comfort food cooking and learning to eat more fruits and vegetables, and learning to flavor your foods with herbs, spices, fresh fruits and veggies instead of fats, you can reduce the toll of chronic inflammation in your life.

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Bayer Admits GMO Contamination is Out of Control

EXTRACT: Bayer has admitted it has been unable to control the spread of its genetically-engineered organisms despite ‘the best practices [to stop contamination]'(1). It shows that all outdoors field trials or commercial growing of GE crops must be stopped before our crops are irreversibly contaminated.

$2 million US dollar verdict against Bayer confirms company’s liability for an uncontrollable technology

Greenpeace welcomes the United States federal jury ruling on 4 December 2009 that Bayer CropScience LP must pay $2 million US dollars to two Missouri farmers after their rice crop was contaminated with an experimental variety of rice that the company was testing in 2006.

This verdict confirms that the responsibility for the consequences of GE (genetic engineering) contamination rests with the company that releases GE crops.

Bayer has admitted it has been unable to control the spread of its genetically-engineered organisms despite ‘the best practices [to stop contamination]'(1). It shows that all outdoors field trials or commercial growing of GE crops must be stopped before our crops are irreversibly contaminated.

A report prepared for Greenpeace International concluded that the total costs incurred throughout the world as a result of the contamination are estimated to range from $741 million to $1.285 billion US dollars.(2) The verdict indicates that Bayer is liable for what could turn out to be a large proportion of these costs, as it awards damages in the first two of more than 1,000 currently pending lawsuits. The decision must be used to support all claims for losses incurred by other US farmers whose crops have suffered from GE contamination.

(1) Bayers Defense lawyer, Mark Ferguson as reported in Harris, A. 2009.
Bayer Blamed at Trial for Crops ‘Contaminated’ by Modified Rice. Bloomberg News 4th November 2009, available at:…

(2) E.N. Blue (2007) Risky Business. Economic and regulatory impacts from the unintended release of genetically engineered rice varieties into the rice merchandising system of the US. Report prepared for Greenpeace International, available online at….

Receptor Binding Domain Change D225G Confirmed in Ukraine

Mill Hill has released a series of sequences from patients in Ukraine.  Four of the samples had the receptor binding domain change D225G.  Three samples were from lung, one from a throat swab.

Samples with D255G are listed below





All HA samples also had a Ukraine specific marker that had been previously found in swine.

More detailed analysis to follow.

Ukraine Dead Increase to 328 – Still No Sequences

Recombinomics Commentary 19:17
November 17, 2009
1,457,564 Influenza/ARI

83,526 Hospitalized

328 Deaths

The above numbers are in the latest update from the Ukraine Health Department and include 13 more deaths.  Although the number of deaths has decline slightly from the prior two days, the increase in cases and hospitalizations suggest the decline in deaths may be temporary.  The largest increase in cases was again in Kiev (5522 to 109,676) and two other eastern oblast (see map) had daily increases of more than 4000 cases (Dnipropetrovsk and Denetsk).  The steady rise in deaths continues to increase concerns over an H1N1 genetic change leading to an increase in lung disease such as those described earlier.

WHO came out with a situation update which provided little specific information beyond earlier reports that the H1N1 did not have large changes.  However, the new update did indicate that WHO regional centers in London and Atlanta were still investigating isolates, suggesting there have been sequences changes that are not fully characterized.

Recently released swine H1N1 from other locations have included receptor binding domain changes at position 225 (D225E, D225N, D225G) as well as 226 (Q226R) raising concerns that similar changes in Ukraine cold lead to the high frequency of fatal lung infections (Q226R has been seen previously in human H5N1 as well as H3 isolates from swine, ducks, and seals).  The new update did not address receptor binding domain changes or other SNPs that could have significant effects on the pathogenicity of the virus.

Therefore, the release of sequences and comments on receptor binding domain changes would be useful.

Virginia teen athlete in wheelchair after H1N1 vaccine shot

A teenage Virginia athlete is in a wheel chair now after suffering Guillain-Barre Syndrome within hours after receiving an H1N1 swine flu vaccine shot. 14-year-old Jordan McFarland developed severe headaches, muscle spasms and weakness in his legs after being injected. He will need “extensive physical therapy” to recovery, reports MSNBC. Plus, he’ll need the help of a walker for four to six weeks.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) is the name given to anyone who exhibits a particular set of neurological symptoms including muscle weakness and muscle spasms. GBS is now increasingly occurring following H1N1 vaccine injections. It was diagnosed in thousands of patients following the 1976 swine flu vaccine scare, and it appears to be recurring here in 2009 as the swine flu vaccine makes it into more widespread distribution.

Health authorities, however, remain adamant that H1N1 vaccines are never the cause of GBS, and that such diagnoses are “pure coincidence.” This blatantly unscientific P.R. tactic is designed to dismiss any and all concerns over the neurological side effects of H1N1 vaccines by simply denying they exist. To date, the CDC has received reports of five additional people being diagnosed with GBS following swine flu vaccinations, but it dismisses them all as coincidence. “It’s much less than we’d expect,” says CDC official Dr. Claudia J. Vellozzi. (Which is sort of interesting all by itself, because it reveals that the CDC expects a lot more people to get GBS following vaccine injections…)

At the same time, part of the reason the CDC isn’t receiving many reports on neurological disorders caused by H1N1 vaccines is because they participated in a massive media brainwashing event that prepped the population to dismiss all side effects by pre-announcing the bizarre idea that “side effects experienced after vaccine injections are not related to vaccines.”

This was an organized, nationwide media brainwashing campaign engineered by the CDC, FDA and drug companies. It sought to pre-program health consumers to automatically dismiss serious side effects that appeared in the hours after receiving swine flu vaccine injections.

The campaign worked. In fact, even the GBS of this young man, Jordan McFarland, wasn’t submitted to the CDC. It only came to light when his step-mother submitted details to’s reader reporting tool. In other words, this was citizen journalism at work, where a parent submitted information directly to the media.

For this to occur is exceedingly rare. Most parents would simply wait for their doctor to submit such information to health authorities, not knowing that submitting reports of vaccine-related side effects remains voluntary in modern medicine.

No requirement to report vaccine side effects

You read that right: There is no requirement that doctors send reports of vaccine side effects to any health authority at all. And that raises the question: So how do they really know how many people are suffering neurological side effects from the H1N1 vaccines?

Va. teen suffers rare illness after swine flu shot

A 14-year-old Virginia boy is weak and struggling to walk after coming down with a reported case of Guillain-Barre syndrome within hours after receiving the H1N1 vaccine for swine flu.

Jordan McFarland, a high school athlete from Alexandria, Va., left Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children Tuesday night in a wheelchair nearly a week after developing severe headaches, muscle spasms and weakness in his legs following a swine flu shot. He will likely need the assistance of a walker for four to six weeks, plus extensive physical therapy.

“The doctor said I’ll recover fully, but it’s going to take some time,” the teenager said.

Jordan is among the first people in the nation to report developing the potentially life-threatening muscle disorder after receiving the H1N1 vaccine this fall. His alarming reaction was submitted via’s reader reporting tool, First Person, by his stepmother, Arlene Connin.

Increased cases of GBS were found in patients who received a 1976 swine flu vaccine, but government health officials say they’ve seen no rise in the condition associated with the current outbreak.

So far, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have received five reports of GBS in people who received the H1N1 vaccine since Oct. 6, not including Jordan’s case, said Dr. Claudia J. Vellozzi, deputy director for immunization safety.

Out of about 40 million doses of H1N1 vaccine available to date, that’s a far lower rate of GBS than the 1 case that develops in every 1 million people who receive the regular flu vaccine.

“It’s much less than we’d expect,” she said, adding that many cases go unreported.

In 1976, about 1 additional case of GBS developed in every 100,000 people who were vaccinated against the swine flu, according to the CDC.

Jordan’s parents said doctors diagnosed the teen with GBS, a rare muscle disorder that develops when a person’s own immune system attacks the nerves, causing muscle weakness, difficulty walking and sometimes paralysis and death.

Hospital officials didn’t dispute that the boy had GBS, but refused to comment on the boy’s condition or treatment, even after his family granted permission.

“They don’t want to create a fear or panic in the community,” said Jordan’s stepmother, Connin.

Connin and Jordan’s father, Calvin McFarland, both 38, believe the shot sparked the illness that came on 18 hours after the boy’s vaccination.

No clear link
But Vellozzi said there’s no clear link between the new vaccine and the disease.

“We know that GBS and other illnesses occur routinely in the U.S.,” Vellozzi said, noting that 80 to 120 cases are diagnosed each week in the general population.

“There are events that follow vaccination. That’s what they are, they happened to follow vaccination.”