Idiocracy Part 1

Sometimes, I want to bang my head in total frustration. Sometimes, I just want to laugh. Sometimes, I want to cry. The way society is becoming, this will possibly be a new blog segment, merely commenting on the every day absurdities I observe.

I was at Hasting’s in Benton on Friday. This is a book/cd/movie rental chain here in AR, but they also have a coffee shop. I usually go to this coffee shop because the coffee is good, not too expensive, and I can sit and do my homework and studies. I overhear the most ridiculous things, but this one takes the cake.

Keep in mind the election (err, selection) was on Tuesday.

There was a group of teenagers and twenty-somethings talking about the atypical twenty-something/teenage madness. What really got to me, though? Someone in the group…

“Oh, yeah, the election was this week. Who won it?”

“Oh, it was Obama. I saw it on this comedy show, it was hilarious the way they were doing this.”

“I’m glad he won. I don’t know who he beat, but that’s good.”


The second thing that struck me, we were watching some infowars on youtube and one of the Alex Jones reporters was interviewing an Obama supporter.

“If you had to give Obama a grade for his first term, what grade would you give him?”

“I don’t believe in grades. Grades are wrong.”


We’re screwed.

One thought on “Idiocracy Part 1

  1. I totally understand how you feel. I hear that shit from people in line at the grocery store arguing about why this celebrity broke up with whomever blah blah blah. A few weeks ago, I caught two women who had meat in their basket talking about a “stupid friend of mine who feeds live rats to his snake. Like, can you believe he would kill a creature just to feed his pet?” *facepalm* Meanwhile I was in line ahead of them with live lobster I planned to kill and eat. Lol The movie Idiocracy is coming true. Some people are already living it.

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