Saint Vitus Set

Set of photos from the Saint Vitus show at the Rev Room in Little Rock, Arkansas, September 14th, 2012. I shook the hands of the singer and the guitarist, and managed to get the set list from the stage.


Saint Vitus-Born Too Late Video

Yet another video from moi. Saint Vitus, my favorite song ever, “Born Too Late”. Sorry the quality isn’t 100%, but my good camera lost battery power from taking so many pictures of a five band set 😦 Also, some of the times where I am not focusing on the band or whatever was because I was shaking the singer’s hand. Also grabbed at the guitarist, as he came out into the crowd. This is my absolute favorite song ever…lyrics fit me very well. \m/

Weedeater Set

Here is a a photo set from the Weedeater show. Weedeater-Rev Room, Little Rock, Arkansas. September 14th, 2012.


Norska Set

More shameless self-promotion. Norska at the Rev Room in Little Rock, Arkansas. Great show…ended up buying their CD. Worth the listen. Here are some shots from the show:


Rwake Set on Flickr

Shameless self-promotion here.



Long live stoner/sludge/doom metal. What an amazing show. Weedeater, YOB, Rwake, Norska, and Saint Vitus. Got to shake the hands and meet the guys from Saint Vitus, got to get my picture taken with Dixie Dave from Weedeater. Anyhow, here is my favorite Weedeater song I recorded at the show.


Rwake Video at the Rev Room

Took this video at the Norska/Rwake/Weedeater/Saint Vitus show. Rev Room, September 14th, 2012. Not sure of the name of the song, so if y’all know, yell at me. What a great show! More vids and photos to follow.