FBI probes report of fireworks igniting aboard jet at Metro Airport

Romulus — A passenger aboard a¬†Northwest¬†Airlines flight from Amsterdam set off fireworks as the plane landed at Metro Airport Friday afternoon, according to CNN.

The FBI has dispatched agents to investigate the incident, according to agency spokeswoman Sandra Berchtold.

The flight, with 178 passengers aboard, landed safely. The man reportedly received minor injuries when other travelers aboard the flight attempted to subdue him.


Missing plane reported short-circuit

*This does not make a hell of a lot of sense to me.*

RIO DE JANEIRO, June 1 (UPI) — A passenger plane en route to Paris from Rio de Janeiro over the Atlantic Monday reported a technical difficulty in the aircraft before disappearing.

The crew of Air France jetliner reported a short-circuit in the plane’s electrical equipment before vanishing over the ocean, Brazil’s Agencia Estado news agency reported Monday.

French officials expressed “real pessimism” Monday about finding an Air France jetliner.

Airport authorities in Paris said the Airbus A330-200 jet with 228 people on board dropped off radar screens somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean shortly after taking off from Rio de Janeiro for Paris.

“We can fear the worst,” said French Transportation Minister Jean-Louis Borloo, adding there was “real pessimism at this hour,” The Daily Telegraph reported.

The airline said the plane sent automatic messages reporting electrical problems in stormy weather before it lost contact, CNN reported.

“I can say without doubt that this is a catastrophe,” Air France Chief Executive Officer Pierre-Henri Gourgeon said during a news conference, adding “the entire Air France company and its staff are very moved and affected by this.”

Other French officials said they had “no hope” for Air France Flight 447, its 216 passengers and 12 crew members.

The Brazilian air force undertook a search-and-rescue operation for the aircraft near the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha, CNN reported.

Families of passengers gathered at a crisis center established at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle International Airport, the plane’s destination.

The aircraft was about 190 miles northeast of the Brazilian coastal city of Natal when contact was lost, three hours and 20 minutes after taking off from Rio de Janeiro, officials said.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office said he was informed of the situation and ordered relevant government agencies to hunt “for any sign of the plane.”


Small plane crashes in Louisiana

A small plane crashed in the woods of southeastern Louisiana early Saturday, local ambulance officials said.

The plane crashed in a wooded area near the city of Albany in Livingston Parish shortly after 1 a.m. ET, authorities said.

CNN affiliate WRBZ reported the airplane was bound for Marksville.

It was unclear how many people were on the plane and whether there were injuries or fatalities.


Loud Boom Rocks Southern Kentucky

*Watch this story…might disappear, or some weird explanation might be brought forth.*

27 NEWSFIRST started receiving phone calls tonight telling us a loud boom, or series of booms were heard this evening in Southern Kentucky.

So we called emergency officals, to find out what is going on.

Brian Reams of the Laurel county EMS tells us they’ve had calls from Jackson to London, about a loud boom.

He says there are no reports of any injuries or damage.

In the last little bit, Reams says he’s been told by the state police in London that according to the FAA, the boom is from falling debris, coming from two satellites that collided in space.

The debris re-entering the atmosphere caused the loud boom, and then burned up before hitting earth.

Reams says it could have covered a 500 mile area.



Okay. First they said there was a damn plane crash…

Now they are saying there is NOT a crash.

I have no idea.

Plane crashes into Clarence Center home

An aircraft identified by Erie County Executive Chris Collins as a Continental Airlines flight crashed into a house in Clarence Center shortly after 10 o’clock tonight, starting a fire that poured thick smoke throughout the hamlet.

Collins said that there were 50 people aboard the plane and crew members had reported mechanical problems as they approached Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Several injured people were taken from the scene to Erie County Medical Center for treatment.

Television reports said the crash site was 6050 Long St., not far from the Clarence Center Fire Hall on Clarence Center Road. Police said that one man was in the residence at the time of the crash.


Plane crashes into Hudson River

NEW YORK CITY — A US Airways flight headed to Charlotte has crashed into the Hudson River in New York City.

Flight 1549 left from Boston and was headed to Charlotte when it tried to divert to La Guardia Airport in New York City.

The plane landed in the Hudson River.

New York City firefighters are responding to the crash. It was not immediately clear if there were injuries.

Witness Barbara Sambriski, a researcher at The Associated Press, said, “I just thought, ‘Why is it so low?’ And, splash, it hit the water.”


F18 Fighter Jet Crashes into Residential Neighborhood

LA JOLLA — An F-18 military jet has crashed into at least two homes a San Diego neighborhood, exploding into flames. At least two cars are also on fire.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says the plane crashed shortly before noon today as it prepared to land at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. The crash occurred two miles from the base.

The plane crashed into the residential neighborhood near Cather Avenue and Huggins Streets in University City, near University of California at San Diego.

Gregor says the pilot ejected and landed safely. There are no reports of any injuries on the ground.

Scott Patterson, an area resident, says he “heard two large booms and then saw smoke”. He also said he could see people running in the area. The fire department is evacuating the area.

The F-18 is a supersonic jet used widely in the Marine Corps and Navy.

Miramar, well known for its role in the movie “Top Gun,” is home to some 10,000 Marines. It was operated by the U.S. Navy until 1996.