A Hit? Maybe

There was a rather large earthquake on Friday in Alaska; there was no major tsunami, so not so sure of a “hit” in my recent dream:


I will say, though, that in many of my dreams only certain aspects come true. It is not normally the whole thing, fortunately.

Just now getting back online again; the Christmas ice storm knocked out our power for a week and phone/DSL for longer ūüė¶

Why So Many Earthquakes? Maybe The Norse End Of The World Will Beat The Mayans

By Hank Campbell

The End of the World seems to roll around every decade or so.   The last time it got a lot of press was the year 2000 A.D., a millenial event in the Gregorian calendar.   COBOL programmers were the convenient catalyst for all that, since banks would shut down due to legacy software, but the end of the world needs vassals, the more unwitting the better, so it made sense that COBOL folks would take the fall.

Next up is 2012, this time due to one Meso-American calendar, and some speculation has been that the LHC will cause it, unleashing an army of Strangelets led by ancient Mayan overlords.

But then¬†a rash of earthquakes happened more recently, and I postulate that the Mayans are in danger of being beaten out of End of the World honors by … the Norse. ¬† Yet the Norse aren’t ¬†getting much credit yet and I intend to change that.

Ancient astronomy

Astronomy has always been the sweet physical science, where everyone can have a meaningful impact regardless of position or funding. ¬† Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier discovered Neptune “with the point of his pen” ¬†and amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley of Canberra, Australia¬†discovered a huge impact on Jupiter while NASA employees apparently drank coffee and griped about funding.

Good astronomy goes back a lot farther than that.   The Mayans were keen fans of astronomy and darn good at it, since they were able to calculate a winter solstice some 2300 years in the future.   The Norse understood it was well.

First, let’s talk about our planetary motion. ¬† Earth makes three different kinds of motion in space: ¬†The planet¬†rotates around its axis, basically an imaginary pole but you get the idea, and that takes about 24 hours; it¬†revolves around the Sun, which takes a bit over 365 days; and finally precession, which is the gradual turning of the Earth’s axis and takes around 26,000 years. ¬†

What does that mean? ¬† The Earth’s axis essentially traces out a cone and it does so because, as Newton showed us, our planet is an oblate spheroid (it bulges out at the Equator rather than being uniform) and gets torque applied by both the Sun and the Moon.

This ‘precession of the equinoxes’ is attributed to the Greek astronomer Hipparchus around 150 B.C. but both the Norse and the Mayans seem to have known about it, even if they didn’t quite know what to call it.

How so?

There is actual science in the Zodiac

The Zodiac gets a bad rap today because kooks choosing to live their lives by it make people think the kookiness came first but there is a reason it made the universe sane for ancient civilizations.

Because the Earth is essentially ‘wobbling’ due to its irregular shape, even ancient astronomers noticed that the constellations in the Zodiac seemed to be moving (precessing) – to make sense of chaos they decided to break this precession into 12 periods, obviously based on the Zodiac they could see and the Constellation that the sun ‘rose’ in on the first day of Spring got the first honors; ¬†Pisces. ¬†So mankind has been in the Age of Pisces as the planet slowly wobbled around its axis.

But this wobbling takes around 26,000 years and there are 12 constellations in the Zodiac. ¬† Every 2,160 years, they surmised, the Sun will appear to be 1/12th of its way through the Zodiac. ¬† If Hipparchus was 150 B.C. then the Age of Pisces would become the Age of Aquarius(2) in …

… 2010.

Yep, the planet is wobbling, we’re entering a new Age and earthquakes are happening. ¬†Coincidence? ¬† Not if you are reading this article.

We know some people believe that the Mayans predicted the end of the world because one of their calendars, based on precession,  ends on the Winter Solstice in 2012 Рand we have to give them credit for being able to even calculate the Winter Solstice in 2012 Рbut 13 was a magic number to Mayans so it seems more likely that instead of going beyond 13 they would just have started over.

The Norse were a lot more serious.   They blew up stuff when Ages ended.


The Norse were no dummies either.  Millenia ago they knew that strange things were happening on a macro scale.   When the Sun seemed to rise in the constellation at the Equinox positions, it was always the first day of Spring or Fall. When the Sun appeared to rise in the constellation of the Solstice, it was the first day of Summer or Winter.

And they also calculated that these Ages were changing every 2160 years Рthe Celestial Axis was represented by Yggdrasill, a huge ash tree in Asgard, where the Gods lived.    It was the one thing that never seemed to die, even though everything else would in those transitions between Ages they called Ragnarok.

In Ragnarok, basically everything would be destroyed; by fiery explosions from the ground bringing clouds of death, by earthquake or, if you were really, really cool, by a giant serpent named Jörmungandr.

Except we will all only be mostly dead.   

In¬†Gylfaginning, chapter 52, Gangleri asks, “What will be after heaven and earth and the whole world are burned? All the gods will be dead, together with the Einherjar and the whole of mankind. Didn’t you say earlier that each person will live in some world throughout all ages?”

Indeed we would.   We might not look the same in this new Age.  Instead of blonde, I might be red-headed and have a much larger beard for example.  I might wear gloves.  Hard to say.

How does all that relate to earthquakes?   There has long been this fascinating idea with harmonic convergence, which basically says that planetary alignment will cause earthquakes, volcano eruptions Рbasically a whole bunch of what has been in the news this year.

Far be it from me to naysay the power of gravity. ¬†Planets are big and we know walking outside every day that Earth is being impacted by both gravity and the tidal force of the moon; gravity simply pulling on us and tidal force trying to ‘stretch’ us and making waves, etc. ¬† As Phil Plait, everyone’s favorite Bad Astronomer puts it, a strong enough gravity “could pull the Earth from its orbit, while a strong enough tide could rip it in half.” ¬†But it isn’t happening because some planets are on the same side of the Sun, which actually happens fairly often.

The last time people were terribly worried about harmonic convergence was the same year everyone was worried about COBOL programmers; 2000. ¬†And we’re still here. ¬†Basically, you shouldn’t get your science from astrologers or psychics.

So back to 2010 versus 2012.   The Norse were as cagey on this one as the Mayans because a lot is left up to interpretation and translation of ancient symbols is an imperfect science.    If, as some scholars claim, the last Age ended 2160 years ago, the Norse will beat out the Mayans for World-Ending honors by killing us all this year Рif you like your paranoid conspiracy tales and 2012 is too long to wait, that is pretty good reasoning to party now.

But other scholars claim that the last Ragnarok only occurred 2010 years ago – stating that Asgard on fire heralding in a new ‘Age’ of Gods in the last Ragnarok was the Star of Bethlehem(3), which means that we have another 150 years to wait.

What do you think?  

I think one way or the other, those who predict the End of the World will eventually be right. ¬† After all, if the Norse or Mayans don’t get us,¬†maybe the Sumerians will.


Rising Tension Week

This is the week when we are supposed to ‘feel’ (as much as read in headlines) a transition into ‘rising tensions’ which should carry us forward to July 11th-ish period, which will mark when we should see a saw-

tooth kind of period of ‘release language’ begin; ultimately we get to the biggest release events we’ve ever seen in modelspace (drawfing 9/11, the KatRita Hurricanes, China quake, Banda Aceh, and all the rest¬†combined.¬† Should be quite a show.¬† Barf bags and aspirin at the ready kind of thing.

If you have no clue what this means, run (don’t walk) over to¬†www.halfpasthuman.com with $10 and get the “Shape of Things to Come” report which is a 50+ page ‘light reading’ of how language has been changing over time and signaling astute readers about future events.¬† It won’t help you feel any better but at least you’ll have a clue what we’re talking about as we natter on about rising tensions, emotional release events, modelspace happenings and the movement of events/linguistics hints within modelspace.

We’re in a period of so much ‘building tension’ right now that about all we can hope to do is list the ‘rising tension’ events – those events which bring massive lifestyle change in slow-motion.¬† Today’s short list:

The list can go on and on, but taken as a whole, this is a world where the heat is being slowly turned up on the world and we’re scheduled (linguistically) to see increasing tension and polarization build like this through July in stair step fashion.

Best advice I could give anyone along in here is: Eyes open to your local surroundings, turn off those talk-radio shows that try to whip up emotions on one side of an issue or the other and just chill out.¬† Own your own feelings, keep MSM media out of your life as much as you can and remember that every time the MSM hits an emotional ‘hot button’ they are doing it for one agenda, or another, and they’re not right out front with who owns them, why they are pushing for this or that, or why.


The Mayan Elders are also saying expect an uptick of Earth Changes this year.

Here is an interview (part of) done by Mitch Battros talking with Carlos Barrios (a Mayan elder) that is a very interesting read. Even the Mayan elders know of the great earth changes to come.

By Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media

“I just had a second interview with Carlos Barrios, Mayan elder of the the ‘Clan de Aguila’ (the Eagle clan). As part of my personal learning curve, I need to be very careful how I present breaking news events, and even more so when I present prophecy and predictions.
Why? Because the prophecy and predictions I present here on ECM has a high accuracy rate. This is not by coincidence – it is by devoting endless hours to research, and maintaining the highest level of credibility and integrity. In other words, if you read it here you will know it came from the highest ranking officials in the science community. Just as importantly is my association with the astronomical community – which btw detects some 90 percent of bolides coming our way.
Our discussion and my message to you came before two of the events had occurred.
1) Haiti which is near the Puerto Rico Subduction Zone. But note: this event is not the one which has been envisioned. It will be a larger quake measuring in the 9 + magnitude on the east side of Puerto Rico directly along the line of the Subduction Zone. A tsunami will be created and travel northeast towards the US east coast.
2) The closest asteroid ever recorded occurred just days after our interview and notice to the public. It was no more than 24 hours before it was detected.
Now please … also remember that Carlos and every elder of many ancient tribes I have spoke with or studied have all left this message: “Change is coming, but we are not helpless. We have the power to change the path of our personal and collective journey.”

(The audio file is now up on the ECM site)

My personal view is events will happen for a specific reason.
The events to come are not here to ‘punish’ us; it is here to ‘help’ us. It will bring us back to a healthy state of community. Perhaps the events are a necessary step directing us back to the pathway of finding “the purpose of the human being.”
I also need to say I do not depend on ancient prophecy or prediction as I make my personal decisions for myself and family. I maintain a healthy dependence on science and research. It is when the two come together which directs my attention and choices. Please consider these words.

You can see a list of endorsements for my research from agencies such as NASA, NOAA, European Space Agency (ESA), US Naval Observatory, and Royal Observatory to name a few.
You also know that I am humbled (and maybe just lucky); to be acquainted with highly respected elders of descendants from ancient tribes. You might have heard of a few such as Hopi elder Thomas Banyacya , Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe and of course Carlos Barrios, Mayan elder of the ‘Clan de Aguila’ (the Eagle can).
All this to say one thing
… It is important to be discerning with information that is presented to you. What I am about to tell you is uncomfortable; it is also potential dangerous to those who are prone to become overwhelmed or trigger past trauma’s. There really is such a thing as “disaster fatigue”. Although disaster fatigue is most often directed to the person “in the event”, it can also affect those who witness it … and yes, this means even by television, computer, or newspaper.
Here are the topics we discussed. This is where it gets a little uncomfortable:
More earth changes are coming this year. Unusual or larger earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, typhoons.
Nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India
Second more costly phase of economic crash
Near miss asteroid with less than 72 hour notice
“It Has Begun”
was one of the first things Carlos said in our first interview which occurred “before” Haiti. He mentioned it again in our second. I have put the two audios together, putting part of the second interview in the front. Carlos starts with a prayer spoken in the Mayan native tongue. He later explained much of the prayer is to bring harmony, to us as individuals, collectively as a nation, and to mother earth.
“We are out of balance.”
We need to say a prayer for the Earth. She is warning us – and we are out of time”. Carlos tells us 2010 shows a distinct progression in earth changing events. “There will be more earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, typhoons this year. We need to pray for harmony – This is the purpose of our current transition.”
Carlos turned his attention to the Earth’s core.
He specifically mentioned “magma”. “We need to focus (our attention) to the center of Earth — we need to watch the magma.” He presented it in a way that suggests the Earth’s core acts as a barometer (pulse) of actions in the galaxy and (collectively) within each of us.
Carlos went on to say something which grabbed my attention.
“We need to find the purpose of the human being.” It was the way he said it, and the context in which it was presented. It’s not really new; we have heard the saying for many years: “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Maybe it is because we are so much closer to experience ‘the experience’ that it just feels different.
Carlos became unusually emotional at this point. He tells us the elders are sad; “they don’t like to speak anymore. The people believe someone will save them, that we will save them. We have lost our sense of personal responsibility, our national responsibility. Many of the people have become more like robots detached from their true selves.” The Mayan elders continue to do sacred ceremonies
to bring balance back to the Earth and the people. But he says: “That is not enough; it needs to be all of us. We are greater in numbers.” Carlos acknowledges there are people in power who do not want the changes that are coming. “This is why the earth changes are coming; to bring harmony back to the Earth and to us.”


Six Great Quakes to Come

Had a chance to chat with Cliff briefly today about the predictive linguistics and what’s ahead for the balance of this year.¬† For one thing, he’s had time to look at the data again and nope, although Haiti is a terrible mess, and there’s some linguistic fill beginning which could link ‘diaspora’ to¬† the Haiti quake, a review of the data says no, the diaspora/people moving about due to changing circumstances really is 220-million.

True, there’s some linkage of¬†Canada and fast-track immigration for refugees, and the rising use of the term ‘diaspora’, but there’s a lot more to be worried about later this year.

The problem is that as we look at the data, there are at least six great quakes due during calendar 2010 and possibly many more.¬† After six, we stopped looking – not a pretty sight.¬† We assume you know a ‘great’ quake is one with magnitude 8.0 or larger, but in a social sense, Haiti is a ‘great’ quake based on extreme loss of life.

From the period (approximately) July 7th onward, the data features six clusters of data that will be larger than the global horror that followed the 2004 tsunami.  And Рsad to report Рthe data suggests that 220-million will be moving around just on the [american continent] which means additional quakes can be expected this year of larger magnitude including some hints that one will be on the US West coast.

Among the problems with predictive linguistics technology is that it’s not¬†precise. How people use language is drifty on a good day. Although the US quake(s) seems to be California’ish, it could be as far north as Vancouver Island.¬† Such is the imprecision of the data.¬† No, can’t narrow it down to the Long Valley caldera, Yellowstone, or something as simple as that.

What is clear is that our ‘context shift’ is ‘terra entity’, we can’t offer any further insight except to say that the data¬†also suggests that by the end of this year, we may see more than a¬†billion people involved in diaspora else; particularly India/Pakistan/China and there are some indications that dislocated people will stream north toward Siberia/Mongolia as a result.

You might ask “Why wasn’t this in the Shape of Things to Come report?¬† Fair question:¬† not trying to hide anything…remember, though, we’ve been saying for the past 9-months (roughly, could be longer) that looking into the data from late 2009 onward for quake activity was pretty much pointless.¬† Gets to be too much.¬† Our accuracy is occasionally very good with isolated near-great quakes like our call on the May 2008 China event, but even if we had been translated into mandarin prior to the May ‘wedding quake’, would it have modified anyone’s behavior or saved lives?¬† Likely not.

Add to that the problems we had sorting out the¬† ‘print through” on the Lacey Peterson trial/Redwood City (Sept. 2004) quake which preceded the Dec. 2004 tsunami? The¬† Peterson trial was interrupted by the Redwood City quake and some linguistics (courthouse emptied) were fulfilled, ;leavings us to scratch our heads and pondering “Damn…where’s the land driven back to previous age, 200-thousand dead and all that language?”¬† Showed up – all right – about 120 days later.

All of which is not supposed to make you feel better – or worse- about what’s ahead in the second half of this year – our timing sucks when there gets to be overlap, print-through, and multiple images of the same thing.¬† Go look at how clear the Wedding Quake hit was¬†before and¬†after the event.¬† (Scroll down to the May 12, 2008 entry “Oh, THAT Quake…)

So whether we get a half dozen seven-oh’s this year with huge loss of life or a series of 8’s and larger is really outside the scope of this project.¬† Not much anyone can do about it, except have food, water, seeds and a mindset that will allow you to start over and prosper under the most adverse adverse conditions imaginable which by year-end maybe upwards 1.4-billion people will experience..

Best we hope for is to be wrong and it will be media buzz only – always hard to distinguish from physical/objective reality.¬† Our fishing grounds are internet fora, which oh, by the way, may go down in late summer as a global phenomena.¬† So yeah, in addition to working on his survival pod-boat, Cliff’s looking at a satellite-based internet system.

Mine’s been in for a couple of years seeing this period coming.¬† Oh, might want to mark down your home/residence’s lat/lon by GPS and keep it handy for a couple of years.¬† If it starts changing outside the¬†2DRMS error of SA(ASM if you’re in green), it’ll be time to gear up.

Why, I bet hardly any of your friends noticed the proximity of Haiti’s quake to the news stories about how the “Earth’s magnetic north pole marching toward Siberia at 37 miles per year” did they?


What is the Galactic Alignment?

It is important to define what the Galactic Alignment is in precise astronomical terms. (See the Glossary below for terms.)

The Galactic Alignment is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes.

Precession is caused by the earth wobbling very slowly on its axis and shifts the position of the equinoxes and solstices one degree every 71.5 years. Because the sun is one-half of a degree wide, it will take the December solstice sun 36 years to precess through the Galactic equator (see diagram below).

The precise alignment of the solstice point (the precise center-point of the body of the sun as viewed from earth) with the Galactic equator was calculated to occur in 1998 (Jean Meeus, Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, 1997).

Thus, the Galactic Alignment “zone” is 1998 +/- 18 years = 1980 – 2016. This is “era-2012.”

This Galactic Alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years, and was what the ancient Maya were pointing to with the 2012 end-date of their Long Count calendar.

These are the astronomical facts of the matter. From a larger perspective, we can visualize the 2012 Galactic Alignment in the following way:

Position A is where the December solstice sun was in relation to the Milky Way some 3,000 years ago. Position B is 1,500 years ago. And position C is “era-2012”, when the December solstice sun has converged, as a result of the precession of the equinoxes, with the exact center-line of the Milky Way (the Galactic equator). Notice that the place of alignment is where the ‘nuclear bulge’ of the Galactic Center is located.

A long awaiting digital portrayal of precession and galactic alignments is now available on Nick Fiorenza’s web site.

Descriptions of the process are also there, but it should be noted that Nick describes what I refer to as “the solstice-galaxy alignment” with a preference for the equinox as the measuring reference. Thus, he speaks of the “Holy Cross” of the equinox axis and the Milky Way. The point is that “solstice-galaxy alignment” and “equinox-galaxy cross” refer to the same event.

It is my hope that the these definitions will help to standardize the terminology so we can clearly discuss the rare precessional alignment that culminates in era-2012.

The ecliptic: The path followed by the sun, moon, and planets. It is the plane of our solar system. The ecliptic encircles the earth and is divided into twelve constellations, or zodiac signs.

The Milky Way: The bright band of star that our solar system belongs to. It encircles the earth and is wider in the region of Sagittarius because that is where the ‘nucelar bulge” of the Milky Way’s center is located (our Milky Way is saucer shaped).

The Galactic equator: The precise mid-line running down the Milky Way. Analogous to the earth’s equator, it divides the galaxy into two hemispheres, or lobes.

The Dark Rift in the Milky Way: A feature caused by interstellar dust that runs along the Milky Way from the Galactic Center northward past the constellation of Aquila.

The December solstice sun: The sun, on the December solstice. It is one-half of a degree wide.

The December solstice point: The precise midpoint of the sun, on the December solstice.

The Precession of the equinoxes: The earth wobbles very slowly on its axis and this causes the position of the equinox to shift backwards, or precess, through the signs of the ecliptic at the rate of one degree every 71.5 years. The full precessional wobble is complete in roughly 25,800 years.

The vernal equinox point is defined by the intersection of the ecliptic and the celestial equator.

The Celestial Equator: The earth’s equator projected into the stars. It is the plane of the earth’s rotation.

The Cross formed by the Milky Way and the ecliptic: Exactly as stated. There are two of these, one in early Sagittarius, the other in early Gemini. The former cross has the virtue of being located within the nuclear bulge of the Galactic Center.

The nuclear bulge / the Galactic Center: A bright and wide region of the Milky Way, visible to the naked eye and between Sagittarius and Scorpio. The more precise and abstract center-point of the nuclear bulge is the precise Galactic Center, located at about 6 degrees Sagittarius (sidereal) and 27 degrees in the tropical zodiac.

Additional Glossary of Mayan Calendar terms

We can have a more general discussion of galactic alignments in history if we consider that the solstice axis aligns with the galactic equator every half precession cycle. Likewise, the equinox axis aligns with the galactic equator every half precession cycle. Thus, galactic alignments, more generally speaking, occur in era 2012 (1980 – 2016) and every quarter precession cycle before and after era 2012.

In terms of Mayan astronomy and mythology, the Dark Rift feature (which the Maya called the Black Road or Xibalba be) lies along the galactic equator (the Milky Way) in the place where the December solstice sun will be in 2012. (More precisely, the December solstice sun will reach the southern terminus of the Dark Rift, where it touches the ecliptic in Sagittarius.) Thus, in terms of Mayan mythology, we can also describe the Galactic Alignment of era-2012 as the alignment of the December solstice sun and the Dark Rift. This entire region is targeted by the cross formed by the Milky Way and the ecliptic between Sagittarius and Scorpio. This Cross was also recognized by the Maya, and was called the Crossroads or Sacred Tree. This entire region is embraced by what astronomers call the ‘nuclear bulge’ of the Galactic Center‚ÄĒthe center of our Milky Way galaxy. As any amateur astronomer or naked-eye star gazer knows, this nuclear bulge is recognizable without the aid of radio telescopes. It is wider and brighter than other parts of the Milky Way. So, in a general sense we can also say that the alignment in 2012 is an alignment between the December solstice sun and the Galactic Center. However, since the nuclear bulge is quite large, this definition is not as precise as saying “the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator”, which occurs in the range 1980 – 2016. This is the alignment zone I refer to with the term “era-2012.”


Only What’s Actionable

*From UrbanSurvival*

If I had a crystal ball, I’d be tempted to cover the damn thing up because the next several weeks are looking downright crappy.¬† So much is drifting around in the predictive linguistics that Cliff at www.halfpasthuman.com is planning to put out a “Shape of Things To Come” report around the 15th.¬† But, beyond that, after swearing off ‘short term immediacy values’ there are three that I outlined for Peoplenomics subscribers on Sunday that you may as well put them on your refrigerator door so you can play along at home.

The three high immediacy values indicate the increased chance of a major earthquake this week (Sep 2-5, more likely 3-4) which will be large enough (>6.8 to 8.0+) that a couple of weeks after the quake we’ll still be watching imagery of buildings falling into their foundations.¬† Might want to bookmark the USGS global seismograph page here.¬† Oh, and the global quake list here.¬† Along about Thursday or Friday is when the data seems to peak.

Quake could be Turkey/Pakistan/Asia/China because of the time delay in the pictures, or around latitude 34 north but that data’s very broad, so anything south of the SF area latitude-wise seems possible.¬† And may not be North lat.¬† See the problem?

Then about a week later (shading toward September 7-11 there’s an increased risk of ‘terrorism’ events (explosions, no further detail or clarity yet) and then around September 13-15 a ‘sudden/surprising’ hurricane coming ashore in the Southeast USA.


Actionable?¬† Maybe not.¬† Let me explain:¬† The problem with all of this is that these are statistical probabilities based on shifts in language and may or may not actually happen.¬† Secondly, they are not specifically actionable except insofar as people in SoCal and around New Madrid may wish to have earthquake kits topped off with fresh water.¬† That comes up on my list this week, even though we’re nowhere near a quake-zone.¬† At least yet.

Same thing with terrorism risks elevating around September 7-11th:  Not enough clarity to be actionable and may not even be in the US, since only the terra entity has been processed so far, so it could be a few days before we find out if that shows in the PopUSA data when that portion of the model is run.

Then there’s the ‘sudden/surprising’ hurricane around Sept 13-15 in the SE USA.¬† Again, about all you can do is buy a couple of blue tarps and have the generator ready; this one threatens to cause some degree of Diaspora and we should be treated to visuals of FEMA’s response in KatRita kind of fashion by say the 20th or so.


Beyond these three immediacy value pops it looks like the “Shape of Things to Come” report will be out around September 15th, and by then many of these short term values/aberrations in the data will be passed and they’re not really the point of the work, anyway.

My advise to anyone is to focus on those things which are personally actionable and blow off most of the rest of the news.¬† Toward that end,¬† next week’s Peoplenomics report is a kind of step-by-step report (workbook?¬† Don’t know how wordy I will get…) which explains how to set up your own cross between a radio or TV assignment editor-level information platform at home and personal recording studio.¬† Hope it won’t go ebook length, but that sometimes happens when it’s a subject that I really enjoy.¬† Not that¬† the budget for such a creation (About $1,000) could be better spent on other things, but it’s at least a primer on how to get access to non-corporate media and get some sense of how the rest of the world is operating.

You are what you think – and getting control of your own electronic sheep leash is at least a first step on the road to independent thought.

Having laid all that out, the markets really fade into insignificance, since fall market declines are nothing new and we’re almost at fall now.¬† In the linguistic work, fall in America may be described any number of ways:¬† The classic version would be through September 20/21 which it ‘officially’ arrives, but in contemporary language it’s from Memorial Day to Labor Day which means next weekend we’ll be edging out of it.

Where things have come more clearly into focus is what happens to the longer term values from September 15th out through next year and there are been some degradation in the outlook there, especially as it relates to basics like food and governmental organization and response to (nominally) free humans; just be patient and the report will be along.¬† Meantime…

Fires Over Glendale

The “Summer of Hell” has been a bit lighter (so far) than some of my personal expectations, although we’ve had plenty of ‘revolutionary’ imagery & revolutionspeak to contend with; everything from demonstrators practicing open-carry of fire arms at political demonstrations, to the hot language around the town hall meetings attempted by congresspersons and now the major fires out in California which are threatening the big communication towers up on Mount Wilson.

Don’t know if you have ever had the chance to take the ‘windy roads’ up northeast from Glendale, but it’s a pretty area, or at least it used to be.¬† A Google map of the area is here.¬† The reason the Mount Wilson fire is important is that there are something like 22 television stations and 25 radio outlets with facilities up on that hill, although there aren’t that many towers.¬† A lot of them are shared facilities with big backup generators and cooperative tower leasing.¬† Two firefighters dead so far.

New Broom Sweeps Japan

The first time in what, 30-odd years, Japan has a new party in power.  Gone are the (not really) Liberal Democratic Party and in come the Democrats.  All of which would be a total yawner except for the fact that the Dems want to impose a ban on temporary workers on the factory floors of the country which has the business lobbyists are twisted up in their knickers.

Monday’s action on the Tokyo Stock Exchange was muted with the N225 down 4/10th’s of one percent.¬† Japan’s economy has about been flatlined since 1996.

Like the US problems catching up to us now, Japan has problems that no one has simple answers for because all possible solutions will cause socioeconomic pain.¬† The problem can be summarized as”

  • Government has made too many social commitments

  • Government hasn’t really ‘saved’ money to meet these commitments and

  • When a recession (second depression) kicks in, guess what?¬† Not enough dough!

All of which leads to all kinds of teeth-gnashing and snarling among the politicos who rather than getting candid in in-your-face about the tough choices spend most of their time maneuvering for maximum personal gain/profit/wallet padding.

China was down almost 7 percent last night – way I figure it is that some of China’s hot money will be called home to cover, so I’d expect the US market to be down today.¬† Just a feeling.¬† Shanghai chart and numbers here.¬† A couple of big losers in Chinese steels and transports when you drill down into it.¬† Bummer for China’s economy.

Sick City

The headline that H1N1 has infected about 10% of New York in its rounds this spring leaves me wondering “If this stuff is so damn dangerous, where are all the dead NY’ers?”

Such reasonable questions aside (and yes, I understand it can mutate) I’m still aghast and appalled that flu hysteria is on the verge of turning the Republik of Massachusetts into a “Constitution-free Zone” by contemplating roundups and $1,000 a day fines for those who won’t roll up their sleeves.

I won’t go for the obvious jackboot and needles since the net’s full of that.

President of Columbia has the swine flu.

Like It Wasn’t Obvious Department

Faced with North Sea declines, mounting debt load on the Pound, newspapers in the UK are getting around to my view that the “Lockerbie bomber was set free for oil.”¬† Not being judgmental on this, mind you; depends how attached you are to driving and reliable power in the UK, does it not?

That said, Al Jazeera is reporting this morning that the Lockerbie bomb is in the hospital.

Pirate Blockades

The British government is considering new rules which would allow UK ISP’s to cut off internet file-sharing users.¬† As you’d expect, there are some folks who are really ticked at the proposal because it will likely add to internet costs.¬† But, the government’s business secretary Peter Mandelson insists it’s a workable solution

News watching tip:¬† If a media outlet refers to the UK biz-sec as ‘Lord Mandelson’ you can get an important insight into the old (top down/royalty model) paradigm being supported down at the unquestioned/subliminal level.

“Lord” is royal labeling scheme and we don’t do that around here as my personal clarity on the subtleties of paradigm reinforcing mechanisms improves.¬† Sorry for being so dense.

Slow Learner’s Department

I noticed that Russian television today is marking their pull out from Afghanistan 15-years ago.¬† Meantime, “U.S. fears clock ticking on Afghanistan.”¬† Can someone explain to me why we’re there besides the economic stimulus for the war machinery outfits, the poppy fields and pipeline routes?

Russian TV is also reporting about the growing number of political prisoners in Georgia Рevidence they say that democracy is dying there.  Still looks like a Moscow vs. the West flashpoint to me.

New Kind of Eye Surgery

One more from our scan of Russian headlines?¬† Sure, how’s this one:¬† “Cutting-edge laser surgery – with no cuts” is coming along.

Immunity Card?

I’ve been wondering if former veep Dick Cheney might have gotten a ‘get out of jail” card from his former boss George Bush before leaving office.¬† At least that’s one question which crosses my mind upon reading how “Cheney may snub detainee probe.

Linguistic note: If you or I did that it would be contempt.¬† That Cheney might do it being called just a ‘snub’ is curious, isn’t it?