There is no order. There is a plethora of chaos, with little to no common sense. Morality has slipped away from us. Traditional values are scoffed at, yet viable solutions are not given to combat the lack of humanity that the populace embraces…

Maybe we need to step back in time. We need to come up with solutions that benefit our fellow mankind, animal life and nature.

I am referring to changing our thought processes and priorities. Our families need to be first and foremost.

Those of you who still have jobs are told you are lucky to be employed. Lucky to have what you have.

What do you have, though? Time away from your family. A lack of spirituality. Your work efforts going toward systems that have absolutely no benefit for you or your family.

We are failing ourselves, our families and our world. Can’t we step back, look at the larger picture, and change our priorities?

This can be a better place. No amount of mantras proclaiming government is hope can do that, though.

Only we can.

Perhaps we should get ready with our pitchforks and show them who should be in charge…


  1. anarchore says:

    Hear here!

    I was recently listening to Fulford interview with Jeff Rense, where he says that the 20th Century could have been a new golden age but the rich bastards and the Jews were scared of that.

    Imagine the free energy, we could all be living like Billionaires.

    Instead they engineered mass slaughters of the best people in the world.

    I hope the assassins he was talking about do find their marks.


    • Dixon Cox says:

      Those sneaky Jews! They WANT us to think there is no oil in Israel but that is just a cover up to hide the truth. All all the oil in the middle east comes from Boca Raton Fl and is smuggled to the Arabs through the lost island of Atlantis and then sold to us Goys at an obscene profit which is used to bribe the blacks into catching AIDS and spreading it to Africa which will wipe out the population and destroy the market for Russian and French weapons and leave the area vacant for a larger Israel.

      • sure says:

        Dixon Cox, I hope that’s an attempt at humor. If it is, you’ve been smoking too much banana peel. If it’s not, kindly keep your garbage to yourself. Mixing fact with fiction confuses people – be a part of the solution instead.

      • Dixon Cox says:

        Wow, there is no fooling, you is there? I am curious as to what you think the solution is. I am also wondering what you think the problem is.
        Banana peel, how phallic, what are you in, high school? I prefer Bella Donna root myself.

  2. steve says:

    Pitchforks sound great as long as we get to stick them in their collective asses!

  3. Nathanial says:

    i have a small arsenal of spears axes and swords all of which battle quality that I’m more than willing to pledge to the cause .
    hail to the faith ,hail to the folk and hail to our familys,

  4. Monfri says:

    “Our families need to be first and foremost” – Not really. Everyone is fundamentally selfish. It seems to me that you value your family. Me, I value myself.

    We pursue what pleases us fundamentally. When a mother runs into a burning building to save her child, she is pursuing her fundamental desires. She values her child more than her life, for she will cares so much about her child that she will not live without it. It is impossible for us to act against our desires. When desires conflict, the one more deeply rooted takes action – hence there is no “selflessness”. Fine, you may put your family first if that’s what you value. Not me, though.

    By the way, you have to define “common sense” before you base your argument on it.

    And morality is merely how we define it! 🙂


    • heidilore says:

      I used to feel that way. I have experienced a lot of life, though, in my short time on this planet…experiencing and seeing things most people should not. I cannot put the needs of myself above everyone else’s…I am not wired that way. I think that materialism, selfishness and lack of a tribal identity have contributed to the problems we have now.

  5. There’s nothing I can disagree with here. Christianity is dying, perhaps rightfully so, and we’ve filled the void with shallow materialism, selfish individualism, nanny statism, and an irrational hatred of everything and anything traditional (at least when those traditions are European).

    I can’t wait for this whole house of cards to come tumbling down, even though I know it’s going to be hell, even for those of us who are expecting it.

    • Big Bear says:

      The coming crash certainly won’t be easy, but nothing ever is. Progress requires sacrifice. In the current direction we are going, the only sacrifice will be of our freedom to the elitists.

      Still, don’t blame me if I’m smiling when it all comes crashing down. At least then, I’ll have something to smile about.

  6. “We pursue what pleases us fundamentally. When a mother runs into a burning building to save her child, she is pursuing her fundamental desires.”

    You’re confusing desire with instinct. A mother is hardwired to rescue her child (at least the good ones are).

    “It is impossible for us to act against our desires.”

    Sure it’s possible. It’s called self-control. If people didn’t exercise self-control, crime rates would go through the roof and society would fall apart.

    “When desires conflict, the one more deeply rooted takes action…”

    Not necessarily true. When “desires” conflict, it can result in neurosis.

    “… – hence there is no ‘selflessness’.”

    Perhaps no living thing, not even a blade of grass or a kamikaze pilot, is entirely selfless, but that does not mean that all living things are selfish, or that human beings should be guided by a moral principle of selfishness.

    If everyone thought like you, we would at best be back to the Stone Ages and at worst we would be extinct. There is a difference between a parasitic and a symbiotic mode of existence, and you seem to be arguing in favor of parasitism.

    A society can’t be based on selfishness and without society, you are nothing. Societies exist for a reason, and that reason is survival. Societies whose members aren’t willing to sacrifice for the common good will eventually be subjugated or replaced by societies whose members are willing to make those sacrifices. That means that European and European-derived societies are doomed unless their members start getting their priorities straight, and soon.

    You seem to be arguing against the moral basis for society. That is the attitude of a spoiled child.

    I’d be curious to see how long a person like you would last out in the wild without anyone to support him.

    “And morality is merely how we define it!”

    True. And I don’t like the way you’re defining it. Sounds like a bunch of warmed-over Church of Satan/libertarian bullcrap to me.

  7. Bret says:

    Wow, look what God has dropped into my lap!

    Thanks for the thoughts, Heidi

  8. Mason says:

    I will have my pitchfork ready anytime.

  9. I guess anarchore’s blog has been suspended for a TOS violation:

  10. Hey Heidi, do you ever get tired of the Internet? I’ve been going to all my usual haunts lately and have been bored to tears. The net’s been reminding me of channel surfing lately; there’s nothing on but infomercials and reruns of bad shows but you keep flicking and flicking and flicking because you’re too lazy or tired to get off the couch and go do something else.

    Half the time you don’t even know if you’re dealing with a troll or not, or whether the person you’re talking to is being friendly or a sarcastic asshole. And people have such fragile egos, men as much as women. It’s like walking on eggshells. Even politely expressing an opinion about something relatively non-controversial can put some people on the defensive. It gets tiring after a while, to have to constantly weigh your words.

    I’m just not seeing the point of it anymore. For all the big talk of starting a movement, all I’m seeing is people splitting off into cyber-cliques and wasting their lives away in chat forums.

    Am I too serious? Do I need to chill out? I just don’t give a fuck anymore about most of the things people seem to care about: celebrity gossip, pop culture, etc. I feel… alienated. Like interacting with people is a chore.

  11. valerie brooks says:

    We need to get rid of lawyers who lose cases for clients and have a public place to blacklist them and doctors who get bad recommendations. We need Forgiveness and Counseling and Time to figure it out. Adoption secrets need to be abolished. People use it for revenge, foster care paychecks, or someone else’s very young child to bring energy into a soulless rich home. We should not be trapping people in stupid jobs for 8 hours a day. Work for food. Restaurants and farms should offer work exchange. Business should be 1/3 the rental cost of housing like it used to be. McDonalds should not exist except to install showers and serve as a truck/car/rest stop. Population control. They need to identify the reason people are having babies they cannot feed or take care of. Why women feel they want to make babies too often and stop. There is dreaming or illusion going on widespread around the entire world especially in family planning and the fight over people often seen as desirable just for a paycheck. Princess Diana married for money and Charles played dirty. They need huge domestic violence shelters in every neighborhood that are work exchanged. No money involved. Teach the ten commandments in public schools. Get rid of the huge churches and their royal parades and shows and get rid of the British Royalty and that entire game. Same with all the countries making kings out of birth rights. Testing is needed for jobs like making babies and being president, not just voting this in on the basis of publicity. Right now everybody is just going around doing anything they perceive as desirable to themselves that they can get away with and there is not unity and agreement enough to make better things happen more often. So money makes things happen and this is distributed often through lies, theft, or murder or marriage as people help themselves any way they can think of to money. Nobody should pile up money for that fact that they do, everything could just be free and everyone has to work 3 hours a day at the necessary jobs to have things. We have to stop the currency game and make a credit system for people to exchange goods and services. Currency is ruining the world. Since 9/11 was a gold heist. This should be warning enough. Work credit for exchange should not be backed by gold.

  12. Fareena Raza Shiite says:

    ##EU folks need to learn from India’s concern from islamic threats

    Let me refer you to an Islamic lady who is exposing the inhuman violation of basic human rights that the Indians are facing while carrying the ugly burden of 250 mil Islamic communalists in India at:=http://genderequality.sulekha.com/

    Indians cant even speak out that their CIVIL RIGHTS activists are fighting apartheid and exclusion from neo-colonial despotism, mobocracy, cultural genocide and autocracy. They live on hope to get the most basic CIVIL RIGHTS like right to live in peace free from savage islamic attacks, right to practice our faith free from conversion mafia, right to our way of life [such as religious festivities] free from stoning/lynching from mosques. The afghan girls were disfigured a few weeks ago.. The same islamic tool was used in many of Indian streets too – esp-ly during Holi festival..

    Only Indians got killed and looted for
    all events unrelated and unconnected to any Indian or Indian leader.

    Most shocking is the sale of military weapons to the rogue state of ‘fakistan’ and billions in aid from EU/USA/UK to that evil regime.

    • Dixon Cox says:

      I wonder if some of the people of India long for the days of British rule? At least there was someone to blame other then themselves.

      I believe that there will be a backlash against Muslims all over the world and it will not be pretty. The moderates are letting the extreamists be the voice for all and they will pay the price.

      This situation will get worse, are you all prepared for it?

  13. Fareena Raza Shiite says:

    Charles Taylor of Liberia is jailed in the Hague ..why not the pakki fascists who have caused so many million deaths in secular India?

  14. angryton says:

    I totally agree with everything in your original post – I just think we should be careful with imagining that there can or ever was a world where “morality” wasn’t slipping, and where most people where forced to spend most of their time away from their families…

    The world as a whole cannot do anything to escape the horrors of modern life, but as individuals we can at least set our own priorities.

    About work – well unfortunately it simply is a necessary evil for most.

  15. Will says:

    “Perhaps we should get ready with our pitchforks and show them who should be in charge…”

    Aggression should never be used as an offensive force. Even whilst the spirit is being attacked by all sides. The forces of light and truth should never use its divine hammer of ethical justice to abandon the same principles that we all are fighting for.

    The promise of ‘Christ’ianity is not based on morals, God has no use for them, but ethics. Ethics allow for compassion but negates useless legislations. Morals follow ethics, because morality has a tendency to prolong one’s life, but there is a certain randomness to those who want to be unaware of the “mysteries” of faith.

    Keep up the fire though, the flames of peace are fueled by the heat of true righteousness aka success!

  16. Dixon Cox says:

    My Two Cents

    “Perhaps we should get ready with our pitchforks and show them who should be in charge…” A great metaphor for a peasant revolt, but how do we do this? My solution would be this, deny them (our corrupt politicians) our money and wean ourselves off their services. We can do this by cutting into the taxes they collect and becoming more self sufficient.

    First thing to do is stop buying new. The next time you need something, first decide if you really need it and then see if you can get it from a local flea market, garage sale or Craigslist. In this way money and goods are exchanged but no cut for the Fed! They called this Black Market, I call it underground economy. Good for us bad for them.

    Taxes on cigarettes will rise again and with it a boost of revenue for our corrupt officials. I smoked for years and what made me quite not the health issues but the tax money they were collecting from me. Despite the warnings the government does not want you to quit smoking they generate way to much revenue from it. If you must smoke which is your right to do so, try growing or rolling your own or at least buy them from an Indian reservation.

    Second is to start testing yourself and practicing now on self reliance. There is no point in waiting for a disaster to learn, make your mistakes now. How long can you go on water collected from a rainstorm, food grown in a garden or what is in your kitchen right now? Can you change a tire and fix a flat? (On your bike or car) Can you mend your clothes? Do you own a generator?

    Lyndon Johnson went to West Virginia in 1964 and declared a War on Poverty. What he really was declaring war on was the self sufficiency of the people of Appalachia. What is scary is he succeeded and this model is being used all over the country in the guise of compassion. I urge everyone to find and read a series of books called Foxfire. It shows and tells of how these once proud folks lived and perhaps even how your Grandparents may have lived. What Lyndon Johnson saw in Appalachia was not poverty as much as a lack of government services and a dependency on these services. I still read from time to time complaints from people about how the War on Poverty has failed, when it has succeeded in doing exactly what its original planners intended.

    The politicians will try to distract you with tried and true methods such as class warfare and handouts. We need to remember is who was the last person to take money from our paychecks? Was it the CEO of AIG or GM, was it Bernie Madoff or was it the government? What is really a laugh is while they are blame shifting to these people, they are giving them our money as well!

    So do we remain slaves to our government and dependant on the drippings from the tables of the politicians elected by stupid masses or do we take charge of our own lives and destiny’s.

  17. tim porteous says:

    the thing i dont see you noticeing is extremly high rate of aids deaths in africa i just thought you would keep it in mine im duelly sorry if i upset anyone in this manner

    • tim porteous says:

      the game is in motion and the players are setting up for the disater of the ages excerpt predictio edgar cassey ontario safest place to be in global shift. northwestern ontario to be exact due to 1300 foot elevation. see ya here in 2012

    • heidilore says:

      AIDS is not a particular interest of mine, sorry. I will leave it to those who have a better understanding of it.

    • Dixon Cox says:

      The reason for the high rate of AIDS deaths in Africa is the high rate of AIDS cases in Africa! AIDS is spread by engaging in certain behaviors and the people of Africa have failed to alter that behavior. If someone is intelligent, can read and takes a proactive role in their own survival they should have no problem with AIDS. The people dying from AIDS are the type of people government leaders want to keep alive. AIDS is a conspiracy of nature not man. I am with our host in that AIDS is not an interest or a concern of mine.

      • patricia says:

        hey dixon cox you are an ass.
        aids was a man made virus meant to kill the african race, we gave it to them in our vaccine programs.
        oh, and your description of africans spotlights your racist thoughts. shame on you. Hmm ,could it be Mr. cox is very little and has penis envy of africans?

      • Dixon Cox says:

        The “African Race” does not seem to have any trouble at all killing themselves; they do not need the help of a man made virus. Have we forgotten Uganda, Haiti, Rwanda, Liberia, and the Dem Rep of Congo? If there is a conspiracy it is the fact that there is no shortage of guns and ammunition being sold to these countries while the world stands off to the side, waits for the next order of weapons and argues about the definition of genocide. This culture of violence, rape as a weapon, and risky sexual behaviors not only affects the people of Africa but the “African Race throughout the world. Maybe someday these issues can be seriously discussed without idiotic comments such as yours.

      • patricia says:

        hey mr. cocx,
        just like someone who has no arguement and gets caught with their pants down, you change the topic. You blamed the africans behavior on the aids epidemic..stay on your racist topic fool..

      • Dixon Cox says:


        You are so right, I am an ass, a racist, and a fool. But I do not have AIDS either so I must be doing something right.

      • anarchore says:

        Hey, she’s right about the vaccine- AIDS link… the African continent is loaded with riches and the last thing they want is Africans standing in the way.

        Patricia, don’t fall into the contrived fallacy that white men care about the size of their penises.

        As far as I am aware, that is a black/and or J-w thing.

        I actually would rather have smaller genitalia, because it gets in the way, then it hurts! The women like it, but then I can’t get rid of them! Maybe that is part of the reason for the African malaise! 😉

        So if you’re a guy with a small peepee, count yourself lucky.

      • Dixon Cox says:

        I still don’t buy the AIDS vaccine thing. Why not make it more like malaria so it can be carried by mosquitoes? It is easier and more cost effective to sell or trade guns and ammunition for the riches you want and let nature take its course. I am sure we all know what blood diamonds are. A thought did cross my mind that if you wanted to sabotage the progress of an emerging economy an AIDS/HIV epidemic would sure be an ideal way to bleed a countries resources. I still am not convinced though. Just as the conditions in Europe were right for Asian bubonic plague, the conditions in Africa were right for the AIDS epidemic; let’s not forget that it seems to be a problem in other countries as well such as Thailand.

        The real value of Africa is the farmland. The effort to re colonize Africa is for its land. Diamonds and gold mean nothing to a person in want of food. These trinkets people covet will be parted with easily for a loaf of bread if/when that time ever comes. Feeding a growing population is a challenge that will have to be faced soon. Some countries that are thinking ahead are already buying up vast tracts in Africa the feed their growing populations.

        Learn to grow things and be self sufficient, the life you save may be our own.


      • Dixon Cox says:

        In response to the Modern day land grab question on the second page of the article I posted, I want to draw your attention to two companies, EODT and SOC. Both are hiring large amounts of men from Uganda and training them for security duties on bases in Iraq right now.



      • patricia says:

        hey mr cox,
        you finally admit your an ass, a racist and a fool who dosen’t have sex…now we are finally in total agreement..glad you have seen the light

        and anarchore,
        glad you arealso aware of the genacide westerners have committed in africa.
        On your second point concerning small peepee’s, well I guess Napolean had no problem being 5 foot nuthin…short and a small peepee…no wonder he had a complex!
        In closing..watch out for the NWO…comming to a theater near you…

      • heidilore says:

        Ummm…Patricia? Don’t fall into the rumor trap. Napoleon being short is a rumor, not accurate. He was actually taller than the norm for his day. He was nearly 5’7.



        You accuse others of racism, yet you use derogatory stereotypes…as for penises, that rather destroys your argument, anyhow. Who cares if someone has a small penis? Sheesh. That is something the NWO pushes, no?

      • Big Bear says:

        Interesting. I always here about this link between short dictators (Napoleon, Hitler, Ahmedinejad). I mean, none of them were/are midgets. That talk of “little man’s syndrome” is likely psychobabble.

  18. avatarpoint says:

    When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear looking forward to hearing from you,

    Warm Reguards, Sage of the zeitgeist.

  19. xk1 says:

    Have you read Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now”?

  20. Dixon Cox says:

    Come on xk you can do better than that! It looks to me as if you are giving up. Faint hearts never won favor of fair lady. There is a lot of info out there and very little time to read it. I myself am so busy with my own plans for world domination that I will not touch anything until Oprah endorses it. I believe our astute host is equally busy with plans of her own. So please enlighten us more on what this Egbert guy has to say! Demand to be heard or they will silence you!

    • xk1 says:

      I don’t think I could enlighten you. You are too closed. You judge things based on whether or not Oprah has heard of it. So you would only consider things that she has not heard of.

      I do not need to be heard or win hearts. You can do what you want, it does not affect me.

  21. Eric says:

    I wish that dixon fucker would hurry up and shut up

  22. Eric says:

    Dixon Cox I have a question for you why are you making bad comments on a conspiracy blog get a life ok

  23. Dixon Cox says:

    Well my friends, I guess we will just have to wait to hear about X’s book recommendation. While we are waiting here is one for the rest of you out there. It is called “Wine and War”. It is about how during the Nazi occupation of France the local people fought with in there means to safe guard what they viewed as Frances greatest treasure, its wine.

    These were not soldiers but shop keepers, low level bureaucrats and railway workers who did what they could to preserve the heart of their nation. What I took from it was that you need not be a soldier type to make a difference in fighting an evil system. Sometimes to just obstruct is enough. I know from experience a messed up Bill of Lading can hold up a plane, train, or truck as well as any IED. So give it read and jot down some notes. It would be time very well spent.

    A movie along the same lines would be one called “The Secret of Santa Vittoria”. It is the same thing but it focuses on a mine waking village in Italy. Who hide their wine from the Nazi’s

  24. JohnquinnPhoenix says:

    People make me sick. How are there so many blithering idiots, so full of their own self-importance who don’t realise how fucking stupid they are. I hear their moronic ramblings everyday, and I thought I’d gotten used to it, but then you find out that people who you think you know are scum, just like the rest of them. They don’t think, they just open that gaping asshole on their face and spew an endless ream of mindless shit. Why do these people exist? I just don’t get it. Humanity is a disease, and the majority of the people are happy enough with being a part of it.

  25. anarchore says:

    Dicks ‘n’ Cocks sez:

    I myself am so busy with my own plans for world domination that I will not touch anything until Oprah endorses it.

    WELL THEN…your matriarch has spoken! NOW MARCH!

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course, if it’s on Oprah, it is likely to be New Age crappola.

    Oprah’s Soul Series – Eckhart Tolle

    Oprah’s Soul Series – Eckhart Tolle

  26. anarchore says:

    Fkn embeds…

    Oprah’s Soul Series – Eckhart Tolle

    • patricia says:

      I was gonna read tolle’s Power of Now, now…but then, maybe later, or tomorrow or next week…definitly not now…sometime in the future…but now, not at all.
      How now brown cow….

      • CJ says:

        Its a good book but better on audio, but not now, maybe later but now you might not be able to adapt, I mean not now it could change your life and you know, maybe not now is the time.

  27. xk says:

    Yes, you are correct all ye who mock: We should ignore anything that anybody on the telly likes. You are so wise, such an independent thinking, rational, individual.

    Has anyone read “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years” by the late and great Professor Israel Shahak?

    I hear that Oprah has never heard of it, so it is okay, you can consider reading it. The full text can be found on-line.

  28. View Voyeur says:

    The problem may be that humanity is not fully of the Earth.
    Part of it is from the heavens.That part wishes to go home,
    but probably cannot (as in the case of the Annunaki and
    their unwillingness to have their hybrid beings,from Earth,
    come and stay there).

    I say humanity should make it clear that it has no desire
    to come to their heaven (home),but will find other welcoming
    heavens elsewhere among the stars to go to.

  29. D.SMith says:

    Many get caught up in the idea of what they believe the past was, even though logic tells us the past led us to today, still too many want that to be the other way around
    We should work to create a ‘what never was’ it is ‘vision’ that we need most. Be a visionary, believe the world can be what it has never been and that mankind has greatness untapped. Create a better world by believing first that one is ready to be born in you. In that birth your muse is created and you touch the things that change the world.
    YOU are part of the plan. that is why you are here

  30. Dave says:

    Humanity a mundane subject of lower lifeform to our creators God,Gods, or aliens.We humanity are in are final days.We have been tested and failed.

  31. Dave Thoreau says:

    It’s always been the case that no one can do a damn thing about the overall condition of the human race. All anyone can control is one’s own behavior, perception, and, of course, sense of humor.

    Hint: the latter is paramount! 😉

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  33. Avatarpoint says:

    What its been like 2 years and now you answer me Heidi-Lore, well better late than never. BTW what was the ?

  34. what we have been doing for the past centuries is not quite living. This is not life, the way we are, this individual society and consumerism are not life. If you think about these things, then you would enjoy reading this:


    we need to change , and we will change, if quantum physics teaches us anything, it is that we create in our minds with our conscious how we live. this problem is a mass world wide situation, stemming from the western world and private property…
    I think if you guys are interested in this , then you have to read 1984 if you already have not…

    • Mark my words says:

      what about sexual freedom, that is on the rise while all other freedoms are on the decline

    • what we have been doing for the past centuries is not quite living. This is not life, the way we are, this individual society and consumerism are not life. If you think about these things, then you would enjoy reading this:


      we need to change , and we will change, if quantum physics teaches us anything, it is that we create in our minds with our conscious how we live. this problem is a mass world wide situation, stemming from the western world and private property…
      I think if you guys are interested in this , then you have to read 1984 if you already have not…

  35. Mark my words says:

    yea 1984 is a great description of what is happening today! thanks for the article and thanks for the website link as well, there was great articles on both…
    I really liked the stuff on vonnegut too, hes a great writer..

    mr rosewater is awesome! it that book vonnegut is hilarious. He says that in our society if you have any altruism, if you care about something other than your own selfish gains, that you are considered crazy lol

    its a wonderful book

    here are some great quotes from the book


  36. lol a handful of of the feedback bloggers distribute make me laugh, more often than not i wonder whether they in reality read the pieces and content before writing or whether they just read over the post title and come up with the very first thought that pops into their heads. nonetheless, it’s pleasant to read clever commentary from time to time as opposed to the exact same, classic post vomit which i frequently see on the internet adios

  37. Nav says:

    I think our understanding of the brain and our concepts of reality are totally wrong. I’m a musician, and recently i felt something, a burst of creativity. A rush in my head, and I can’t explain the feeling and neither can I understand. There are a million concepts that we don’t understand. The concept of a constructed life has restricted human development. Humanity is all about power, money and fame. You are rejected on how you look, which is very small. I think theres a lot more to our brain than we know and we need to get in touch with our spiritual side to understand. I am 21 years old and I believe the reality I’m shown is fake and wrong. I’m very confused and it is tough to find answers. And there is no one I can talk to these concepts about, because the public look at you as if you’re crazy. I hope people realize and stop fooling themselves. Till then I will try to earn money and make people around me happy. I love music because it’s the only thing that talks to me, and I think music has a LOT to do with spirituality. Just a piece of my mind. This message can’t explain what I wanna say and words aren’t exactly enough either. But I’m going to try to understand myself as much as I can and become more spiritual. Show love. It’s the only way we can save everyone. And be passionate about the earth, don’t take it for granted so bad!!!!

  38. very nice, you added yourself on my blog before but i have moved now to http://www.tenmillionslaves.com

    you posted on my anti-life post and i just wanted to say hello

  39. Malc says:

    Whats wrong with us is selfishness greed we want everything to ourselves we want to mess with somone’s bf or gf when we already have one and thats called lust. We get mad when someone comes out of mysery and sorrow when they found their calling or soulmate and then someone wants to keep u from sharing ur life withs someone. The fame money and attention has become a big drug in our lives its a mess until we fix these issues in our lives this world is bound to keep going under well humanity other wise.

  40. Wow, that’s refreshing hearing this from a woman. Most women today want to just spend spend spend, chat to boys on facebook all day, and hook-up. The Jewish Cultural Marxists have turned the proletariat’s culture into a big sewer to solely serve them, that’s is why I think you, like many others, are questioning the meaning of it all. Nice post. I wish more women like you “get it”.

    • heidilore says:

      Thank you. Unfortunately, it’s all pretty much going to hell…yet people can’t grasp that there are certain factions that are making it so. “To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”-Voltaire

      • Yeah it is… I stumbled upon one of your comments in the internet abyss about godlikeproductions being a psyop. Now some Yid came to my site trying to start a partnership, but he barely mentions the Jew in this nearly 300 page view. When I opened this site a couple of weird people have tried to contact me. Both of these characters have a similar writing style as well, fishy… Very fishy.

  41. Kyle Evrywon says:

    Construct a lottery which takes the life of a human if their name is chosen. 666 names chosen each week. If your name is picked you die, period. End of story

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