A letter to Joe Lieberman

Mr Lieberman, you do not speak for us

“U.S. Senator Lieberman: Impose sanctions on Iran or attack it”

This is in regards to Mr Warmonger screaming that we need to be engrossed in yet another useless war. I need you to know something, Mr. LIEberman and other various creeps. You are not the majority. You do not speak for the millions of inhabitants of this world, nor do you speak for Americans. Perhaps you can fool some people, but certainly there are those of us who see through your façade. We, the citizenry of this world, do not bow down to your whims; we will not succumb to your tartuffery.

I believe there is evil on this planet, ambassadors of greed and pain such us yourself. There are also those that opt to ignore the suffering going on within our borders, and the funding we have made to cruel tyrants and regimes outside our borders. The problem is, all of this catches up with you. To make industries based on death and destruction is not progression; this is regression. For you cruel people who stick to the apocalyptic script, I cannot imagine there will be an easy time of it. I don’t know why you insist on lies, lies and more lies; I do not know why you inflict your insanity upon people who simply want to live.

I feel pain that we have not progressed to a better level of understanding; of course, this is exactly how you and your minions planned it, isn’t it? To make sure we never progress, never move beyond a mode of thinking that is outmoded, at best.

I cannot imagine that this is progression; if it is, we are living in a true nightmare, a matrix of lies perpetuated by ignorance and idiocy.

May the true arbiters of understanding get through these difficult times so that we may learn with whatever shred of sanity we might have left…