Rune Reading July 7th


Spirituality and faith. Today is a day to contemplate. Personally, I never like July 7th…a day for Illuminati control and such. I believe this is a message of defense. Keep yourself guarded, perhaps stay away from the world in general. I would not watch the Michael Jackson funeral, if I were you…just an opinion.

Colour: Bright red

Number: 17

June 6th Rune Reading


The main goal of the day is balance. Keep your worldly desires in line with the divine. Try to see the bigger picture. This is a rune that means gift, which could mean something mystical or materialistic. Look for new information to be disseminated. 🙂

It is also the rune for forgiveness. Try to exhibit some to those that might have wronged you.

Colour-Dark blue


Rune Reading July 3rd


This signifies the sun and her power. This can be a rune of both positive and negative, as even negative leads to positive and vice versa. It is victory and power. Retribution is implied. I would say this means that the people who have been lying to us are getting close to what they deserve, so to speak. Progress. It is not a bad day, but I am taking into account here a moon that is already causing havoc. So with that, I see another day that is not that wonderful.