Rune of the day-Saturday, July 24th

Hagalaz. Major shift on energies. Transformation, change. Nature’s fury, in the form of storms, hail, floods, tornadoes, etc.

Manifesting because of my roots in Iowa, no doubt.


Rune reading July 14th


I really do not see this as very positive, in conjunction with the current state of affairs.

This rune has to do with wielding power. It is also having to do with duality, so things will be a bit of up and down today. It is energy.

A threat from a person in high position or power.

Colour-Bright red


Rune Reading July 7th


Spirituality and faith. Today is a day to contemplate. Personally, I never like July 7th…a day for Illuminati control and such. I believe this is a message of defense. Keep yourself guarded, perhaps stay away from the world in general. I would not watch the Michael Jackson funeral, if I were you…just an opinion.

Colour: Bright red

Number: 17

June 6th Rune Reading


The main goal of the day is balance. Keep your worldly desires in line with the divine. Try to see the bigger picture. This is a rune that means gift, which could mean something mystical or materialistic. Look for new information to be disseminated. 🙂

It is also the rune for forgiveness. Try to exhibit some to those that might have wronged you.

Colour-Dark blue


Rune Reading July 3rd


This signifies the sun and her power. This can be a rune of both positive and negative, as even negative leads to positive and vice versa. It is victory and power. Retribution is implied. I would say this means that the people who have been lying to us are getting close to what they deserve, so to speak. Progress. It is not a bad day, but I am taking into account here a moon that is already causing havoc. So with that, I see another day that is not that wonderful.