Illuminati symbolism at Hoover Dam

When JM and I went to Hoover Dam last week, we really were not prepared for the amount of symbolism that this place conveyed. There were messages all over the place! I am not going to assume what it all means, but it is a bit unnerving. Upon exit of the visitors area, you are greeted by two massive statues and artwork depicting the universe. While you are perusing the artwork and information on the star systems, there is a voice in the background telling you that the whole thing was built in hope that the aliens would come down from the sky and be able to locate the Hoover Dam. WTF? Here are some pictures.

Here are photos of JM and I next to the massive (strange) statues:

This last photo was the most weird one. It was some kind of monument that was tucked far away from the crowds, down near the river. Sorry for the terrible resolution, I had to kick it to digital zoom in order to even get it, it was so far away. Why would they have such a monument far from the people?

Needless to say, there is plenty of symbolism surrounding the Hoover Dam. Are they preparing for an alien arrival, or is it something else?

9 thoughts on “Illuminati symbolism at Hoover Dam

  1. TJ says:

    That’s crazy. I’m currently visiting Vegas and me and a few of my friends noticed the exact same thing when we went to the Hoover Dam. I didn’t notice the monument at the bottom of the dam though. I’ll have to check it out when I go back. I wonder if there is something really behind all the symbolism???

  2. Looks very Art Deco-ey. The statues remind me of something out of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, or maybe out of Batman’s Gotham City. I find it depressing to look at because it’s just another reminder of how far our standards for architecture have sunk over just a few generations. No one’s going to look back on the strip malls and the environmentally-sound but butt-ugly “green” buildings that are being erected today and say they’re beautiful like these creations are. (Of course, this entails that there will actually be someone around in the future who will have the capacity to distinguish beauty from crap, a prospect I’m finding less and less probable as time goes by.) We as a society have put cost and practicality ahead of every other consideration.

    What makes these symbols “Illuminist”? The “Illuminati” pyramid is on your $1 bill. It’s not inverted like this one. If anything, doesn’t the inversion mean this is anti-Illuminati/anti-Masonic symbolism?

  3. “While you are perusing the artwork and information on the star systems, there is a voice in the background telling you that the whole thing was built in hope that the aliens would come down from the sky and be able to locate the Hoover Dam.”

    I wonder if that was truly the architect’s original intent, or if that’s just something they tell the tourists to make it more exciting.

  4. michelle b says:

    is everyone really that blind and naive ? of course its symbolism! by far not there to make it more exciting. they dont care about us. wake up its almost over.

  5. Well, the statues do make an 11 11…

  6. ml says:

    I was just at the damn and I couldn’t believe the amount of symbolism and odd architecture that surrounds that place. I noticed symbols like the all seeing eye and compass everywhere I looked. And the information voice in the back was explaining how the dam had some kind of astrological alignment.WTF! The statues on either side of the flag look like some thing that belongs in egypt. So why go through all the trouble with the astrological alignment and symbolism just for a dam??? A dam built buy a president who is a known mason…..why?

  7. Guys, Can some one answer why pyramind is in traingle, mark of the beast in triangle, bermuda triangle, it all connects to something not the architecture not the people not normads then who has come, what about the ajantha caves which is mounted……pls answer to my questions…!!!

  8. Jerry says:

    Good grief, while it’s a bit fun maybe to get worked up over the possible meanings/intentions in the symbolism at Hoover Dam, here’s some levity:

    For detailed information on the art and symbols at the dam, see the official brochure here. Really great stuff!

    You’ll read that: much of the sculpture is the work of Norwegian-born, naturalized American Oskar J.W. Hansen. Mr. Hansen fielded many questions about his work while it was being installed at the dam. In response to those questions, he later wrote about his interpretation of his sculptures.

    Hoover Dam, said Hansen, represented for him the building genius of America, “a monument to collective genius exerting itself in community efforts around a common need or ideal.” He compared the dam to such works as the great pyramids of Egypt, and said that, when viewing these man-made structures, the viewer often asks of their builders, “What manner of men were these?”

    Hansen’s principal work at Hoover Dam is the monument of dedication on the Nevada side of the dam. Here, rising from a black, polished base, is a 142-foot flagpole flanked by two winged figures, which Hansen calls the Winged Figures of the Republic. They express “the immutable calm of intellectual resolution, and the enormous power of trained physical strength, equally enthroned in placid triumph of scientific accomplishment.”

    Also, keep in mind that the dam was designed not too long after the world-rocking discovery of King Tut’s tomb. Egyptian motifs popped up everywhere. That’s part of it. Another is, as Hansen refers to, that this was the largest, most ambitious project ever undertaken by the US gov’t & maybe ANY gov’t. It was simply unheard of and massive… oh, except for those little things called the Pyramids in Giza. The ancient Egyptians also had built dams, although, of course, none like Hoover Dam. So, purposeful references were made to Egyptian symbols, partly because this was “our pyramid.” It’s easy today to lose sight of just how ambitious and HUGE this project was at the time.

    But, hey, like I said, maybe it’s fun to goof on the possible symbolism.

    Or, not…

    …because your post made me look for any other posts on this subject and I found this rather UN-fun thinking on the dam’s symbolism:

    Ok, then. Enjoy! (or not…if you live in Vegas like I do!)

  9. j stoker says:

    We have no clue as to what space travelers will look like…if from a planet with thin atmosphere. they well might have thin wings..Hover Dam ,,,We have made quite a giant step in last 2000 years..they may be another 10,000 years ahead ,will they like us or kill us? good luck..

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