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I have removed the copyrighted material…I am working on a way to post it so that I do NOT get into trouble. Please allow time to tweak it. If you want the report, which I have in my possession, write to me at and I will send in the interem. Thanks, I apologize profusely.


Mapping The Road Ahead

It’s a fine thing to do at the end of an incredibly busy week: sit down with a cuppa joe, a super-fast internet pipe, and review not only what happened over the past week, but where things seem to be headed in our run-up to the “summer of hell/2009” which, according to the predictive linguistics work at, is about as close to a slam-dunk as you’ll find off the basketball court.

In case you’re new to this site, the Big Picture goes something like this:

  • We’re in a collision of paradigms which will last something like 10-years.  As my friend Dr. Jack Lessinger notes “Unfortunately, the Consumer Economy is not a static reality. Everything changes. Over many decades, the relentless drive to boost consumption inevitably brought overconsumption and with it, dire consequences. ”  So, coming along, but taking its own sweet time about getting here, will be something he calls “responsible capitalism” but not the kind of highly socialized kind of solution that’s presently sloshing around between the big white buildings inside the beltway.

  • The US dollar is effectively bankrupt; rotted from the inside-out by excessive government spending since politicians have this genetic defect where they promise more than they can deliver, only to find that they can make-good on promises by destroying the purchasing power of the US dollar.  This is why since 1913 the purchasing power of the dollar is about 4% of what it once was.  But, since the American public hates math, it’s been an easy double-speak shuffle for offishuls (sic) at all levels to sell you the idea that what’s been going on is inflation.  This deliberate reframing of the financial problem into gibberish is exactly how the PowersThatBe (the banksters behind the throne and their lobbyist cohorts), depend on to keep you hornswaggled into a crooked system where you work your ass off for 40-years only to find you’ve been swindled out of your 401(k)’s purchasing power.  Sweet deal for them, huh?  Guess who ends up rich?  It’s not the person you see in the mirror, if that’s a hint.

  • Another way to screw you out of your life’s work has been to reframe the ‘stimulus’ such that it goes to meaningless places like saving derivative counterparties under the outlandish belief that this will prevent a second Great Depression, only many times worse.  It won’t, of course since if you listen to really rich, really bright guys like George Soros, they’ll remind you that the residential housing bubble collapse was only Round One and that Round Two which is coming along now will involve a 30% drop in commercial property values.

  • And since the money which should be used to fund new construction, consumer financing, and American self-sufficiency, and so forth is going to bankers and special interests, another story which will be making the rounds in a month or two, I figure, will be how farmers are cutting way back on their commitments to plant crop this year.  I was speaking to the president of a modestly-sized ag operation earlier this week and he said folks he’s talking with are finding just what he’s found, namely that banks may say he has a million dollar line of credit, but they are being very stingy about letting farmers actually draw against it this year.  What this means is that here’s something that’s almost a lead-pipe cinch to push food prices up this summer:  reduced credit for farmers (or severely restricted lending) coupled with high input costs, such that there will be less food this coming summer and fall.  Already, a good bit of Eastern Washington’s wheat is at reduced levels, and then there’s the fallout from the flooding up in North Dakota to contend with. And so the precursors for this November’s crisis are being set even now.

  • Government, all the while being blown about by the financial string-pullers, has to find some way to keep you and me under control, otherwise we wouldn’t be willing to give nearly 40% of everything we make (taxes and excess profits) to a bunch of bozos who hold themselves as somehow smarter than the rest of us.  Gotta reality check to consider here.  So, in order to keep everyone occupied – including countries like Afghanistan where Mr. Change is throwing even more troops in, on the grounds that Afghanistan-Pakistan is the most dangerous place in the world – we build a better and better killing machine.

  • But I’m here to propose this morning that Afghanistan is NOT the most dangerous place.  The most dangerous place in the world is the UK.  That’s right: England. You see, the PowersThatBe are getting ready for one of the biggest crackdowns on personal liberties ever under the guise of protecting the G20-money shufflers.  True, “London Protesters threaten Bankers, evoke Executions” but it’s a protest and protest is the stuff of which Freedom is cast.  So to keep the UK’s sheep in line, authorities have identified 200 children as potential terrorists.  OMG, bring back McCarthyism and HUAC, at least those made some kind of sense.  Having over a million US citizens on no-fly lists just doesn’t pass my smell test; perhaps it does yours?

  • Meantime, “Obama a sets Qaeda defeat as top goal in Afghanistan“.  Yes, there really are some Islamic extremists who would like to kill you and me because we’re infidels.  Still, thousands of troops, is that the most effective solution?  How about hit teams?  Armies are find for set/place battles against large forces and all, but how do you cut off the head of a beast?  The world clings to a Middle Ages concept that heads of movements are not top targets; nonsensical, but that’s why folks like Napoleon didn’t get ‘offed’ the first time out in a real battle.  This same silliness persists today; and as a result, we don’t go ab out things very efficiently, although admittedly the result is more employment, higher visibility of the decision-making process and a lot of social control.  But then again, that’s what wars are about, right?  Kill enough people and break enough things and you get an economic bump from warfare and another economic bump from rebuilding.

  • Then we have a Secretary of State who is pushing for a “stronger China role”.  I’m not sure what she’s thinking (if at all, on this) since 1) China is a huge buyer of US paper debt instruments and has the US by the proverbial goanies and 2) China makes about 1/2 of everything non-food sold in your local Big Box store.  So they have us by the right one, and by the left one, so to speak.  Yet this enlightened ‘leader’ says they need a stronger role?  How stoopid do the folks at the top think the people who work in this country are?  What we need is leadership that would a) increase domestic US production of goods we consume.  But that isn’t going to happen since the big bucks inside the District of Corruption flows from industry and special interest groups, right?  Then b) we need to have sound money so we don’t have to go hat in hand to China every couple of weeks to beg them to buy our quickly depreciating paper.

All of this stuff is really very simple and obvious if you just take a few moments of quiet contemplation to ask that one more upstream question.  Instead of breaking out of a bad mold and standing up to the lunacy of the past that has driven us into the presently developing socioeconomic corner, the ‘fast change’ artists are simply doing more of the same that got us into our barrel of pickles at every turn.

Sound government begins with sound thinking.  You know: The kind that the Framers embodied in the Constitution which these officials are supposed to protect and defend.  But instead of asking the right questions  like “How do we all work just 2-hours of day or less and live in a land of plenty with Liberty and Justice for all?” would be a great starter…And that’s all it should take: Automation is really that good and yet we’re all pawns in this silly paradigm reinforcement exercise….” we instead get a change in troop allocations, a change in naming of enemy combatants, and a change in the role of China.

I don’t know about you, but I have to join guys like George Soros and commodity legend Jim Rogers who are concerned, as am I, that this all ends badly.

So on that note, it’s Saturday morning and I’m going to go work on my garden, do my taxes, and anything else that comes to mind that enables me to live as a free American enjoying the fruits of liberty as long as they’re to be had.  Suggest you do the same.

Oh, one more thing:  The state of “Missouri retracts report linking militias, 3rd party candidates.”

A victory for freedom?  Yes, but only as long as the public fulfills its role and remains vigilant.

Have you called your folks in Washington about HR 875, HR 814 and SR 425 which would reduce agricultural freedom under the guise of food safety?  No?  See…another perfect example of people sitting on their asses deserve what they get from the corporate-government monoculture which I call (corpgov).

Oh, one more thing on top of that:  Since we are in a huge period of change (wait till mid May, if you think things are changing quickly now, LOL) the time monks may release a public ‘libretto of coming events’ just so you can have a little lead time to adjust to future events before they get here.  No point having a rickety time machine if we don’t share some of its outputs, right?  Not as much as I get into in Peoplenomics, or the full up HalfPastHuman reports, but an outline sufficient so a thoughtful person can get ahead of the curve a bit.

Drop by Monday morning.  I’ve gotten permission from Alan Land to post a couple of .MP3’s for you to download (free, of course).  One is called “Tent City” and the other is called “California IOU”  Know the scary part?  These were both recorded in 1983…see how circular time is?

Webbot Update-February 17th-Obama’s Test Week?

The predictive linguistics work over at has been saying for a fair spell that the Obama administration first big ‘test’ would come after we got something having to do with ships grounding, something about gold popping, and a few other items.

So, in the past couple of weeks we have been seeing all kinds of ship accidents/groundings – Just to mention a few, there were some fishing boat rescues, that tanker losing power off the Golden Gate, the tanker collision off Dubai, and then this weekend a couple of nuclear submarines colliding in the Atlantic.  And what about that guided missile cruiser grounding off Hawaii? So that linguistic set is chock-a-block full and done.   If you wanted, you could throw in the collision of the Kosmos and the coincidentally numbered Iridium 33 satellites over Siberia, too, since they were a couple of space ships.  The fallout from that is still making headlines in Kentucky and Texas after fireballs were sighted.  Linguistically, things don’t get much fuller than all that.

So what’s this ‘test’ business all about?  Well, that is open to speculation.  One line of language hints goes to the idea that it will have some military component to it and that at some point here shortly, Obama will have a chance to ‘win a battle, lose a war’ or he could ‘lose a battle, win the war”.  But, on the other side, that could be simply metaphorical as the economy seems to be in the midst of imploding.

Economic conditions are quickly deteriorating in the wake of Moody’s latest red flags about the banking sector in Eastern Europe.  Here in the US, the stock futures point to a triple-Excedrin day on the exchanges, but there is a bright spot for folks like us who have already fled paper assets and have gotten back to the 4-G strategy: gun, garden, gold, and grub.  When I checked earlier, gold was well over the $960 level, and see the chart at the top of the page for more.  Seems I’m not the only one that has figured out that printing up money hand-over-fist will water down the purchasing power of dollars such that inflation/hyperinflation is a real possibility.

Biggest Full Moon of the Year

*This might cause the EQ’s the web bot guys are talking about*

Dec. 9, 2008: No, you can not see Neil Armstrong’s footprint. But go ahead and look: The full Moon of Dec. 12th is the biggest and brightest full Moon of the year.

It’s no illusion. Some full Moons are genuinely larger than others and this Friday’s is a whopper. Why? The Moon’s orbit is an ellipse with one side 50,000 km closer to Earth than the other: diagram. In the language of astronomy, the two extremes are called “apogee” (far away) and “perigee” (nearby). On Dec. 12th, the Moon becomes full a scant 4 hours after reaching perigee, making it 14% bigger and 30% brighter than lesser full Moons we’ve seen earlier in 2008.
A perigee Moon brings with it extra-high “perigean tides,” but this is nothing to worry about, according to NOAA. In most places, lunar gravity at perigee pulls tide waters only a few centimeters (an inch or so) higher than usual. Local geography can amplify the effect to about 15 centimeters (six inches)–not exactly a great flood.

Okay, the Moon is 14% bigger, but can you actually tell the difference? It’s tricky. There are no rulers floating in the sky to measure lunar diameters. Hanging high overhead with no reference points to provide a sense of scale, one full Moon looks much like any other.

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The best time to look is when the Moon is near the horizon. That is when illusion mixes with reality to produce a truly stunning view. For reasons not fully understood by astronomers or psychologists, low-hanging Moons look unnaturally large when they beam through trees, buildings and other foreground objects. On Friday, why not let the “Moon illusion” amplify a full Moon that’s extra-big to begin with? The swollen orb rising in the east at sunset may seem so nearby, you can almost reach out and touch it.

But you still won’t be able to see Armstrong’s footprint. Not even Hubble can do that. The Moon is 384,400 km away (on average). At that distance, the smallest things Hubble can distinguish are about 60 meters wide. The biggest pieces of left-behind Apollo equipment are only about 9 meters across and smaller than a single pixel in a Hubble image.

What you will see is the world around you. This is both the brightest and (in the northern hemisphere) the highest-riding full Moon of the year. If you go outside around midnight it will be close to overhead and act like a cosmic floodlamp making the landscape absolutely brilliant, especially if there’s snow. Full moons are always high during winter and, indeed, the solstice is right around the corner on Dec. 21st.

A fun experiment: Take a friend outside on Friday evening and ask if they notice anything unusual. Is the Moon big and bright enough to impress the unwary? Explain perigee later….

Webbot Update December 9th

Ringing Ears, Tired George

Yesterday, as I explained in my column, I bounced out of bed, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed – ready for the tussle with Monday’s events. Lots of coffee – high energy, amped, and all those other phrases. Today was the mirror opposite – and that’s bad. You see, I often get a profound sense of tired just before big earthquakes. So, whether it’s my ‘monkey mind’ doing a little extracurricular programming, or whether the major quakes (twin quakes) in the predictive linguistics are about upon us, ought to be known in 4-5 days – or less.

There were no 6.0+ quakes in the world earthquake list today when I looked, but the ‘window’ doesn’t really start until tomorrow and then goes for about five days. Cliff of hopes we will ‘get it wrong’ but earthquakes is an area where predictive linguistics has shined in the past forecasts including that China quake back in May. Plus, I’m profoundly tired and many readers are reporting their ears ringing and other physical symptoms that may, or may not, accompany big (mega) quakes.

As a major thunderstorm rolled through East Texas about 2 AM, I found myself wondering how I would explain – after the event – how all this ‘rickety time machine’ stuff works? It’s not like the technology directly senses the future. Rather, what it seems to do is ‘tune in’ to the future emotions of people as they see or hear of a major event in their life…like a mega quake will be.

Seems that at some just-below-the-perception-threshold, people know bits and pieces of the future before it arrives. Major events that stand head & shoulders above the background noise (hurricanes/tornados/earthquakes) seem a little more clear because the everyday language shift associated with these kinds of ‘outlier’ events is pronounced (and predictive). It’s also why the technology can’t/doesn’t work with ‘hot issues’. You talk about a movie star or a public policy question like abortion rights, and it’s nigh on to impossible to sort those kinds of things out because people are so emotionally charged over a long period of time – there’s little ‘change’ in the archetypical language once some has adopted one position or another.

Earthquakes (and assorted other ‘natural disasters’) are different down at the mass consciousness level. With these, most folks when the event happens are just going about their day, doing their normal routine, picking up the kids, going to work, going hunting or fishing, night out with the girls…you know…just normal activities when WHAM along comes this big emotional impact.

That’s the kind of thing that ‘bleeds’ or ‘prints through’ into what is then the past, but which is presently in our future. the more ‘print through’ into the past, the more pronounced the language shift among people who are mostly not even aware that they have changed at the kalapas kind of level as if to psycho-socially prepare for the event.

It you have read Carlos Castaneda’s works, it’s perhaps akin to a Nagual showing up and pointing out that your assemblage point (the place where you ‘assemble’ the reality around you) is changing in advance of a major event about to appear in your life. Yet as any hand Nagual (such as Don Juan Matus) might have pointed out, most people are so preoccupied by their first attention that they pay almost no mind to their second attention. That’s the attention that lets people see reality much differently than first attention demands, and yet it’s every bit as real, or more so. Here, have a mushroom.

OK, no point dancing around it. Here is an extract from last week’s HalfPastHuman ALTA report. Please do not repost it, and any use requires a link both to and to OK?

“The data sets associated with [twin earthquakes] continues to grow. The newly supporting sets are within the aspect/attribute sets of [pulsating (motion)], and [rippling (ground)], and [motion (of) sound (in) ground]. This last is supported by aspect/attributes which suggest that it is related to [waves] of [propagation] within the [surface] of the [earth], as well as being a literal/actual reference to [sound (coming up from the) ground] during the [earthquake(s)]. Further support builds under [mountains] where the newly arrived aspect/attributes include [frail crust], and [broken (open) fertile plain]. Other aspect/attribute sets in the supporting chain include [seed(ed) valley] as being the [focus/nexus] of the [most damage], though note that this is not necessarily the epicenter of the earthquake energy.

The data sets in the deep supporting layers include [stripes] as in [tiger stripes] that are forecast to make a [visible appearance] {ed note: most likely after the earthquake}. We also have [vegetable fields] at many different levels of support indicating an agricultural area will be very central to the [visible] aftermath. Deeper into the detail aspect/attribute layers we have descriptors for [images/views] of [humans looking up] and [humans (with) dropped jaws] and [humans with [fixed/glazed stares].

Part of the data sets are now going to the [visible] problems which will result from the [earthquakes]. A very major problem is showing as an [agricultural area] being [so devastated] as to have [problems with production]. Both this last, and the [rebuilding] are indicated to be a [decade, 10/ten years] activity. Other issues include the [immediate needs (of) food] and [shelter] for the [affected humans]. Much of the supporting language is coming in support of the idea of [needing to feed] some large/significant numbers of people post-earthquake. This is shown as being caused by several factors including the [isolation] brought on by the [disruption/destruction] of the [roads]. Some of the detail layers show that many days later, perhaps even [weeks], there will be a [cadre] of [humans] and [animals?] which will [undertake daily walking] to [bring back supplies] to the [affected regions]. The data sets are presenting the idea that even [large amounts] of [helicopter] delivered [food/aid] will still [require/need] to be [hand carried] to get to the [isolated communities]. The local [systems] for everything from [health care] to [fuel delivery] will be [disrupted] for some time in excess of [3/three years] by the [alterations] in the [ground shapes] and [bridges failing]. The data sets are also indicating that [following] the [earthquakes] and the [dancing mountains], the region (and perhaps the whole of the planet) will have a period of [profound rest/quiet] relative to [earthquakes]. This [period of rest/quiescence] is apparently of an emotional significance as the [lack of activity] is indicated to cause its own level of [stress] in the populace of the planet. ”

There’s more in other ALTA reports, but since we’re really, really close to the twin quake window, not point being secretive about this. We’re planning to watch quake coverage through most of this weekend – and wondering who will be offering the recovery aid and concert for fund-raising that seems to follow big quakes, but I get we will have those answers next week. Cliff, meantime, is hoping like hell he’s got it wrong. Not bloody likely, but we talked about his fishing trip yesterday.

Webbot earthquake predictions

Most important item this week, or at least it will be when it arrives later in the week: The ‘twin quakes” in the predictive linguistic work out of Cliff (and Igor) busily telling folks they hope to be wrong on this, but at the same time I hear the values are still accreting (accumulating) in modelspace.

In their latest report for subscribers, and after going through many paragraphs of descriptor sets filling out clarifying some of the imagery to be expected via the teevee late this week and into next, the chief time monk goes off whistling in the graveyard…

“Of course we are probably wrong about this. And if you claim, as does George, that we are ‘boating on the river of denial’ about this, we respond well, maybe so, but the fishing is nice on de nile this time of year.”

Since Cliff’s off fishing, my best expectation is that the first of the ‘twin quakes’ will be along between Wednesday and Friday of this week, maybe tomorrow late.

If the ‘George Theorem’ holds (e.g. the longer something is in modelspace before an event, the bigger the impacts will be once the event shows up in real-time) I’m expecting something Banda Aceh or larger for at least one of the quakes…

I’ll see if I can get permission to post the quake portion publicly or if there are new values coming in over the next day or two.

Webbot Advisory-October 10th

This Weekend: 3 Unwelcome Guests

A dispatch from the time monks at issued Thursday offers this guidance for the weekend and into next week:

“Salve Omnes,

sorry to intrude on your day…

just a quick note and an extract from the Markets entity posting of this coming weekend. The issue is that we have had a very noticeable bump up in emotive release language within the immediacy value set prompting an examination of these areas. The following extract is from Part Five which will not be posted until this weekend, and by then the forecast will be active and in-the-now…so just a bit of a heads up. Best we can do at this point. More if warranted later.

Extract follows: Markets entity: The current state, which is to say, the current rate of increase in [visible] release language within the global mediastream as it relates to the [global financial meltdown, aka ‘death of the dollar’], is indicated as continuing *at its current rates* until late in the day on October 22. This will be very late indeed, but at that point a certain ‘plateau’ effect is reached when the [media/press] will have used all but the most [dreaded] of language, and will be [stuck/glued] to certain by-now-cliché’s. The [emotional release language plateau] is really (see chart below) more of a slightly slower slide, and it is indicated to continue within this gradient, or restriction in language until after mid November. However, to get to the [restrictions in language] period of October 23rd through November 20th (or thereabouts), we must first transit the very rough rate of increase of release language which arrives on October 10th, and continues through to the 19th.

Within this area, several sets of cross links highlight the potential for Terra intrusion, most likely on the 10th. However, there are several disconcerting ‘bumps’ in the immediacy values which suggest that some [unexpected guest] who is not particularly welcome, will be making an appearance within the [global meltdown/death of the dollar] this coming weekend. This is to say, on October 11th and 12th.

We have linguistics to support a combination of 3/three kinds of [unexpected guests] this weekend, and they are the following aspect/attribute sets: [weather related incident involving a rescue], an [assault/attack] which causes [communications (to) shred (internationally)], and last, but not least, an [‘accident’ (real or claimed)] which causes a [derailing]. This last may be in the political realm. However, please note that all 3/three of these [unwelcome guests] will be having their most impact at the [dying dollar party] currently involving the global ‘financial system’, and further that each in their own way, will contribute to the circumstances which manifest in very late November, and into/through December.

Extract ends.

vale, and pies up, ”

Not that these will be huge event – as they are just appearing in modelspace with clarity now – likely be the size/magnitude of that stuff just prior to the Greek Olympics where the athletes were injured – popped out of modelspace only 3-4 days in advance. Still, if you turn on the news channels by Sunday night, it’s the kind of thing which would fit/play-into the unfolding circumstances.