Threatened by a zionist…lol

*This actually happened to me*

Apparently, it’s okay to threaten Iran with nukes…but the moment you say “nuke israel” this is what you get…

hey … u are so full of sfan , u have somthing againsts israel ? ok good , why don’t u go to some israeli people and tel them that …do not hide behaind ur pc and whrite racist posts vs israel like ” nuke israel ” and other racist stuff u do…u think that ur so far away from us ? no u are not ..i can send this post to someone who will get u arested for posting racist information about israel and about jews ..i have watched all ur previous posts and all have racist info vs israel and jews and i dunno why u do this ….but be carful there with ur thoghts and dont call a hole nation on how u feel in that distinct moment u fool

THAT is tolerance from a woman from Israel. Welcome to 1984!!!!! I especially like “Be careful there with your thoughts.” She must be a pleasant person to be around….come and get me, then!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!!