2010 Predictions

Massive flooding throughout North America and Europe, due to the winter’s above-normal precipitation. The UK is going to have horribly strange weather patterns, as are areas such as Oklahoma, Missouri and North Carolina.

A series of SMALL earthquakes will rattle the Midwest area, with people becoming nervous about it. I dont think it is the big one, but it will cause nervous feelings.

Hurricane will hit Eastern Canada in the summer.

I do not anticipate disclosure in 2010. What I do expect is that people in the “know” regarding aliens and UFOs will have their beliefs solidified.

Another spiral-type light in the sky, in the Northern US.

Anger is starting to reach the boiling point. We are getting to the point of no return. The populace will demand their voices be heard, even via violence.

That is all I have…for now.

No more webbot reports

I have removed the copyrighted material…I am working on a way to post it so that I do NOT get into trouble. Please allow time to tweak it. If you want the report, which I have in my possession, write to me at heidilore@gmail.com and I will send in the interem. Thanks, I apologize profusely.


Mapping The Road Ahead

It’s a fine thing to do at the end of an incredibly busy week: sit down with a cuppa joe, a super-fast internet pipe, and review not only what happened over the past week, but where things seem to be headed in our run-up to the “summer of hell/2009” which, according to the predictive linguistics work at www.halfpasthuman.com, is about as close to a slam-dunk as you’ll find off the basketball court.

In case you’re new to this site, the Big Picture goes something like this:

  • We’re in a collision of paradigms which will last something like 10-years.  As my friend Dr. Jack Lessinger notes “Unfortunately, the Consumer Economy is not a static reality. Everything changes. Over many decades, the relentless drive to boost consumption inevitably brought overconsumption and with it, dire consequences. ”  So, coming along, but taking its own sweet time about getting here, will be something he calls “responsible capitalism” but not the kind of highly socialized kind of solution that’s presently sloshing around between the big white buildings inside the beltway.

  • The US dollar is effectively bankrupt; rotted from the inside-out by excessive government spending since politicians have this genetic defect where they promise more than they can deliver, only to find that they can make-good on promises by destroying the purchasing power of the US dollar.  This is why since 1913 the purchasing power of the dollar is about 4% of what it once was.  But, since the American public hates math, it’s been an easy double-speak shuffle for offishuls (sic) at all levels to sell you the idea that what’s been going on is inflation.  This deliberate reframing of the financial problem into gibberish is exactly how the PowersThatBe (the banksters behind the throne and their lobbyist cohorts), depend on to keep you hornswaggled into a crooked system where you work your ass off for 40-years only to find you’ve been swindled out of your 401(k)’s purchasing power.  Sweet deal for them, huh?  Guess who ends up rich?  It’s not the person you see in the mirror, if that’s a hint.

  • Another way to screw you out of your life’s work has been to reframe the ‘stimulus’ such that it goes to meaningless places like saving derivative counterparties under the outlandish belief that this will prevent a second Great Depression, only many times worse.  It won’t, of course since if you listen to really rich, really bright guys like George Soros, they’ll remind you that the residential housing bubble collapse was only Round One and that Round Two which is coming along now will involve a 30% drop in commercial property values.

  • And since the money which should be used to fund new construction, consumer financing, and American self-sufficiency, and so forth is going to bankers and special interests, another story which will be making the rounds in a month or two, I figure, will be how farmers are cutting way back on their commitments to plant crop this year.  I was speaking to the president of a modestly-sized ag operation earlier this week and he said folks he’s talking with are finding just what he’s found, namely that banks may say he has a million dollar line of credit, but they are being very stingy about letting farmers actually draw against it this year.  What this means is that here’s something that’s almost a lead-pipe cinch to push food prices up this summer:  reduced credit for farmers (or severely restricted lending) coupled with high input costs, such that there will be less food this coming summer and fall.  Already, a good bit of Eastern Washington’s wheat is at reduced levels, and then there’s the fallout from the flooding up in North Dakota to contend with. And so the precursors for this November’s crisis are being set even now.

  • Government, all the while being blown about by the financial string-pullers, has to find some way to keep you and me under control, otherwise we wouldn’t be willing to give nearly 40% of everything we make (taxes and excess profits) to a bunch of bozos who hold themselves as somehow smarter than the rest of us.  Gotta reality check to consider here.  So, in order to keep everyone occupied – including countries like Afghanistan where Mr. Change is throwing even more troops in, on the grounds that Afghanistan-Pakistan is the most dangerous place in the world – we build a better and better killing machine.

  • But I’m here to propose this morning that Afghanistan is NOT the most dangerous place.  The most dangerous place in the world is the UK.  That’s right: England. You see, the PowersThatBe are getting ready for one of the biggest crackdowns on personal liberties ever under the guise of protecting the G20-money shufflers.  True, “London Protesters threaten Bankers, evoke Executions” but it’s a protest and protest is the stuff of which Freedom is cast.  So to keep the UK’s sheep in line, authorities have identified 200 children as potential terrorists.  OMG, bring back McCarthyism and HUAC, at least those made some kind of sense.  Having over a million US citizens on no-fly lists just doesn’t pass my smell test; perhaps it does yours?

  • Meantime, “Obama a sets Qaeda defeat as top goal in Afghanistan“.  Yes, there really are some Islamic extremists who would like to kill you and me because we’re infidels.  Still, thousands of troops, is that the most effective solution?  How about hit teams?  Armies are find for set/place battles against large forces and all, but how do you cut off the head of a beast?  The world clings to a Middle Ages concept that heads of movements are not top targets; nonsensical, but that’s why folks like Napoleon didn’t get ‘offed’ the first time out in a real battle.  This same silliness persists today; and as a result, we don’t go ab out things very efficiently, although admittedly the result is more employment, higher visibility of the decision-making process and a lot of social control.  But then again, that’s what wars are about, right?  Kill enough people and break enough things and you get an economic bump from warfare and another economic bump from rebuilding.

  • Then we have a Secretary of State who is pushing for a “stronger China role”.  I’m not sure what she’s thinking (if at all, on this) since 1) China is a huge buyer of US paper debt instruments and has the US by the proverbial goanies and 2) China makes about 1/2 of everything non-food sold in your local Big Box store.  So they have us by the right one, and by the left one, so to speak.  Yet this enlightened ‘leader’ says they need a stronger role?  How stoopid do the folks at the top think the people who work in this country are?  What we need is leadership that would a) increase domestic US production of goods we consume.  But that isn’t going to happen since the big bucks inside the District of Corruption flows from industry and special interest groups, right?  Then b) we need to have sound money so we don’t have to go hat in hand to China every couple of weeks to beg them to buy our quickly depreciating paper.

All of this stuff is really very simple and obvious if you just take a few moments of quiet contemplation to ask that one more upstream question.  Instead of breaking out of a bad mold and standing up to the lunacy of the past that has driven us into the presently developing socioeconomic corner, the ‘fast change’ artists are simply doing more of the same that got us into our barrel of pickles at every turn.

Sound government begins with sound thinking.  You know: The kind that the Framers embodied in the Constitution which these officials are supposed to protect and defend.  But instead of asking the right questions  like “How do we all work just 2-hours of day or less and live in a land of plenty with Liberty and Justice for all?” would be a great starter…And that’s all it should take: Automation is really that good and yet we’re all pawns in this silly paradigm reinforcement exercise….” we instead get a change in troop allocations, a change in naming of enemy combatants, and a change in the role of China.

I don’t know about you, but I have to join guys like George Soros and commodity legend Jim Rogers who are concerned, as am I, that this all ends badly.

So on that note, it’s Saturday morning and I’m going to go work on my garden, do my taxes, and anything else that comes to mind that enables me to live as a free American enjoying the fruits of liberty as long as they’re to be had.  Suggest you do the same.

Oh, one more thing:  The state of “Missouri retracts report linking militias, 3rd party candidates.”

A victory for freedom?  Yes, but only as long as the public fulfills its role and remains vigilant.

Have you called your folks in Washington about HR 875, HR 814 and SR 425 which would reduce agricultural freedom under the guise of food safety?  No?  See…another perfect example of people sitting on their asses deserve what they get from the corporate-government monoculture which I call (corpgov).

Oh, one more thing on top of that:  Since we are in a huge period of change (wait till mid May, if you think things are changing quickly now, LOL) the time monks may release a public ‘libretto of coming events’ just so you can have a little lead time to adjust to future events before they get here.  No point having a rickety time machine if we don’t share some of its outputs, right?  Not as much as I get into in Peoplenomics, or the full up HalfPastHuman reports, but an outline sufficient so a thoughtful person can get ahead of the curve a bit.

Drop by Monday morning.  I’ve gotten permission from Alan Land to post a couple of .MP3’s for you to download (free, of course).  One is called “Tent City” and the other is called “California IOU”  Know the scary part?  These were both recorded in 1983…see how circular time is?


Automatic Writing Session March 10th

I had not done this in awhile. Decided to try it again. I got the name Randolph again. I do not know who this is.

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March 10th, 2009

Appearances are deceiving






Not even yet


Once again, if this resonates or makes sense to you, kindly let me know. Thank you! It turns out a couple of my sessions have resonated with some people, so perhaps it can be solved.

Forecast 2009: There Will Be Blood

2009 will be a year of complete destruction for the US economy. 3 Million will lose their jobs. The Dow Jones Industrial average will break below 6,000. Municipalities will fail. Insurers will fail. The unemployed and foreclosed American population will take to the streets and begin rioting. The Greatest Depression is upon us.

Sound far fetched? We welcome you to read our archive section from 2007. ChartingStocks.net issued warnings of the coming stock market collapse and successfully predicted the coming depression which is now at hand. At the time, our view was also “far fetched.”

January Barometer

Analysts like to give their full year forecasts in December before the year begins. It makes sense considering  the amount of new years resolutions and the endless assortment of “Top 10″ lists for the coming year that one tends to see at year end. From a practical standpoint, however, it makes must better sense to forecast the financial markets after the crucial month of January has past.
Historically, stock movements in the month of January has been an accurate predictor of the following eleven months. Technicians refer to this as the “January Barometer.” According to the Stock Trader’s Almanac, the January Barometer predicts the year’s direction with a 74% probability. To coin the old Wall Street saying – “As January goes, so goes the year.”

So how did January go? January 2009 was the worst January for stocks  EVER. All of the major sectors finished the month down while the market (S&P 500 index) lost 11.3%. Traders and portfolio managers also use the barometer to sort through different industry groups. Generally speaking, if an industry group does well in January, it tends to do well the rest of the year and vise versa. Here’s the break down of January performance:

healthcare  -0.04%
utilities       -1.48%
tech              -4.88%
energy         -7.94%
staples         -7.31%
materials    -11.92%
discretionary   -13.29%
industrials        -15.53%
financials     -27.01%

Every major group was down for the month. Healthcare and utilities held up the best which you would expect in a fearful market. These groups are defensive in nature.  The US financial sector shed 27% in the month of January alone!  Bottom line – The January barometer is predicting a year of carnage.

Great Depression Part Deux

Are we in a depression? In 2007, when we wrote about the coming stock market collapse and depression to follow, it seemed to be a very far fetched notion and was met with disbelief and even a few harassing emails. What a difference a day makes. Sure, the mainstream media won’t dare call it a depression but you must consider that they were denying that we were in recession until very recently. Let’s examine the state of the US economy.

Automobile Industry: The number of vehicles sold in the US has been decreasing at a gradual yet continuous rate since 1999, when nearly 8.7 million vehicles were sold in the US. The auto industry is in depression.

gmfHousing: Home sales and prices have been in a steady decline since the summer of 2005. We are coming up on 4 years of declining levels, whereas a depression is characterized as 4 quarters of declining levels. Housing is in depression.

tolkbhlenRetail: The latest retail sales numbers show the consumer is not consuming. The numbers have been falling off a cliff over the last 6-8 months.  Retailers have been closing their doors and filing chapter 11 at an alarming rate. Not to mention the constant announcements of layoffs. This trend will accelerate this year. Retail is not in depression but is surely heading there. Fast.


Financials: The financial index is crucial to the economy. Market technicians follow the financial index and use it as a leading indicator to the stock market. When financials begin to under perform the stock market when prices are rising, it’s a good idea to get out of the stock market. The financials began underperforming in in early 2007 and we published  pieces warning our readers to sell the financials and the market as a whole. This was the final warning in our view.

The financial sector collapse is continuing. Major banks which were household names in 2007 have disappeared in 2008. The remaining firms are surviving only by government intervention. The largest US banks, Bank of America and Citigroup ARE BANKRUPT. They ARE insolvent. They will surely not exist in their current form by years end. The financial sector is in depression.

2009 Predictions:

Ten or more municipalities will fail this year. This will cause a panic in the municipal bond market as the municipalities will either default or threaten to do so absent a government bailout.

US Government Loses AAA Credit Rating– If the ratings agencies weren’t dominated and owned by US interests, this would have happened in 2008. I believe the situation in the US will become so dire that even the ratings agencies will have to downgrade the United States in 2009 OR begin to issue negative outlook warnings amid global outcry.

A major US insurance company fails: The insurance stocks look to be heading  to the same place as Lehman, AIG and Bear Stearns did. The costs of hedging their portfolio risk has been skyrocketing as weary investors fall back on insurance company “Guarantees” to cover there investment losses. They dont have it. Some companies look stronger than others but I’d put my money on Hartford being the one to go.

The largest US banks cease to exist in their current form: As far as banks go, Citigroup and Bank of America are insolvent. They are bankrupt. They’ve been kept alive by trillions in US gov aid but, in the end, they will cease to exist in current form. This may suggest the “Bad Bank” scenario or a complete nationalization but they can not function for much longer as they are.

3 million Americans lose there job in 2009. Sounds like a high number but remember that we lost 2 million in 2008. The first few weeks of 2009 indicates a frightening acceleration in this trend.

Riots/Protests/Social Unrest: With the acceleration of job losses and foreclosures the citizens of the US go the way of Iceland, Greece, Spain, France, Latvia and Bulgaria and begin rioting in the streets due to the economic conditions.

Dow/Gold Ratio Hits 5:  This ratio has been declining since 2000. Even throughout the previous “Bull” market, as the Dow was making new highs in cash terms, it was making new lows in terms of gold. In other words, the Dow Jones, adjusted for inflation, has been crashing for almost 9 years. Currently, the Dow is at a 20 year low in real terms. We expect the ratio to hit 5 this year. 5 ounces of gold will buy the Dow Jones. At current gold prices, the Dow would have to be  under 5,000 however, we do expect that gold prices advance higher this year and so expect a higher figure for the Dow.


Dow Jones Break 6,000: What of this “Second Half” ralley the media is selling? We beleive it is not only wrong but completely reverse. In our view it is more likely that the Dow rebounds slightly in the early months of 2009 and then continues a sharp decline in the second half. We anticipate the Dow Jones breaking 6,000 in 2009.



Calamitous Web Bot Predictions

George Ure and his colleague ‘Cliff’, two self-described “time monks,” shared dire predictions based on their web bot technology. Their method captures changes in language patterns within Internet discussions. This aggregated data is then processed with software to determine various keywords, which they interpret in a predictive fashion.

Beginning on October 7, 2008 and running through March 2009, they foresee a calamitous period on an epic scale. America will be beset by a variety of problems, which they broke down as 45-48% related to the economy, 40% concerning the military, and the rest associated with natural disasters. Between 2 and 22 million lives could be lost or seriously impacted, they estimated, possibly related to a “global coastal event” in 2009. On Dec. 10-12th, 2008, a large quake could hit the Pacific Northwest, they added.

The two recommended developing self-sufficiency and the ability to live off the grid. They also spoke about strange disappearances next year, in which people, including those in power, will vanish without a trace into interdimensional doorways. Additionally, an object they call a “coherer” — a reverse-engineered or left-behind dimensional artifact is currently in the possession of people who are concerned for their lives.

Something is WRONG

Maybe I am going crazy. That is a distinct possibility. I feel so much anger right now in the world…

I feel that doomy feeling.

I feel as if I need to prepare for something, but I have absolutely no clue what I need to prepare for.

Something is up…something bad is on the horizon.

Pessimistic, maybe, but something is up.

I cannot meditate. I cannot wrap my head around it, which I am normally able to do…

My dreams are so STRONG and VIVID.