Armed police arrest man for ‘playfully pointing toy ray-gun at baby’

*Watch V For Vendetta. If you are British, quit sitting on your ARSE and do something about your country!*

Police scrambled eight patrol cars filled with armed officers after a man in his 50s pointed a toy ray-gun at a baby and said ‘Pow, Pow’.

The man, who has not yet been named, was arrested earlier today after he approached the baby and its mother with a ‘silver ray-gun’ which lights up and makes a buzzing noise when the trigger is pulled.

Onlookers in Hove, East Sussex, were astonished when the police cars sped to the scene to apprehend the man.

Alison Edmonds, 23, said that she saw the man – who is not believed to be related to the baby and mother – approach the pram holding the toy gun, before jokingly saying ‘Pow, pow’ while pressing the trigger repeatedly.

The mother of the child then called police, who sent an armed response team to find and arrest the man, who was waiting for a bus less than a few hundred yards away.

Miss Edwards said: ‘It was unbelievable. All he did was try to make the child laugh, but the mum decided to call the police and obviously told them a man with a gun had threatened her and her baby.

‘What happened next was truly astonishing. I’ve never seen anything like it. These eight cars screamed to a halt and surrounded the poor man at the bus stop.

‘They were fully kitted out with machine guns, rifles and everything.

‘The man didn’t know what was happening. All he was trying to do was make the baby crack a smile.’

Police seized the man’s toy ray-gun and arrested him on suspicion of possessing an imitation firearm in a public place.



Within the framework of an intellectually impoverished nation, a gullible and desperate populace is easily led astray.

Here comes your messiah.

In the guise of a caring politician, our fearless leader has finagled a so-called stimulus bill…which I am sure many of my fellow Americans did not bother to read. I cannot say I blame them; after all, the documentation is over 1500 pages.

I just wonder how many in the House of Representatives bothered to read it.

It is a lot of BS, to be certain…a great deal of posturing, spending, and more spending.

It does not take a genius to realize that all of this is nonsense. There are practical ways to fix these problems, or at least there WERE ways. I am afraid we are beyond the point of no return, though.

Simple solutions. Take the power back from the federal reserve. Penalize corporations that do not adhere to common sense values…i.e. investing in America first, instead of outsourcing or hiring those that are not Americans. Stop feeding the destructive tendencies of the predatory state of Israel, by sending them countless dollars we cannot afford. Completely reform the educational system so that we do not have all of these stupid people waiting for a messiah…teachers that cannot PERFORM receive no paycheck. End corporate welfare.

Our values are very much out of whack, which saddens me immensely. Our food supply is in a state of disarray (mercury tainted HFCS, aspartame and MSG that further inhibit critical thinking), our morality has all but disappeared, there is no respect for previous institutions that actually worked, etc.

All of you that actually agree to this third generation bailout, please go to our founding fathers and state your case. Tell everyone why you are currently worshipping a charlatan. Tell them, with satisfaction, that you are happy about the turn of events.

We can blame Bu$h all day if we want to…yes, he is at fault. Along with Clinton, Bush Sr and the whole lot. But really, there is enough blame to go around. It is in all of us who put materialistic and zionist values ahead of our own well-being. Sad, but true. We are all to blame.

The concept of America has not died, yet has been easily warped by those in power. The sheeple bought it. You reap what you sow.


Woman approaching school bus worked for CDC

*This is just…weird.*

FRIENDSWOOD, TX (KTRK) — Friendswood parents can breathe easier after police sorted out the details surrounding a woman asking to speak with children on a school bus.

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Worried citizens called police when they learned that a woman had asked to speak with specific children who did not know her.

The investigation led police to speak with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Police say the woman was conducting a national health survey for the CDC.

Swat Team conducts food raid in rural Ohio

*Of course, nobody will care. There is an OJ verdict up for discussion. Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER.*

On Monday, December 1, a SWAT team with semi-automatic rifles entered the private home of the Stowers family in LaGrange, Ohio, herded the family onto the couches in the living room, and kept guns trained on parents, children, infants and toddlers, from approximately 11 AM to 8 PM. The team was aggressive and belligerent. The children were quite traumatized. At some point, the “bad cop” SWAT team was relieved by another team, a “good cop” team that tried to befriend the family. The Stowers family has run a very large, well-known food cooperative called Manna Storehouse on the western side of the greater Cleveland area for many years.

There were agents from the Department of Agriculture present, one of them identified as Bill Lesho. The search warrant is reportedly supicious-looking. Agents began rifling through all of the family’s possessions, a task that lasted hours and resulted in a complete upheaval of every private area in the home. Many items were taken that were not listed on the search warrant. The family was not permitted a phone call, and they were not told what crime they were being charged with. They were not read their rights. Over ten thousand dollars worth of food was taken, including the family’s personal stock of food for the coming year. All of their computers, and all of their cell phones were taken, as well as phone and contact records. The food cooperative was virtually shut down. There was no rational explanation, nor justification, for this extreme violation of Constitutional rights.

Presumably Manna Storehouse might eventually be charged with running a retail establishment without a license. Why then the Gestapo-type interrogation for a 3rd degree misdemeanor charge? This incident has raised the ominous specter of a restrictive new era in State regulation and enforcement over the nation’s private food supply.

This same type of abusive search and seizure was reported by those innocents who fell victim to oppressive federal drug laws passed in the 1990s. The present circumstance raises the obvious question: is there some rabid new interpretation of an existing drug law that considers food a controlled substance worthy of a nasty SWAT operation? Or worse, is there a previously unrecognized provision(s) pertaining to food in the Homeland Security measures? Some have suggested that it was merely an out-of-control, hot-to-trot ODA agent, and, if so, this would be a best-case scenario. Anything else might spell the beginning of the end for the freedom to eat unregulated and unmonitored food.

One blogger familiar with the Ohio situation has reported that:

“Interestingly, I believe they [Manna Storehouse] said a month or so ago, an undercover ODA official came to their little store and claimed to have a sick father wanting to join the co-op. Both the owner and her daughter-in-law had a horrible feeling about the man, and decided not to allow him into the co-op and notified him by certified mail. He came back to the co-op demanding to be part of it. They refused and gave him names of other businesses and health food stores closer to his home. Not coincidentally, this man was there yesterday as part of the raid.”

The same blog also noted that the Ohio Department of Agriculture has been chastised by the courts in several previous instances for its aggression, including trying to entrap an Amish man in a raw milk “sale,” which backfired when it became known that the Amish believe in a literal interpretation of “give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away” (Matthew 5:42)

The issue appears to be the discovery of a bit of non-institutional beef in an Oberlin College food service freezer a year ago that was tracked down by a county sanitation official to Manna Storehouse. Oberlin College’s student food coop is widely known for its strident ideological stance about eating organic foods. It seems that the Oberlin student food cooperative had joined the Manna Storehouse food cooperative in order to buy organic foods in bulk from the national organic food distributor United, which services buying clubs across the nation. The sanitation official, James Boddy, evidently contacted the Ohio Department of Agriculture. After the first contact by state ODA officials, Manna Storehouse reportedly wrote them a letter requesting assistance and guidelines for complying with the law. This letter was never answered. Rather, the ODA agent tried several times to infiltrate the coop, as described above. When his attempts failed, the SWAT team showed up!

Food cooperatives and buying clubs have been an active part of the American landscape for over a generation. In the 1970s, with the rise of the organic food industry (a direct outgrowth of the hippie back-to-nature movement) food coops started up all over the country. These were groups of people who freely associated for the purpose of combining their buying power so that they could order organic food items in bulk and case lots. Anyone who was part of these coops in the early era will remember the messy breakdown of 35 pounds of peanut butter and 5 gallon drums of honey!

These buying clubs have persisted and flourished over the years due to their ability to purchase high quality organic foods at reduced prices in bulk quantities. Most cooperatives have participated greatly in the local agrarian economies, supporting neighborhood organic farmers with purchases of produce, eggs, chickens, etc. The groups also purchase food from a number of different local, regional and national distributors, many of them family-based businesses who truck the food themselves. Some of these food cooperatives have become large enough to set up mini-storefront operations where members can drop in and purchase items leftover from case lot sales. Manna Storehouse had established itself in such a manner, using a small enclosed breezeway attached to their home. It was a folksy place with old wooden floors where coop members stopped by to chat and snack on bags of organic corn chips.

The state of Ohio boasts the second largest Amish population in the country. Many of the Amish live on acreages where they raise their own food, not unlike Manna Storehouse, and sell off the extras to neighbors and church members. There is a sense of foreboding that this state crackdown on a longstanding, reputable food cooperative operation could adversely impact the peaceful agrarian way of life not only for the Amish, but homeschoolers and those families living off the land on rural acreages. It raises the disturbing possibility that it could become a crime to raise your own food, buy eggs from the farmer down the road, or butcher your own chickens for family and friends – bustling activities that routinely take place in backwater America.

The freedom to purchase food directly form the source is increasingly under attack. For those who have food allergies and chemical intolerances, or who are on special medical diets, this is becoming a serious health issue. Will Americans retain the right to purchase food that is uncontaminated by pesticides, herbicides, allergens, additives, dyes, preservatives, MSG, GMOs, radiation, etc.? The melamine scare from China underscores the increasingly inferior and suspect quality of modern processed institutional foods. One blog, commenting on the bizarre and troubling Manna Storehouse situation, observed that:

“No one is saying exactly why. At the same time the FDA says it it safe to eat the 40% of tainted beef found in Costco’s and Sam’s all over the nation. These farm raids are very common now. Every farmer needs to fully eqiped [sic] for the possibility of it happening to them. The Farmer To Consumer Legal Defense Fund was created just for this purpose. The USDA just released their plans to put a law into action that will put all small farmers out of business. Animals for the sale of meat or milk will only be allowed in commercial farms, even the organic ones.” December 3, 2008 7:09 PM

Mumbai Attacks Look Like A Western Intel Operation

The recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai India appear to be the work of a western intelligence agency. Sophisticated terrorist attacks are usually only executed by an institution with a vast amount of resources at their disposal, and not by terrorists living in a cave somewhere. History has shown that high profile terrorist attacks which get top billing in the media are in fact government sponsored. Already, India is blaming Pakistan for the attacks and we’ve also seen an onslaught of propaganda from media outlets attempting to place the blame for this attack on the fictional CIA founded organization Al-Qaeda. There are even eyewitness accounts saying that the attackers did not look like Indians but instead appeared to be western. In fact, some of the attackers have already been identified as British citizens of Pakistan origin. Of course none of that matters, since the media needs to sell the Al-Qaeda myth to the dumbed down masses here in America. Considering that Barack Obama has gone on the record talking about the possibility of using military force in Pakistani territory to go after Al-Qaeda terrorists, it looks as if this event is going to conveniently provide him the excuse to do so when he takes power in a few months. He can say that he is going after Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and the media will sell it as the right thing to do. Let’s face it; the only groups that would gain from the killing and wounding of hundreds of innocent people in India are western governments. It is allowing them to continue to sell the phony terror war to the dumbed down American sheep, it effectively plays off India against Pakistan and it provides the excuse for future U.S. military intervention into Pakistan.

Let’s get into more detail about who will gain and why they stand to gain from these attacks. First, the attacks allows the media to re-introduce the idea of the phony terror war back into the public eye. Despite the fact that there is little to no evidence that this was pulled off by some sort of Islamic terrorist group it is being billed as such an attack by Al-Qaeda. In addition, we have coincidentally seen terror alerts with claims that Al-Qaeda is planning to attack subways and Amtrak stations the same day of the Mumbai attack here in the United States. Even though the government can provide no specifics on the intelligence that lead them to conclude that this was a possibility, this has given them the excuse to pump more fear into the minds of the American people through the mass media propaganda complex. It has effectively brought the horror of the terror attacks in India closer to home in order to continue the media sell of the bogus terror war.

Second, it allows India and western governments to blame the attack on Pakistan as a pre-text to launch military operations on Pakistan soil. Obama has already said that he would take action against so called terrorists in Pakistan. Such attacks would not have anything to do with fighting the bogus terror war but instead would be used to exercise continued western influence in that portion of the world.

Third it serves as a way to create more tension between India and Pakistan both of which are nuclear powers and both of which have been fighting over the region of Kashmir for many years now.

Conveniently a new Al-Qaeda tape was released on the Internet yesterday showing the supposed number two of Al-Qaeda Ayman Al-Zawahri challenging the Bush administration to send the military into Pakistan. With each Al-Qaeda video and audio release it is becoming increasingly more obvious that Al-Qaeda is actually intentionally making statements to help fulfill the agenda of the west. If Al-Zawahri were really living in a cave somewhere it would be a little more difficult to make all of these video and audio tapes. Al-Qaeda is a fictional group created by the CIA, so considering that fact; wouldn’t it make more sense if Al-Zawahri were actually working for the CIA, instead of a phony organization that is really just a list of names? By challenging the Bush administration to send troops into Pakistan, he’s in fact giving credibility to the idea that there are terrorists that need to be defeated there.

Whenever these attacks occur, one has to look at who would gain the most from them. Clearly, the west has the most to gain from such an attack. They get to use these attacks to sell their phony terror war, play off India against Pakistan and it serves as a fantastic excuse to justify a future military invasion of Pakistan. The war on terror is a fraud and this appears to be yet another manufactured event that will allow the bloodthirsty criminals in Washington DC to continue their efforts in consolidating their power and control.

‘Sci-Fi Film’ CCTV Predicts Crime

*When are people going to WAKE UP and say these intrusions on privacy are enough? GET ANGRY!*

CCTVs are taking a step closer to the science fiction idea of the Minority Report with a predictive system being installed in a British city for the first time. Skip related content

The CCTV system has gone up in sites across Portsmouth and it will reportedly help predict crimes before they actually happen.

The city’s council has set up the network of “intelligent” cameras that can alert an operator to suspicious behaviour.

The system is able to spot “unusual” incidents like somebody loitering or a vehicle travelling too fast.

It then alerts CCTV operators so they in turn can assess the situation and decide what action – if any – needs to be taken.

The system is being set up to watch quiet areas like car parks, stairwells or corridors in buildings and streets at night-time.

This is to allow an operator to monitor more cameras without having to watch each screen simultaneously.

“Although we are a long way off Minority Report, it is a step closer,” said camera maker Smart CCTV’s Nick Hewitson.

“It is able to alert the operator to something that might be interesting such as a guy hanging around or somebody running.

“But what it cannot do is say whether that guy is waiting for his girlfriend or about to commit a crime.

“That is for the operator to make a subjective human decision on and make an appropriate response.

“The software is able to filter out all the boring information and gives the security operator alerts on things that might be interesting.”

The system, which has been running in several US cities, including New York, Washington and Chicago, is being given to Portsmouth for free.