2009 Webbot Predictions


January-The services bubble begins to collapse.  Malls and luxury goods tank. Unemployment continues upward.

February-Building tensions to the “Summer of Hell.” Global events start to heat up. Waves of enlistments to the US Military as alternative to unemployment (Obama youth corps?)

March and April-Food and goods riots.  Demonstrations. Breakdown of social contract. International pressure begins to build on the US dollar. NASA and political-whistleblowers.

May-Homeless, unemployed and displaced begin to question the socioeconomic contract. Prices of commodities continue rising. Electricity becomes sporadic in areas. All situations are starting to build into potential violence. Global coastal events go mainstream.

June and July-“Summer of Hell” might vary according to area. For example, California might have veggies but no power. Northwest might have power, but no veggies. There will be a lot of smaller earthquakes that people will start to notice as footnotes to the breakdown.

August-Government services falter as budgets collapse. Purchasing power of the dollar failing. Possibility of social security and government assistance being temporarily halted.

September-Geopolitical landscape changed as communities become cooperative living models. Think hippies. Eroded federal governance.

October-Internet becomes sporadic. Two major ship disappearances…may involve Hollywood or royalty.

Project outlook-First effects of Australia’s net censorship.

Webbot Update December 10th

Watchful Wednesday Mode

First thing I did this morning when I ,got up – after a vitamin and first mouthful of coffee, was to scan the news channels and see if our expected earthquake for December 10-12/13 and it’s twin to follow shortly thereafter had appeared yet.

No, but arguably, there has been some ‘linguistic fill’ with headlines out of New Guinea that “Huge waves destroy hospital, homes” Although attributed to ‘king tides’ several readers have noted that it’s coincident to a 5.6 earthquake off the north coast of Papua. Just doesn’t seem big enough since the imagery for the quakes has been around so long…my guess? Close but no cigar on that one.

Along the same lines, a number of readers sent in questions like “Was that 6.8 in the Kermadec Islands region on December 9th ‘it’?” Only remotely possible, although if it were the precursor, it could argue seems for the Pacific Northwest as a possible antipodal point. But I don’t think so. Again, not large enough.

Let me go back into the predictive linguistics to the August 9th ALTA Report (Part Five of that data run) and give you a little more to chew on while we wait to see/feel? if events will work out as expected. Again, a link to this site and http://www.halfpasthuman.com (the original source which generously allows me to repost here) if there’s any further use. That said, here’s what it was looking like in ther August 8, 2008 report:

“December 10th through the 15th of January are especially active with combinations of problems including the [earthquake] already forecast for that period in the 32/thirty-two to 36/thirty-six degrees of latitude band, and also now several large [storms] are indicated to also contribute to the [diaspora] meme at [local] and [regional] levels. There are specific references within the [flowing waters/flooding_induced by storms] which include the [pacific northwest] of the continental USofA, as well as [northern, western europe]. This last is apparently also associated with [storm surge].”

“The Terra entity continues to accrue values under the [dancing mountains] sub set, and as this is likely [volcanic], and includes a [swarming of earthquakes], the linguistic structures are also pointing toward [oceanic dancing mountains]. The sub set can also be interpreted at the secondary support level by the phrase [planetary growth spurt]. This could be indicating that the planetary expansion model needs to be reviewed for potential accuracy.”

I don’t think Cliff would mind sharing some of the drill down in that report, since if it happens, the following may be interesting to compare with actual events as they (possibly?) unfold:

“There continue to be aspect/attribute sets which accrue in support of the [earthquake] in December. The actual range in December has been noted in modelspace to extend from December 3rd out to January 5th, but the spot of the largest accretion of groups of support within that range is December 10th through the 12th. This is also when the [visibility] sub set summations are at their peak. Further, the sub set of [earthquake] for December, while having a 32/thirty-two to 36/thirty-six degree latitude band for the ‘center’ of this particular earthquake series, also are indicating a [radiating/extending northward] pattern of impact. The [northward/north bound] direction of this [earthquake] will somehow be more significant relative to the [damage caused] than other potential directions. Further the [location] of the [epicenter] is indicated to have something of a [joke/pun], or other [playful quality] associated with the local name.

The Terra entity has had growth in the supporting layers of a number of sets which are themselves acting as support via cross links to the GlobalPop and Populace/USofA sets of [food supplies]. The data sets seemingly indicate that Terra intrusions this Fall and Winter will produce some [dramatic] new [crises] within the area of the [food supplies]. This is showing as being planetary in scope.”

In the August 2, 2008 report, there was more:

“The data sets in support of a large [earthquake] in December 2008 are suggesting that a [disputed territory], or [long chain of disputes over lands] will be the location of the most [damage]. These [disputed lands] are indicated to be very [near/proximate] to a [hyper spatial/sacred geometry] point in the [northern hemisphere]. The indications are that the latitudes will be near or in the range between [32/thirty-two] and [37/thirty-seven] degrees. Now we note that the most prominent [disputed territory] within this latitude band is Kashmir, and that it is also in very geophysically active area. The [32/thirty-two] and [37/thirty-seven] degrees could also be a number of other locations, most of which are also geophysically active as they are within the [hyper spatial/sacred geometry] band. These include California around San Francisco, and the New Madrid fault in the central USofA, as well as all of Turkey, and areas in China near the recent very large earthquake. This last is probably less likely as presumably the great quake there has released strains.”

And to go back even earlier, the July 4th, 2008 ALTA 0509 (e.g. looks in the data out to May of 09) report initially looked like this:

“Within the [destruction of the past] sub set, which is still gaining values, there is a sub set indicating that the [great quake (8+ R.scale)] will be [deep] at an [exceptional level], and yet *still* has [destructive power] for [surface structures]. There are also indications of [severe affects (on/to) waters] and their [flows]. This area is cross linked back over to our now very tiresome [flood] aspect/attribute set where we find supporting sets for [alterations (of) flows], and [tidal currents/shoreline shapes change], as well as further links back to [benthic topography shifts]. This area of [sub sea floor] descriptors is also extensively cross linked over to the [ocean sickness/illness/radical change] which is itself a sub set of the [global coastal event] sub set forecast for 2009.”

The reason I am paying so much attention to this quake is that we only got about 7/8 months of lead-time on the Banda Aceh quake which appeared in June/July ALTA reports in advance of the December 2004 event. That was accompanied by descriptors of “300-thousand dead; land driven back to a previous age” and others. The problem with that forecast was that it was ‘muddied’ by language that went to the idea of a courthouse being abandoned and a prison somehow close to the edge of damage. We came to learn that the September (25th I think it was) quake during the Lacey Peterson trial in Redwood City fulfilled one set of imagery, but not the 300-thosuand dead/land driven back to previous age” descriptors. That didn’t happen until late December of ’04.

Understanding that, and other events like the two hurricanes (Katrina and her ‘dark companion Rita’ we’ve got a hypothesis that the longer the lead time before an event, the larger the impact of the event when it shows up. While we hope to be wrong (we may be nuts, but not crazy) the data here is very long term and while it lacks a clear ‘temporal marker (like the wedding links/aspects to the May China quake which we jabbered about for a few days before it hit – click here for details) this one seems pretty ‘clean’ in that we ought to see the quake on news crawlers before the weekend and somehow the ‘twin’ may set science to reconsidering linkages between major earthquakes.

In early May, the ALTA 0209 report was mentioning earthquakes and ‘land rising’. Some of the ‘unfilled’ language goes to this:

“The [earthquakes] sub set for this geographic sub set is predominantly supported by the [rising waters], and [extreme waters] sub sets. There are detail layers going to [rocking marshlands], and [estuaries (placed into) movement/shaken], as well as [water levels rush (into) marshlands/estuaries]. Further detail layers provide for [visibility] points which will include [waters (and/or/resulting from) earthquake] which will [push/propel boats and cars backwards]. Then deeper detail layers point toward the [diaspora] sub set and include support for [stranded long time], and [unreachable (no communications) for a long time]. And [intolerable situation], and [long isolation].”


Webbot Update December 9th

Ringing Ears, Tired George

Yesterday, as I explained in my column, I bounced out of bed, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed – ready for the tussle with Monday’s events. Lots of coffee – high energy, amped, and all those other phrases. Today was the mirror opposite – and that’s bad. You see, I often get a profound sense of tired just before big earthquakes. So, whether it’s my ‘monkey mind’ doing a little extracurricular programming, or whether the major quakes (twin quakes) in the predictive linguistics are about upon us, ought to be known in 4-5 days – or less.

There were no 6.0+ quakes in the world earthquake list today when I looked, but the ‘window’ doesn’t really start until tomorrow and then goes for about five days. Cliff of http://www.halfpasthuman.com hopes we will ‘get it wrong’ but earthquakes is an area where predictive linguistics has shined in the past forecasts including that China quake back in May. Plus, I’m profoundly tired and many readers are reporting their ears ringing and other physical symptoms that may, or may not, accompany big (mega) quakes.

As a major thunderstorm rolled through East Texas about 2 AM, I found myself wondering how I would explain – after the event – how all this ‘rickety time machine’ stuff works? It’s not like the technology directly senses the future. Rather, what it seems to do is ‘tune in’ to the future emotions of people as they see or hear of a major event in their life…like a mega quake will be.

Seems that at some just-below-the-perception-threshold, people know bits and pieces of the future before it arrives. Major events that stand head & shoulders above the background noise (hurricanes/tornados/earthquakes) seem a little more clear because the everyday language shift associated with these kinds of ‘outlier’ events is pronounced (and predictive). It’s also why the technology can’t/doesn’t work with ‘hot issues’. You talk about a movie star or a public policy question like abortion rights, and it’s nigh on to impossible to sort those kinds of things out because people are so emotionally charged over a long period of time – there’s little ‘change’ in the archetypical language once some has adopted one position or another.

Earthquakes (and assorted other ‘natural disasters’) are different down at the mass consciousness level. With these, most folks when the event happens are just going about their day, doing their normal routine, picking up the kids, going to work, going hunting or fishing, night out with the girls…you know…just normal activities when WHAM along comes this big emotional impact.

That’s the kind of thing that ‘bleeds’ or ‘prints through’ into what is then the past, but which is presently in our future. the more ‘print through’ into the past, the more pronounced the language shift among people who are mostly not even aware that they have changed at the kalapas kind of level as if to psycho-socially prepare for the event.

It you have read Carlos Castaneda’s works, it’s perhaps akin to a Nagual showing up and pointing out that your assemblage point (the place where you ‘assemble’ the reality around you) is changing in advance of a major event about to appear in your life. Yet as any hand Nagual (such as Don Juan Matus) might have pointed out, most people are so preoccupied by their first attention that they pay almost no mind to their second attention. That’s the attention that lets people see reality much differently than first attention demands, and yet it’s every bit as real, or more so. Here, have a mushroom.

OK, no point dancing around it. Here is an extract from last week’s HalfPastHuman ALTA report. Please do not repost it, and any use requires a link both to http://www.halfpasthuyman.com and to http://www.urbansurvival.com. OK?

“The data sets associated with [twin earthquakes] continues to grow. The newly supporting sets are within the aspect/attribute sets of [pulsating (motion)], and [rippling (ground)], and [motion (of) sound (in) ground]. This last is supported by aspect/attributes which suggest that it is related to [waves] of [propagation] within the [surface] of the [earth], as well as being a literal/actual reference to [sound (coming up from the) ground] during the [earthquake(s)]. Further support builds under [mountains] where the newly arrived aspect/attributes include [frail crust], and [broken (open) fertile plain]. Other aspect/attribute sets in the supporting chain include [seed(ed) valley] as being the [focus/nexus] of the [most damage], though note that this is not necessarily the epicenter of the earthquake energy.

The data sets in the deep supporting layers include [stripes] as in [tiger stripes] that are forecast to make a [visible appearance] {ed note: most likely after the earthquake}. We also have [vegetable fields] at many different levels of support indicating an agricultural area will be very central to the [visible] aftermath. Deeper into the detail aspect/attribute layers we have descriptors for [images/views] of [humans looking up] and [humans (with) dropped jaws] and [humans with [fixed/glazed stares].

Part of the data sets are now going to the [visible] problems which will result from the [earthquakes]. A very major problem is showing as an [agricultural area] being [so devastated] as to have [problems with production]. Both this last, and the [rebuilding] are indicated to be a [decade, 10/ten years] activity. Other issues include the [immediate needs (of) food] and [shelter] for the [affected humans]. Much of the supporting language is coming in support of the idea of [needing to feed] some large/significant numbers of people post-earthquake. This is shown as being caused by several factors including the [isolation] brought on by the [disruption/destruction] of the [roads]. Some of the detail layers show that many days later, perhaps even [weeks], there will be a [cadre] of [humans] and [animals?] which will [undertake daily walking] to [bring back supplies] to the [affected regions]. The data sets are presenting the idea that even [large amounts] of [helicopter] delivered [food/aid] will still [require/need] to be [hand carried] to get to the [isolated communities]. The local [systems] for everything from [health care] to [fuel delivery] will be [disrupted] for some time in excess of [3/three years] by the [alterations] in the [ground shapes] and [bridges failing]. The data sets are also indicating that [following] the [earthquakes] and the [dancing mountains], the region (and perhaps the whole of the planet) will have a period of [profound rest/quiet] relative to [earthquakes]. This [period of rest/quiescence] is apparently of an emotional significance as the [lack of activity] is indicated to cause its own level of [stress] in the populace of the planet. ”

There’s more in other ALTA reports, but since we’re really, really close to the twin quake window, not point being secretive about this. We’re planning to watch quake coverage through most of this weekend – and wondering who will be offering the recovery aid and concert for fund-raising that seems to follow big quakes, but I get we will have those answers next week. Cliff, meantime, is hoping like hell he’s got it wrong. Not bloody likely, but we talked about his fishing trip yesterday.

Webbot earthquake predictions

Most important item this week, or at least it will be when it arrives later in the week: The ‘twin quakes” in the predictive linguistic work out of http://www.halfpasthuman.com. Cliff (and Igor) busily telling folks they hope to be wrong on this, but at the same time I hear the values are still accreting (accumulating) in modelspace.

In their latest report for http://www.halfpasthuman.com subscribers, and after going through many paragraphs of descriptor sets filling out clarifying some of the imagery to be expected via the teevee late this week and into next, the chief time monk goes off whistling in the graveyard…

“Of course we are probably wrong about this. And if you claim, as does George, that we are ‘boating on the river of denial’ about this, we respond well, maybe so, but the fishing is nice on de nile this time of year.”

Since Cliff’s off fishing, my best expectation is that the first of the ‘twin quakes’ will be along between Wednesday and Friday of this week, maybe tomorrow late.

If the ‘George Theorem’ holds (e.g. the longer something is in modelspace before an event, the bigger the impacts will be once the event shows up in real-time) I’m expecting something Banda Aceh or larger for at least one of the quakes…

I’ll see if I can get permission to post the quake portion publicly or if there are new values coming in over the next day or two.


Webbot Update-December 2008

As if the current rate of emotional tension release is not enough, there are indications from the movement of Populace/USofA entity through modelspace that [anger] and [rage], and [revenge] will be rising [visibility] within the [populace/usofa] from late in the day on December 1, and continuing to rise through to December 15th where it reaches a plateau that extends at the same level until late in January. The precipitating ‘events’ that will trigger the [onset of visible rage/anger] will themselves start to become [visible] just after midnight on the 26th of November. These events will continue at a low(ish) level through the last few days of November and then become much more dramatic in both [scope] and [presence] as we turn the calendar into December. The data sets indicate that the [financial calamity] of late September and early October *will* be revisited on a [scale/extent] that is both [broad] and [deep] within the USofA [financial structure(s)] over these 17/seventeen days (or thereabouts). The longer term data sets are indicating that the [manifesting circumstances] of this November 27th through to December 14th (more or less) will also be [echoed] again, only with more intensity, and at deeper levels of the [social economic order] from January 25th through February 14th.

I had a chance to talk with my colleague Cliff of http://www.halfpasthuman.com about the major earthquakes that show up in his predictive linguistics work for the window around December 10-12 for a first major earthquake and then a couple of days later, perhaps as late at the 15th for a second large quake.

I know, I know, you come here for the insightful commentary on the financial markets, so what is this earthquake stuff all about? Well, Cliff’s built a rickety time machine – that works by sampling huge numbers of posts on the internet, and then looking at the change in language which seems to have pretty good predictive powers in terms of spotting what’s coming.

I wanted to scribble down (in public, no less), as much as I could because earthquakes are an area of archetypes that are pretty darned clear in the language-shift work. Not only did we pick up the Banda Aceh quake five months before-the-fact, but more recently, earlier this year, we had very good insight into the Chinese earthquake (7.8-8.1, depending on which source you cite).

And, when I say ‘good insight” I’m not kidding. Just go back at read the posts that we put up three days before that event by clicking here.

The ‘details’ on this kind of thing are always sketchy; sorry we can’t get down to the specific city. At the moment, however, it looks like at least one of the two quakes will be inside the band 32 to 36-degrees latitude and that one of the quakes will be noticed as having 5 pretty distinct/large aftershocks of some consequence.

Moreover, one of the quakes (the first?) will be associated with fertile plains where things are grow, while the second will be associated with “dancing mountains” although not sure (again, this is a new science) which of these will come first. Seems Pacific Ring of Fire, in one case, too.

One of the quakes will also be noted for causing “isolation” to the point that other countries will be sending aid – and it’s possible that the quake with the isolation could be U.S. centered.

There are several competing scenarios that seem to fall out of interpretation of modelspace. The main feature is that first one quake, then the other within a few days later. There’s also something of a hyperdimensional physics relationship. Such that wherever the first quake is, the second one will happen in antipodal fashion, but not necessarily antipodal in a strict plain/ball geometry kind of way; rather it seems to be the kind that advance hyperdimensional physics would lay out.

If you click over to a short explanation of Icosahedrons in geometry, look at the drawing, and picture sticking the round earth inside of it, it’s like the antipodal quake is likely two happen near one of the vertices nearest antipodal, but it may not be the precise singular antepod, it could be one of the other nearest it.

Now, some of the possibilities, just to give you a sense of how it could play out…

Could be something in North America, Hawaii, or Alaska for #1 (with a lesser chance of the Pacific Northwest) In this case, the antipode might be India/Pakistan. Less chance: Back to China for another big one.

Another possibility would be the first quake being in Indonesia, in which case antipodes of California, (or in the band Texas over to New Madrid’s southern reaches) Mexico, or Ecuador might fit.

Or, it might be something like Chile for one, then China. Or, it might be China first, then in one of the ‘Stans.

Sorry, until we get to within 3-days, the quakes are still in the ‘firming up’ in modelspace mode for now. Sometimes, once we get inside 3-days, things get much firmer, so please drop by around December 8-9-10, and let’s see if the resolution gets better.

Gray Monday

I expect this morning the President’s Working Group on Markets (a/k/a/ ‘The Plunge Protection Team’) has been up & at-’em early in order to hold the futures where they were when I looked as I started writing – holding a dozen , or so, points over the psychologically important 8,000 level.

It’s pretty safe to assume that we won’t copy the 22.68% drop of the Dow Industrials experienced then. Oh, not that there’s not plenty of fear and trepidation out there. Nope. Just that circuit breakers will click in and let everyone go out for beers long before that.

Level 1 Halt A 1,100-point drop in the DJIA before 2 p.m. will halt trading for one hour; for 30 minutes if between 2 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.; and have no effect if at 2:30 p.m. or later unless there is a level 2 halt.

Level 2 Halt A 2,200-point drop in the DJIA before 1:00 p.m. will halt trading for two hours; for one hour if between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.; and for the remainder of the day if at 2:00 p.m. or later.

Level 3 Halt A 3,350-point drop will halt trading for the remainder of the day regardless of when the decline occurs.

Background: Circuit-breakers are calculated quarterly. The percentage levels were first implemented in April 1998 and are adjusted on the first trading day of each quarter. In 2008, those dates are Jan. 2, April 1, July 1 and Oct. 1.

So Black Monday? Likely not. On the other hand, the numbers piling in from around the world certainly argue for a nice dark Gray Monday.

Take Japan, please. The market there crashed to a fresh 26-year low. I want you to recall that at the end of the 1980’s, Japan’s Nikkei was up around 40,000. Overnight it finished down a further 6.4%^ to close at 7,162.90. Most of the G-7 countries are muttering things about the volatility of the Japanese Yen which has been plagued with unwinding of the Yen carry trade.

How much of the pending blow-up of the world’s economic system can be laid at the feet of the hedge trade will be a chapter or two in history book to come. However, it was ‘pie simple’ to set up a hedge fund almost anywhere in the world, borrow money from Japan at next to zero percent interest and then turn around and deploy the money for a greater return elsewhere. It was about as close to printing money for the Big Players as you’d find. Until it stops working, of course, and then global markets go into a state described by a new word I shared with Peoplenomics readers Sunday: crediac arrest. That’s where your business pressure drops due to a system trade imbalance and credit dries up almost instantly.

What’s not being addressed by the TV Talkies and Money Honeys is a question too obvious to be worthy of prime time (so we’ll ask anyway): “What happens when global interest rates go to zero?

Think about it. Oil this morning is down under $62 a barrel. The International Monetary Fund is turning on the printing presses for Ukraine and Hungary. Not to be out printed, South Korea’s central banksters decided to lower their rates by a whopping 3/4’s of a point. While their bank boss says no impact is expected on the won, I can only say “Won-na bet?”

What the bankers are universally missing is that we have globally passed the inflection point where People – regular humans like you and me…ok, you then… are looking for something more meaningful than the chance to work our asses off for 40+ years and then have collapsing paper steal our life savings before we can buy that big motor home and go collect a few dreams and scenes – which in the end is the best any of us get to exit Life with…

Then there’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the UK’s Telegraph, who’s been one of the better thinkers covering this mess. he figures “Europe on the brink of currency meltdown”. Last one standing is the game maybe?

Pravda has a curious headline today: “China may save the world from crisis and minimize USA’s financial supremacy.”

Not that it matters to the so-called “leaders” we send to Washington: Although they may bemoan the drops in Congressional retirement plans, fact of the matter is those plans are backed by the full faith and credit of ‘Uncle’ so unlike your plan, which may be run by a faceless pension board, they don’t have to worry about having their life’s work cremated in real-time on CNBC or Bloomberg like everyone else. Are we in the wrong business?

Maybe I should set up an economic consultancy and stop working on marketing and P&L consulting…maybe that would qualify me to head up the not really “Federal” Reserve. Did you see how John Crudele did a fine roast of Alan Green-spin’s testimony in Washington last week? Fine read…

So as I look at the Asian losses overnight where the biggest loser was the Hong Kong Hang Seng, down almost 12 3/4’s percent, or the European markets where Vienna’s ATX is down more than 8% at press time,

I go back to my late childhood/early adulthood when I worked as a transmitter engineer at a semi-famous R&B radio station and there’s the old T-Bone Walker hit rolling n near the mental noise floor: “They call it Stormy Monday (But Tuesday’s just as bad…)”

A much cooler ohrwurm than Mary Poppins’ for sure…

Catching up with the predictive linguistics work out of Half Past Human, we noticed that market sage Nouriel Roubini says “I fear the worst is yet to come…” in a Times Online article. Quick: Feign a look of shock and anguish…but deep down inside, you knew it.

Not having a time machine, most media won’t tell you that a) yes, the week long (or longer) shutdown of markets is possible before November 14th. And, when it stops the purpose will probably be something like installing ‘financial firewalls’ so that those ‘notional values’ in Derivative Land’ won’t become real losses here in Human Land. And that once started up again, things will go along seemingly OK and then meltdown again…Jan-March kinda timeframe for melt #2 as I read it.

But just pretend it’s all a complete surprise when it comes along; look all flustered and go along with the crowd. We don’t want to draw too much attention to our activities here…even though there are no laws about hanging out with people who own time machines – yet. And don’t let on about your stored food and ammo…

We’ll label this one “Gray Monday!” and we should be good to go. But, like the man said, don’t be surprised none if “Tuesday’s just as bad.”


Webbot Advisory-October 10th

This Weekend: 3 Unwelcome Guests

A dispatch from the time monks at http://www.halfpasthuman.com issued Thursday offers this guidance for the weekend and into next week:

“Salve Omnes,

sorry to intrude on your day…

just a quick note and an extract from the Markets entity posting of this coming weekend. The issue is that we have had a very noticeable bump up in emotive release language within the immediacy value set prompting an examination of these areas. The following extract is from Part Five which will not be posted until this weekend, and by then the forecast will be active and in-the-now…so just a bit of a heads up. Best we can do at this point. More if warranted later.

Extract follows: Markets entity: The current state, which is to say, the current rate of increase in [visible] release language within the global mediastream as it relates to the [global financial meltdown, aka ‘death of the dollar’], is indicated as continuing *at its current rates* until late in the day on October 22. This will be very late indeed, but at that point a certain ‘plateau’ effect is reached when the [media/press] will have used all but the most [dreaded] of language, and will be [stuck/glued] to certain by-now-cliché’s. The [emotional release language plateau] is really (see chart below) more of a slightly slower slide, and it is indicated to continue within this gradient, or restriction in language until after mid November. However, to get to the [restrictions in language] period of October 23rd through November 20th (or thereabouts), we must first transit the very rough rate of increase of release language which arrives on October 10th, and continues through to the 19th.

Within this area, several sets of cross links highlight the potential for Terra intrusion, most likely on the 10th. However, there are several disconcerting ‘bumps’ in the immediacy values which suggest that some [unexpected guest] who is not particularly welcome, will be making an appearance within the [global meltdown/death of the dollar] this coming weekend. This is to say, on October 11th and 12th.

We have linguistics to support a combination of 3/three kinds of [unexpected guests] this weekend, and they are the following aspect/attribute sets: [weather related incident involving a rescue], an [assault/attack] which causes [communications (to) shred (internationally)], and last, but not least, an [‘accident’ (real or claimed)] which causes a [derailing]. This last may be in the political realm. However, please note that all 3/three of these [unwelcome guests] will be having their most impact at the [dying dollar party] currently involving the global ‘financial system’, and further that each in their own way, will contribute to the circumstances which manifest in very late November, and into/through December.

Extract ends.

vale, and pies up, ”

Not that these will be huge event – as they are just appearing in modelspace with clarity now – likely be the size/magnitude of that stuff just prior to the Greek Olympics where the athletes were injured – popped out of modelspace only 3-4 days in advance. Still, if you turn on the news channels by Sunday night, it’s the kind of thing which would fit/play-into the unfolding circumstances.