More than 2 dozen earthquakes rumble through Arkansas in the past week

*Feeling “off”. The energy is wacky. For the time being, I opt to stick around the house. I am certainly not feeling any of these EQs, but I do find it interesting.*

The area north of Morrilton is one of four spots hit by quakes in recent days. Earthquakes have also shaken areas south of Clinton, east of Cave City and near Blytheville.

Scott Ausbrooks of the Arkansas Geological Survey says he believes the quakes east of Cave City and near Blytheville occurred naturally.

But officials aren’t sure what is causing the temblors in the other two areas.


Bird Strangeness in Beebe, Arkansas

Okay, so JM and I decided to take a trip out to Beebe yesterday to see what is going on with the birds. This is not a far trip or anything…fairly close, actually. This makes us pretty nervous. First thing we did was stop at a gas station to get an exact location of the birds. The attendant said it feels like the end of the world. The citizens there are very nervous, and nobody trusts the government given the whole earthquakes in Guy thing (another story for another blog post.)

I am going to give the observations of myself and JM. Disclaimer…I am not a scientist at all, I am merely offering opinions of JM Ashley and myself.

One of the first things that I noticed was the energy was terribly off. My left ear started ringing as soon as we entered the vicinity of the dead birds. The birds that were alive were behaving strangely. They did not fly much more than a few feet off the ground, and a few groups were flying in circles. The people looked freaked out. When we got to the location with the birds, at first we only saw one on the street. It had physical injuries, BUT it was possibly run over by a car or something. This was very close to a construction site.

One thing to be observed is that the location is very close to the Little Rock Air Force Base. Whether this has anything to with it, I don’t know, merely an observation. There were plenty of military planes flying overhead on our visit.

As we got closer to the construction field, we observed many more birds. Hundreds. I don’t know if the cleanup people missed this or not, but there were plenty withing sight.

Our observations: other than the bird in the road, none of the birds had any recognizable injuries. They were in good condition, cadaver-wise. What is strange is the condition of the bodies. They were not in decay, which means these birds have something terribly wrong OR it happened not on New Years, but in the past couple of days.

JM procured one of the cadavers for further independent testing and observation.

It is our opinion that this was something electromagnetic. Something caused these birds to die, and they didn’t bump into each other (no evidence of physical injuries) and we do not believe it was fireworks. This is an area where there is a lot of shooting, so if noises startled the birds, this would be a most unusual occurrence. There are fireworks every year in Beebe; why would this occur now?

The official explanation is that is was “likely” fireworks. Now, they cannot say that with 100% certainty, but this is their explanation. We don’t buy it.

We took videos and photos. We will be uploading the videos later on today. I will provide the links on this blog.


































Read comments from other Arkansans in the newspapers. NOBODY believes the official stories.

More to be posted later today. Thank you for reading.



This week, bad energy, solar stuff…

I expect that this week will have insane amounts of energy. Kindly protect yourself via meditation practices or communing with nature.

There is an uptick in solar activity and a possible upcoming CME. Combine this with the New Moon on the 16th and a general anger due to astrological phenomena, and energies will be very high regarding emotions and such. Try to keep calm, although I know it is difficult…

I expect a large earthquake, or even a series of large earthquakes this week. I would also expect some difficulties with networks and electronics.

Spring is also forthcoming this week, so that also adds to the energies.

I urge caution in all dealings. This will be a bad time for communications and trying to convey feelings.

Empaths will be going nuts this week, I expect.

Another call to earth empaths

The feelings arent really going away. I thought that they would, given what happpened in Haiti. The ear-ringing and pressure is gone, though, which I am thankful for…but the energy is still there.

There were a lot of people laughing at me over this entry, on Twitter:

Please stop laughing. I genuinely feel things.

Skies ready for triple eclipse

*Energy will be beyond powerful Tuesday…*

Commencing Tuesday, three eclipses – a lunar eclipse, a solar eclipse and another lunar – will take over the skies, a phenomenon which although experts say is not rare, will nevertheless be nature’s grand spectacle.

On July 7, a penumbral lunar eclipse will occur as the moon rises over Australia and sets in western north and south America in the early pre-dawn hours, said C.B. Devgun, director of Science Popularization Association of Communicators and Educators (SPACE).

The eclipse, however, will not be visible over India.

“The penumbral eclipse will be so slight – just about eight percent – that it will not be visible to those in India,” Ajay Talwar of the Amateur Astronomers Association told IANS.

The next eclipse – a solar eclipse – will however be visible across a 220-km belt circumference from west to east India.

“On July 22, there will be a solar eclipse which is just tailor made for India. It will be 21st century’s longest solar eclipse. The eclipse will begin in the westernmost tip of the country – in Surat, Gujarat – and will travel through 13 states, and will move towards Arunachal Pradesh in the east,” Talwar said.

An official at the Ministry of Science and Technology said: “The eclipse begins at 5.28 a.m. (IST) when the shadow of the moon touches the earth at local sunrise point in the Arabian Sea, close to the western coast of India. The eclipse ends at 10.42 a.m. (IST) when the moon’s shadow finally leaves the earth at local sunset point in the South Pacific Ocean”.

N Rathnasree, director, Nehru Planetarium added: “This eclipse is of special interest for the scientists and general public of India as its path of totality passes through thickly populated regions of west, central, east and north-east India.”

People in parts of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and the north-eastern states will be able to watch the total eclipse while other parts of the country will witness a partial eclipse.

The next solar eclipse will occur Jan 15, 2010.

Although the intensity of the eclipse visibility will be very low over Surat – since it will begin there at sunrise, the intensity of the eclipse will increase as it moves eastwards. So places like Bhopal, Varanasi, Patna will see a 99 percent eclipse.

“If you want to see the best solar eclipse, you should probably go to Varanasi or Patna. In Delhi you will see 96 percent of the eclipse,” Talwar said.

After the solar eclipse, there will be another lunar eclipse, on Aug 6.

“It will again be a penumbral lunar eclipse on August 6 which will be 15 percent. It will be visible over India in the later half,” Talwar said.

Although it sounds unique, experts said that a triple eclipse is not a rare occurrence.

“In 1991, there was a lunar eclipse on June 27 and on July 26. In between there was a solar eclipse on July 11. So a triple eclipse is not a rare occurrence,” Talwar said.

Heat costs going up this winter

WASHINGTON (AP) — Although global oil prices have plummeted, the cost of heating your home this winter will be a lot more expensive, especially for households that depend on fuel oil, the Energy Department predicted Tuesday.

Households that use fuel oil can expect to spend an average of $2,388 – or $449 more than last year – for the October-April heating season. Users of natural gas will pay less than half that, $1,010 on average, still $155 more than last year.

The department’s Energy Information Administration emphasized that the cost figures should be viewed as “a broad guide” comparing this year’s expected heating costs to last winter and said actual expenses can vary depending on region, local weather and the energy efficiency of individual homes.
Higher costs all around

But across the board, whether one uses heating oil, natural gas, propane or electricity, costs will be higher, said the agency.

Users of electricity to heat homes will see the smallest increase, about 10% on average, followed by propane, 11%; natural gas, which is used in more than half of the nation’s homes, 18%; and heating oil, used widely in the Northeast, 23%.

That’s not good news for a country where people have been reeling from a summer of record $4-a-gallon gasoline, a booming credit crisis and a struggling economy.
Increase in shutoffs

Energy experts say some people have yet to pay last winter’s heating bills or the summer’s air conditioning costs. A recent Associated Press survey found that utility shutoffs because of unpaid bills have been running 17% to 22% higher than last year in some parts of the country.

The Energy Department said it expects the price of fuel oil will average $3.90 a gallon, 60 cents more than last winter.

While the cost of crude oil has declined from a high of $147 a barrel in July to just under $88 a barrel for delivery in November, the department said “oil markets are expected to remain relatively tight because of sluggish production growth.” Barring a worse-than-expected global economic decline, prices are likely to edge back up to about $112 a barrel, the agency said.

Partly because of refinery shutdowns caused by the two recent Gulf coast hurricanes, distillate inventories – fuel oil and diesel – are expected to be lower going into the heating season than last year, said the agency. Fuel oil is used by about 7% of the nation’s households.

Natural gas supplies will be plentiful this winter, with storage in November expected to be well above the five-year average, the gas supply industry said earlier this week. And wholesale gas prices have dropped to nearly where they were a year ago after soaring this summer.
Record-high natural gas

Still, the retail cost of natural gas for heating is expected to be 18% higher this winter.

“Much of the natural gas utilities will deliver to households this year was purchased when prices were at or near these historic highs,” said Chris McGill of the American Gas Association, which represents 202 local natural gas utilities across the country. That higher price will, for the most part, be passed on.

Meanwhile, people are using much less oil this year because of high prices at the gasoline pumps and the weakening economy, the Energy Department said.

Total U.S. petroleum consumption this year is expected to average 19.8 million barrels a day, or 830,000 barrels fewer than in 2007, followed by a further 100,000-barrel-a-day decline expected in 2009, according to the EIA report.

On the other hand, the agency said, domestic oil production this year will drop below an average of 5 million barrels a day for the first time since 1946 because of declining fields and the disruptions caused in the Gulf of Mexico by Hurricanes Ike and Gustav.