More than 2 dozen earthquakes rumble through Arkansas in the past week

*Feeling “off”. The energy is wacky. For the time being, I opt to stick around the house. I am certainly not feeling any of these EQs, but I do find it interesting.*

The area north of Morrilton is one of four spots hit by quakes in recent days. Earthquakes have also shaken areas south of Clinton, east of Cave City and near Blytheville.

Scott Ausbrooks of the Arkansas Geological Survey says he believes the quakes east of Cave City and near Blytheville occurred naturally.

But officials aren’t sure what is causing the temblors in the other two areas.


A Hit? Maybe

There was a rather large earthquake on Friday in Alaska; there was no major tsunami, so not so sure of a “hit” in my recent dream:

I will say, though, that in many of my dreams only certain aspects come true. It is not normally the whole thing, fortunately.

Just now getting back online again; the Christmas ice storm knocked out our power for a week and phone/DSL for longer 😦

Strange Dream 2

Well, Saturday evening was Antarctic; I suppose it is natural that Sunday night is Arctic.

I was going into some kind of store in Alaska. It was in the middle of nowhere. The people that owned it invited me to their house. It was on the water. Two sides of the house were very close to the shore. There was a severe recession going on; the owners of the store were not making any money on it. I asked how they were sustaining themselves, they said they really weren’t doing well, but that they had 16 bars of gold stored away just in case. When I was in the home, the waters were rising. You could see huge rocks in the water. With each tide, the waters were getting higher. There wasn’t much of a population near the house; they were more by the mountain or past the mountain. This was the only one near the water. Waters kept rising. I then had a vision in the dream. I had a vision that with this water rise, there would be a very large earthquake. I tried to warn the people that lived there. There were quite a few in the house. Nobody took me seriously, though. They said that there was no history of large earthquakes in that particular region of Alaska. I am unsure where this was; it was on an inlet, not directly on the ocean. I saw large animals that were dead rising up with the water. I was desperately trying to get them to leave, because I knew that the flooding would worsen and that the earthquake was coming. Nobody listened to me.

Even More Strange Sounds in Arkansas

It is starting to get ridiculous and it is making me a bit nervous. Tectonic activity? HAARP? Something under the earth? 2012? Anyhow, went to a park in Bryant to get some exercise. The rumbling and noises were louder than I have heard. It lasted a good 3o minutes. Also heard it last time in the park, but decided to record this time. This was taken on November 21st, 2012, in Bryant, Arkansas. It’s about one minute of video.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!


Strange rumbling sound in Arkansas?

I have been recuperating from surgery recently, so I am still in the recovery stage; however, something strange happened to us last night. I am hoping to find others hearing this noise.

JM and I went outside. It was approximately 2:30 am. We heard a low-level rumbling sound. I attempted to record this, but my phone wasn’t good enough to capture the sounds. This went on for awhile; it was at least a half-hour. We went to bed as the rumbling was still occurring. It was NOT a train…I have no idea what this sound was.

I have looked online, and it does appear that people in Louisiana and Mississippi have heard this low-level rumbling. Some hear trumpets, booms, etc. I am in southern Arkansas, for the record.

I have a VERY good audio recorder…a Zoom recorder that picks up low-level noise. I have charged it up and have my good camera charged up, also, for any video. If I hear this sound again, I will attempt to capture it. The Zoom is excellent; we have used it for paranormal research.

Maybe somebody else has heard it? Maybe? We could be going nuts. Just wondering if any other Arkansans are experiencing this. As I said, if I capture the sound, I will post it.

It’s starting to get freaky out there. After hearing the “rumbling”, my ears started ringing and I had difficulty in getting to sleep.

I was feeling off and on rumbles after that munitions explosion in Louisiana, our house shook from that. Nothing like last night, though, as this was more constant.

Stay safe out there, guys.

Fracked in Arkansas

Yesterday, JM and I decided to visit Greenbrier, Arkansas and its environs, to see if we could feel anything related to the earthquakes. We sure did, and we saw some fairly interesting things. Before going to the coordinates of the 2.7 EQ that occurred in the afternoon, we stopped in a field. There was a lot of activity in the field…birds going nuts, insects, etc. EMF detector was showing magnetic activity, albeit slight.

We used the GPS on JM’s droid to find the location of the 2.7 EQ, which is also the same coordinates as the majority of the earthquakes.  As we were looking, we found signs of oil wells.

There are a couple of swarms occurring in Arkansas. The first swarm is in Guy. Now we have one in Greenbrier. The swarm in Guy is happening very close to oil wells. Now we have evidence that the Greenbrier quakes are near oil wells, also.

There are many resources online about hydraulic fracturing. I suggest you look them up for yourself to learn about the procedures. Many of the residents of Greenbrier and Guy suspect that this, AKA fracking, is responsible for these earthquakes.

The first thing we noticed on route 282 was a sign for Nomac Drilling Rig 52. Nomac is a subsidiary of Chesapeake Energy, the company doing the majority of the fracking.

I do not care much for coincidences. There are several rigs in the vicinity of these earthquakes. Obviously, from what we saw, people are leasing their land to these companies.

Near one of the rigs, there was a pond of some kind. The water was being siphoned with a pipe to the rig. The water is dissipating rapidly, and there was some sort of black material, like sludge, that did not look natural to the water. This was disgusting. There was an animal nearby that was screaming out in pain. I cannot convey the kind of suffering this animal was going through. It was torture to hear. The animal was in a field nearby.

We wanted to get pictures and video of everything, so we tried to get close to the signs. We were being watched very carefully. There was a man in a pickup truck with the lights on, almost warning us to not get close.

I am putting up pictures of the signs and the water with the pipe. I will upload the videos I have to youtube shortly.

We stopped at a pizza restaurant in Greenbrier proper for food…Joe’s pizza. As we were sitting there, another earthquake occurred. I cannot help but laugh because this earthquake, that everyone in the restaurant felt, was not registered on the USGS site. This happened around 6:45 PM.

Let it be known that Loren Hitchcock is the new director of the Arkansas Fish and Game. This is the individual that takes care of the bird and fish death investigations. He is wrapped up with Chesapeake Energy. Check this out:

In a previous position, Hitchcock led negotiations in which the agency reached a contract with Chesapeake Energy Corp. for natural gas rights on commission land. The deal brought $32 million to the agency, with royalties to follow. The natural gas agreement was the focus of a lawsuit that claimed the proceeds should have gone to state general revenue, not to Game and Fish coffers. The suit was dismissed but is under appeal.


Hitchcock also led the negotiation of the commission’s acquisition of a 16,000-acre conservation easement at Moro Big Pine Natural Area Wildlife Management Area.




STOP THE FRACKING IN ARKANSAS!!! JM and I are fairly convinced that this is why we are getting these earthquakes. Money, greed, idiocy…as I write this, the earthquakes continue. Why is nothing being done? Does anybody care? Chesapeake, go to hell.



Nomac Rig 52, approx one-half a mile from EQ area









Chesapeake rig, near water with pipe









Rig near earthquakes










Chesapeake Sign










Strange black water










Pipe in water










More black










Please share this post as much as you can. People need to know what is going on.

Department of Homeland Security Prepares for Midwest Disaster

*Copied by permission from JM Ashley*

This blog post is a little off topic but I find this information to be very interesting.  The Dept. of Homeland Security is preparing for a disaster in the New Madrid fault zone region.

DHS has requested a supplier for meals for disaster victims:

They have also requested a supply of water:

Also DHS is requesting a supplier for blankets:

They are looking for someone to train an urban rescue team (including equipment and rescue dogs):

They are requesting a supplier of canine food (TSA):

And this may not be related, but they are also moving FEMA trailers from Baton Rogue to southern Mississippi:

It is clear that The Department of Homeland Security is investing a lot of money in preparation for a major disaster with in the U.S.  The time frame on these requests are relatively short.  What do they know?  Is there an earthquake coming?


Thank you, JM.