How to be a good little disinformation agent :)


Typical Tactics of the Disinformation Crowd

The first tactic that is employed by members of the crowd is to make sure you adhere to the politics of “the party.” The party does not matter, it is immaterial. Be it democrat, republican or whatever, your first priority is to pledge your allegiance to the political cause. Being that everything is mixed up, and the line between democrat and republican is severely blurred, your allegiance has become mandatory to either Barrack Obama or John McCain.

The second tactic is use the ad-hominem attack. The most damning thing you can do in this day and age is to call someone a racist or an anti-Semite. This tactic has become quite efficient and effective. Careers, critical thinking and the like have been destroyed by this travesty. You cannot question the status quo, to do so is suicide. Thinking has become passe. In this climate of “thought crimes”, the last thing you wish to do is give them a REASON to brand you with their labels. It is very important that you realize that the individuals that use these attacks are perpetuating the problem, and are the most vile creatures on the face of the earth.

The third tactic is to attack the credibility of the source. If one uses a source “outside” the mainstream, one that is not AP, CNN, etc, then the entire source is tainted in the eyes of the agent and sheeple. This also employs the very source of the second tactic, involving branding of the individual as crazy or of the “stormfront” crowd. This is probably the most effective tactic of them all, as most people are brainwashed to believe that the mainstream media is honest and only pursuing the best interests of the populace. This is the way the government and political parties are able to hold control, via entertainment and media.

There are more tactics, but if you observe carefully, these are the three big ones. They are all over the place, and more than willing to show themselves at any opportunity. We must be willing to fight these monsters and show OURSELVES at every opportunity.