Memo to the American *redacted*,

We have new security *redacted* protocols to adhere to. Understandably, *redacted* was very important to the *redacted*. President Obama has new ideas for the *redacted* and the *redacted*. While most individuals believe that they *redacted*, the simple truth involved *redacted*  and Hillary Clinton. The tomfoolery that is exhibited by *redacted* and *redacted* cannot be reproduced in a hostile environment.

*Paragraph redacted*

Concern about Constitutional matters in league with *redacted* is easily dismissed, as they do not have the *redacted* or the proper security clearance. If the domestic terrorist conspiracy theorists continue their *redacted*, something will have to be done, especially in areas of public safety drones and *redacted*. Congress is especially concerned about *redacted*. Sovereign citizens, so to speak, are at the forefront of our fight using *redacted*.

As soon as President Obama sees the memorandum about *redacted*, he will issue a new “executive order ™” concerning the *redacted*. We are also very concerned about Anonymous and his *redacted* tools and the very real possibility of harm against the American public using *redacted*. We need the American public to understand the threat of *redacted* and to report suspicious behaviors by the *redacted*. A new *redacted* list will be constructed to deal with domestic *redacted*. Social media is the best way to combat *redacted* and *redacted*.  Rahm Emanuel has very good ideas about *redacted*.

Thank you for your attention regarding the *redacted* issue.

*Redacted* bless America,



/end satire

Department of Homeland Security Prepares for Midwest Disaster

*Copied by permission from JM Ashley*

This blog post is a little off topic but I find this information to be very interesting.  The Dept. of Homeland Security is preparing for a disaster in the New Madrid fault zone region.

DHS has requested a supplier for meals for disaster victims:

They have also requested a supply of water:

Also DHS is requesting a supplier for blankets:

They are looking for someone to train an urban rescue team (including equipment and rescue dogs):

They are requesting a supplier of canine food (TSA):

And this may not be related, but they are also moving FEMA trailers from Baton Rogue to southern Mississippi:

It is clear that The Department of Homeland Security is investing a lot of money in preparation for a major disaster with in the U.S.  The time frame on these requests are relatively short.  What do they know?  Is there an earthquake coming?


Thank you, JM.


More shenanigans at the Denver Airport?

Scott Groves has been sending me some interesting information. Apparently, a couple of months ago, they approved lotsa money for a new facelift. Of course, that sets off red flags…this is a fairly recent airport, why would it already need renovations? But voila…

DENVER – What does a nearly $1 billion makeover look like? Officials at Denver International Airport revealed their multi-million dollar plans for the south terminal on Thursday.

Okay, so they needed to renovate the recently built, hugely wasteful airport. Fine. Sooo…why are they reducing flights? Via 9 News:

While supporters believe the impending merger of United and Continental airlines will have little impact in Denver, a document revealed in an August hearing suggests a different scenario.

An internal Continental document presented in an ongoing case challenging the merger outlines a total cut of 37 departures at Denver International Airport -a drop of 19 percent – if the carriers combine.

I guess they didn’t prepare for this? All this money wasted on a damn airport?

“The initial cost of this New Beast was to be 1.7 billion dollars (with a “B”) but by the time they were done playing games, having problems, getting bailed out and got extra government money (and money from private corporations on top of that), it cost about $4.8 billion – obscenely over budget.”

Yeah, this makes sense.

We also have this one:

Unusual Financing Plan Keeps Denver Airport Rail Link on Track

Many U.S. cities are struggling just to keep their existing infrastructure intact during these times of shaky finances. But some new projects can’t wait. In metro Denver, the start of an ambitious plan, long considered essential to the local economy and Front Range residents — commuter rail service from downtown to Denver International Airport — has finally broken ground.

For those of you who are not aware of the murals, here are a couple of lovely photos from this place of evil.

Oh, really? Anubis?

Anubis (Ancient Greek: Ἄνουβις) is the Greek name[2] for a jackal-headed god associated withmummification and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology.”

I am sorry, does this dead child in a coffin have a Star of David and a Bible? Hmm…curious.

Killing the dove of peace. Gotcha. Gas mask…gotcha. Burning buildings? Gotcha. These are lovely images to greet someone at an airport!

Dead animals and people. Gotcha. Guess they don’t care much for the inhabitants of this planet.

Horse with glowing eyes. Yeah, you can’t make it much more obvious, people. Apocalypse, anyone?

Anyhow, I am curious as to what is going on there. Theories? There are many. But they are giving the clues. 😉

Company behind Godlikeproductions suing small forum?

*A lot of people are getting these very lame, vague, non-legal threats from Trinity. In case this leaves Lunatic Outpost, I am posting it here for posterity. Come and get me ;)*

This thread was made by Disturbed, the owner of Lunatic Outpost.

Quote:Datum: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 11:04:27 -0500 [21-08-10 12:04:27 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: tortious interference from your website
Headers: Alle headers weergeven
You have a thread on your website advocating tortious interference in our business

This is your one and only warning about this thread from II-Neutron in which your own
moderators are participating.

If the thread remains on Monday I will be filing a lawsuit against your website and you
personally for tortious interference in our business operations.

I suggest you keep your moderators and forum users under control.

While i skimmed over the thread i saw people expressing their opinions and exercising their free speech rights..

So i didn’t respond to the email.. and posted it on the thread.

The following email i received later.. :

Quote:Datum: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 14:31:30 -0500 [21-08-10 15:31:30 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: last warning
Headers: Alle headers weergeven
you’re continuing to inflame the situation

you’re now aware of it

remove the thread now

or monday I file suit

Instead of till monday i had to remove the thread NOW!

As you can see the thread still remains.. Not because i feel like a lawsuit, but it’s ridiculous if somebody orders me around on the forum i run..

Because i run LOP for a hobby, and not really interested in a lawsuit, i even tried to cooperate with this person..

The following email i received on Monday.

Quote:Datum: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 03:16:38 -0500 [23-08-10 04:16:38 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: happy monday
Headers: Alle headers weergeven
I see the thread still remains

I’ll be indexing all the libelous posts on your website thread by thread

We’ll be taking action against you and your posters for harassment, libel, and tortious

I gave you a chance to resolve this issue amicably but you seem to think this is a game

It’s not

You should have stuck to your previous policy

Once I start the ball rolling on this legal action there will be no going back

Enjoy it

You asked for it

Because i still was unsure what exactly the problem was i emailed back :

Quote:No idea what thread/post you are talking about or who you are…

Kinda hard to act on that don’t you think?

I received the following reply :

Quote:Datum: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 05:02:23 -0500 [23-08-10 06:02:23 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: Re: happy monday
Headers: Alle headers weergeven

games are over

you had your chance to comply with the law

<name redacted>
user II-Neutron has committed several crimes on your website to which
you are aware and supporting in this thread:…SEND-MONEY

Some of his crimes are criminal in nature and charges will be brought against <name redacted>

you are now an accessory to those crimes and are willfully participating in them so long
as that thread remains active

I replied :

Quote:Could you direct link to the posts who are according to you criminal in nature, so i can
review them.

Furthermore i like to know who i am dealing with and who you are representing..

I think these are fair questions when threatened with a lawsuit..

In the next email i received the person made it clear that he was going to get through with the lawsuit:

Quote:Datum: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 05:17:09 -0500 [23-08-10 06:17:09 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: Re: happy monday
Headers: Alle headers weergeven
I’m done playing with you

have a nice day

you’ll be hearing from my law firm

To which i replied :

Quote:I think i showed i am willing to clean that thread from any allegedly criminal posts
that are on there according to you..

Yet you choose to remain vague and refuse to state which posts are allegedly criminal in
nature. This makes it very hard for me to cooperate with you..

You have a good day too..

The next email i received :

Quote:Datum: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 05:38:21 -0500 [23-08-10 06:38:21 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: Re: happy monday
Headers: Alle headers weergeven

you have shown you are unwilling to remove the thread

that’s all I need to know

the thread remains

I hope you find it worth the trouble for what you’re doing

To which i replied :

Quote:Yes, the thread remains (although not active) because you refuse to point out which
post(s) are allegedly criminal in nature.

Also, you refuse to state who you are and who you are representing.

Both this things make it impossible for me to cooperate with you..

Again i point out that i am willing to cooperate with you, but you have to give me
something to work with..

The person replied :

Quote:Datum: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 06:01:10 -0500 [23-08-10 07:01:10 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: Re: happy monday
Headers: Alle headers weergeven

I’ve given you the thread

you continue to publish it

this isn’t a game disturbed

By then i decided it was useless to continue the conversation (The person was gonna sue anyways..)

I received one more email :

Quote:you might also like to know that you are being held liable in connection with several
other domain names owned by <name redacted> as your website is being advertised on and .us + other domains owned by <name redacted> that infringe on
an international trademark and are established with the sole purpose of harassment /
spreading libelous statements

again I’ll ask you is it really worth it?

So i was even get sued for a link i wasn’t even aware of…

needless to say i didn’t respond to that email either..

I haven’t been served yet, but made this post because i know some of you are wondering..

JULY 11TH, 2010

It is an exciting weekend.

7-11…illuminati minion numbers.

Solar eclipse in the Pacific.

Completion of the alignment.

New moon.

Removal of top hat in BP oil gusher.

UN World Population Day.

Solar activity…uptick.

Webbot release date

Already saw a couple of earthquakes this morning. This is to be expected, due to the increased geomagnetic conditions.

Not saying something is going to happen…but I have had gnawing feelings the past couple of days. Wait and see, I suppose. They have been going out of their way to distract us recently with the whole Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Lebron James nonsense.

Just putting it out there…these people like sacrifices on key dates, especially in regards to 11 and 7 numbers.

I hope nothing significant happens.

I don’t like this date for a myriad of reasons, particularly any new moon. This one seems to have a lot of energy behind it.

I am sending out the positive energies, so perhaps this can be defeated!

Be careful out there!!

They Must Be Hiding Something Really Big

Author: Mac Slavo

As the BP oil leak continues to gush into the Gulf, and the only solution being actively pursued seems to be relief wells that are about 30 days from completion, the nation is starting to wonder – what is really going on down there?

The initial BP report at the time of the oil rig explosion was that 1,000 barrels of oil per day were leaking into the Gulf. Over seventy days later, we now know that it is roughly 100 times bigger than BP originally “estimated.” Our readers were aware that the problem was much bigger than originally reported had they read the article The BP Oil Disaster is a WAY BIGGER Problem Than You May Think published on May 6, 2010. Still, there were BP and government officials who completely denied that the leak was severe and were adamant about being able to shut it down with top kills, junk shots and a dome.

Last week, the US government essentially suspended first amendment rights in spill-affected areas by restricting access to photographers and journalists. Anyone found violating the 65-foot safety zone will be charged with a Class D Felony, punishable with jail time and a fine of up to $40,000.

In a free country, where the right to a free press is supposed to be protected by the very first of 27 amendments, all Americans should be alarmed.

No national security emergency has been declared (yet). Americans are (rightfully) alarmed by this latest development, which implies that something much more serious may be happening.

Reginald Kaigler at Demcad’s Corner says that Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire:

Here are the possibilities:

1. Incompetence
Maybe the government is trying to protect BP and themselves from looking incompetent. Perhaps they are worried that this will make Obama look incompetent and hurt the Democrats in the coming elections.

2. Malicious Intent
Perhaps Obama wants this disaster to cause the maximum amount of damage so that he can use this crisis to push for his cap and trade policy proposals.

3. A Greater Threat
The last explanation seems like the most probable cause. Maybe the reason why the cleanup effort is failing is because they are not focused on cleaning up. I’m starting to wonder if we’re doing with a crisis that is greater than an oil spill. We now have reason to believe that the oil is spilling from the ocean floor. So maybe BP created some kind of under sea volcano that threatens the health of the entire Gulf of Mexico and now the government is trying to prevent panic by controlling the information.

The government’s motives can be any one of these explanations or a combination. In any event, what the U.S. government is doing is a direct violation of the 1st amendment of the United States constitution. There’s a reason why we are being lied to about the amount of oil that is erupting from the scene. there’s a reason why we are not using supertankers to clean this mess up. There’s a reason why the government is blocking the media out.

The federal government has something to hide.

What is it?!

We’d love to know the answer to that.

  • For those millions of us on the Gulf Coast, we’d really like to know if we should be preparing to evacuate and getting our affairs in order if we won’t be allowed to return due to oil-soaked cities or toxic air.
  • Is there really a methane-gas oil volcano under there ready to explode, potentially causing a Tsunami anywhere from 20 – 200 feet high? If you’re a BP or government scientists evaluating this situation, you should have a theory on this. For those of us in the direct path of any such tidal wave, we’d like to know the probabilities of an event like this occurring.
  • In all seriousness, what are the odds of plugging this leak with the relief wells? And please, stop lying to us. Everything you have said thus far has been grossly underestimated, including your percentages for the previous, failed attempts. We’ve heard that there is a 95% the relief wells will work. Is this true?
  • And what if, in a worst-case scenario, this well is in the 5% and we can’t plug it? Then what? What is the government’s contingency plan? Should we expect another hamburger and fries luncheon with our comrades in Russia to discuss a nuclear detonation?

President Obama gave us a not so fantastic speech about the oil leak a few weeks back where he failed to answer any real questions about the spill. Other than trying to push an alternative energy agenda, the President didn’t tell us anything new and provided absolutely no plan going forward.

All of this side-stepping and diversion leaves us with the same takeaway as Reginald had, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Someone is hiding something, and we would really like to know what it is considering this leak will affect the lives of millions and will, without a doubt, lead to a complete economic disasters for all of those who directly and indirectly depend on the Gulf of Mexico to provide a living for their families. And when we say “disaster” we really mean it. Reports suggest that Pensacola, FL hotel and condo cancellations are at – get this – 100%. Raise your hand if you think you know what is going to happen to commercial real estate, residential real estate, jobs and small businesses in the Gulf areas over the next 0 to 6 months.

We are resigned to the fact now, that the government will not provide any substantial details that could be helpful. They’ve resorted to putting people in jail rather than giving us the truth. This suggests that for the prepper on the coast, you should be ready for anything, from nuclear undersea detonation and methane-catalyzed tidal wave, to hundred mile wide dead zones and oil-infused hurricane storm surges.

Unfortunately, the American people who will be directly affected by this disaster will likely have no warning about potential ramifications, and will experience them in real-time, as they happen – though it is likely the rest of the country will not be alerted because it is no longer out of the question that the government will institute a full media black-out of any adverse effects.

Coverup? Govt Denies Any Oil in Loop Current or Florida. Tar Balls Found In Florida Keys

Even late yesterday, multiple government agencies have held to the BP claim that the leak is only 5,000 barrels a day, though most scientists have challenged those numbers.

The spokespeople for NOAA, the Coastguard, Homeland Security, MMS are all saying that no oil has reached the Loop current, which connects to and feeds into the gulfstream which could take the oil gusher’s output all the way the east coast, even to Europe. .

These same spokespersons are saying that they question the reality of the ten mile by three mile by 300 yard curtain of oil reported on Friday in the NY Times.

Yet we have a coastguard image showing tarballs just found in the keys.

Now, Obama is calling for a commission. You can call me a conspiracy theorist, but I am bored by JFK theories and am absolutely not a 911 truther. But it seems pretty clear to me that commissions are used to create chimeras that, on the surface appear to do due investigative diligence, but really provide cover with unanswered questions and half truths.

How about this– a bottom-up citizen’s investigative commission? Let citizens and businesses harmed by the gulf BP gusher band together and file a civil suit that starts with a commission of experts– but not one made of former politicos and energy industry and other corporate shills who have made money providing cover to polluters. I suggest this because I fear Obama, with his feckless team of corpsters– Emanuel, Geithner, Summers, Salazar– to name a few, will submit a list of worthless, untrustworthy fellow corpsters (like banksters only they can be pimps and whores for any big corporate industry)

Every day, Obama’s leadership becomes more and more disappointing. Yesterday, the man at MMS who was in charge of offshore drilling regulation put in a resignation to end his job the end of this month. Obama should have fired him and had Eric Holder (still looking worse than Gonzales) start investigating him. Actually, Ken Salazar, who oversees that agency as Secretary of the Interior, should clean out the whole MMS rats nest.

This is a massive, huge national emergency. BP has no privacy rights. The government should be keeping this as transparent as possible, even posting new videos and scientific findings on a website.

It’s clear that the US government’s usual and customary agencies that deal with offshore drilling are woefully unprepared for what we are, as a nation, as a planet, facing. It is time to go whole hog bottom-up. Put up the website that was used to poll Obama supporters before– that was de-emphsized when marijuana legalization, investigation of Bush and Cheney started showing up as the most popular bottom up issues. Use that kind of site to enable people to post suggestions for solutions. Let the people vote up the ideas they think are smartest. Bring in NASA engineers.

Open this up to the whole world. There’s no way of getting around it that this happened on Obama’s watch. It is highly likely it happened because of the inaction and cronyism of Bush appointees, but that is also Obama’s fault, for allowing them to stay, instead of replacing them. There are thousands of these lurking time bombs saturating government.

Obama should appoint a team to identify all of them– the ones he can fire and replace instantly with appointments, the ones that need congressional confirmation and the ones who are in velcro jobs that are not easily dislodged. Then, he should immediately remove, as soon as they are identified, the pure political appointees still in place. He should line up replacements for ones requiring congressional approval and replace as many as he can using interim appointments, just the same way Bush appointed Bolton to represent the US at the UN. The others– probably thousands, who Bush shifted from political to civil jobs, should be put on notice that their every move, every email will be closely monitored, and their previous moves should be reviewed, with the intent of removing them if they’ve engaged in pro-corporate actions that failed to fully require compliance with regulations. If democratic appointees failed to require compliance with regulations, fire them too.

I spoke to Senator Byron Dorgan (D ND) about this yesterday and he said that the president decides how regulations are followed. Well, how about if this president decides that not having followed regulations, even under another president is not acceptable? Set a precedent that if you don’t follow congressionally dictated regulations under one president, you are at risk of losing your job when he leaves office.

It is clear that we are not getting transparency from our government. It is clear that Obama has not moved fast enough to clear out the bad apples in many regulatory agencies. It’s not even clear that Obama is going to start enforcing regulations.

This is a world record shattering disaster. Obama is not aroused, not aggressive enough yet. This is as bad as any military attack on America and will adversely affect millions of lives.