Rune Reading for June 26th

Today’s rune is Mannaz.  It signifies the masculine part of life.

This should be an interesting day. It indicates humanity as a whole, how we are interconnected, how our soul is connected with humanity.

Things will be more hidden today…or an attempt to hide things. Ultimately, this never works, though.

Cooperation between humanity for the greater good.

Number of the day: 20

Colour of the day: Scarlett

Rune Reading for June 25th

The rune for today is Isa, which means stagnation and difficult communications. Things will not be as good today, communications will be confused and frustrating. Plans will have to be delayed and watched more carefully.

It is a good day to protect against psychic attacks, though.

It is time to cut losses and move forward.

The number for today is 11, the colour is black.