Mayflower, Arkansas Oiled Animal Photos

I found these on the FB page for HAWK Center (Helping Arkansas Wild Kritters). They were working the animal response team for the oiled wildlife, but this morning it was learned that Wildlife Response Services (the ones that assisted Gulf of Mexico wildlife) will be taking over for HAWK. I’m not thrilled about it, but HAWK is probably a bit overwhelmed right now. We didn’t get a lot of photos of wildlife from WRS during the Gulf spill…it seemed a lot of stuff was suppressed. Anyhow, if you would like to help HAWK, please like them on their FB page. It can be found here:

Here are some photos of the animals, taken by HAWK. Thanks to HAWK for the work they did with the animals.

Blue Winged Teal

Blue Winged Teal

Mallard Hen 2

Mallard Hen 2

Mallard Hen 3

Mallard Hen 3

Oiled Muskrat

Oiled Muskrat

Wood Duck Hen

Wood Duck Hen

More Arkansas Dead Birds?


I caught this on my Facebook page. Thought maybe some of you might want to see what is going on. This incident has apparently taken place today in Conway, Arkansas. If anyone has more information, please comment. It was posted by the meteorologist, Todd Yakoubian.  Can’t help thinking of my Beebe report from 2011:

Also, in Hot Springs:

Freaks me out. Here is a picture of the Conway incident from today:

Conway dead birds

Conway dead birds


Animals in peril from unseen force

Dead penguins, dolphins wash ashore in Brazil

Hundreds of dead penguins, birds wash up

Task force to clean up seashells from Sea View

NJ man fatally shoots pet parrot for screeching during NASCAR race


A New Jersey man accused of shooting and killing his African gray parrot with a BB gun because its screeching annoyed him while he was watching a NASCAR race on TV has been indicted on an animal cruelty charge.

Dennis Zeglin, 67, of Randolph was indicted Tuesday by a Morris County grand jury. The charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

Zeglin allegedly shot the parrot, named “Mikey,” three times on June 7. His wife called police when she saw that the bird had been killed.

Zeglin’s attorney, Stephen Fletcher, said his client was intoxicated at the time and afterward received treatment for alcoholism. He said Zeglin regrets the incident and hopes to be accepted into a pretrial intervention program.

Florida manatees die in record numbers from cold

TALLAHASSEE, FL — More than 100 manatees have been found dead in Florida waters since the beginning of the year, mostly victims of a nearly two-week cold snap.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the preliminary cause of death for 77 of the endangered animals is cold stress. They were found from Jan. 1 through Jan. 23.

The Sunshine State saw unseasonably cold weather starting around the first of the year that killed fish and stunned thousands of sea turtles.

Officials say the numbers of dead manatees from the cold is a record for a single year. The previous record, set last year, was 56 deaths from cold stress.

Police: Mom Forces Son To Kill Pet Hamster Over Bad Grades

MERIWETHER COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia mother is accused of forcing her 12-year-old son to kill his pet hamster because of a bad report card.

It happened last Thursday at the family’s home, said Meriwether County Sheriff Steve Witlock.

Investigators said Lynn Geter made her son use a hammer to kill the hamster.

Geter was arrested Friday following an interview with investigators.

She is charged with battery, cruelty to children and cruelty to animals.

Investigators said Geter also violated probation and remains in jail.

Indonesia plans to sell endangered tigers as pets to the wealthy

Indonesia has a new plan to save the Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger, reports the AFP: sell captive-born tigers as pets. The proposed price is 100,000 US dollars for a pair of Sumatran tigers with the money going to conservation efforts, though it was unclear who would manage these funds.

“We’re not selling or renting tigers. We’re only authorizing people to look after them,” forestry ministry conservation chief Darori told AFP. “These people will have to follow certain conditions. The tigers will still belong to the government.”

Officials would require that the ‘pet’-owners would have to have at least 60 square meters (646 square feet) to contain the two animals. Government officials would monitor the animals’ health and punish owners for mistreatment. The AFP reports that the idea was first raised by wealthy businessmen who want to possess tigers for the ‘prestige’ it gives them.

Sumatran tiger. Photo by Rhett A. Butler.

However, environmentalists are skeptical. They say that instead of selling tigers as pets, the government should be focusing on conserving the dwindling tiger habitat on Sumatra. Deforestation for logging and oil palm plantations has devastated tiger habitat on the island. In addition, conservationists warn that selling captive tigers to private individuals is likely to only fuel the black-market trade in tiger parts, which has devastated tigers across their range.

Tigers are the world’s largest cat; they are also the most dangerous. Even as pets they are extremely unpredictable. Long-trained tigers still attack. Working with tigers for years did not prevent Roy Horn, of the magic act Siegfried and Roy, from being nearly killed by one on-stage.

The Sumatran tiger, a subspecies of the tiger, is classified as Critically Endangered by the IUCN Red List. Wild Sumatran tigers have attacked and killed a number of people in recent years as rampant deforestation in Indonesia has brought the remaining great cats, estimated at 200 animals, into closer contact with Indonesians.