Finding Meaning

It has been a rough few days. I vacillate between anger and sadness. I understand the waves, I am just trying to go with it. It is beyond my comprehension why an individual would want to burn down a house that we were moving into. I don’t know the thought processes behind that kind of insanity.

I understand pain. I understand anger. I understand regret. I understand shame. I’ve been there through it all. 

The only thing that is in my heart is that nobody was injured, thank the gods. We shall lay a stake to our new home here in the country. Gardens and animals shall abound. 

There is a silver lining. There always was. Destiny is a tricky thing, as are illusions. 

The individual(s) responsible will be held accountable. There is no honor in what they did. 

The cold wind blows on a supposedly Spring day…

2 thoughts on “Finding Meaning

  1. Cest Moi says:

    Wow,that is sad and weird.
    What kind of neighbourhood were you moving into Heidi?
    I am glad you are safe. *hug*

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