Police State Has Arrived in Arkansas

There are so many things that are wrong here, I don’t know where to begin. Here is a link to the Leola checkpoint:


I had the unfortunate luck to have been harassed by this checkpoint. The officer involved demanded to see my identification; of course, I was a passenger in a vehicle. There is absolutely no law saying that I have to show them my ID, and I will take this philosophy to my grave. I WAS NOT DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL. I have no warrants; I have no record. When I told the police officer that I refused to comply, he got frustrated. He seemed to be taken aback. He repeated my statement with a question: “You will not comply?” He seemed rather…incredulous. The driver of the vehicle had an expired license (oooh, glad you get these awful criminals off the streets). Expired license, detained (NOT arrested, not given rights), truck impounded, and blackmail money in the form of a two hundred dollar fine. Yup, Sheriff Vance and Officer Rosa…doing a great job for the populace of Grant County. Because of my supposed insolence for not showing my identification, I was left on the side of the road with no recourse (there was NO cell coverage in that area). The officer told me that I need to learn the law: “We don’t do things like they do up north. She needs to learn.” This was overheard. Never mind the fact that the 4th amendment was being violated by the checkpoint itself. Fast forward a bit to an exchange with the police via email. We were told that the law states you must show your identification. Via email, and even at the police department, they could not show the statute that says you MUST comply. What is even more hilarious is that we were shown a statute involving loitering, that had absolutely nothing to do with what we were requesting. 

Apparently, they can lie and degrade the Constitution as much as they see fit. 

That’s my story, but hell, it gets worse:

“Little Rock to add citywide surveillance cameras”


I won’t be doing any business or shopping in Little Rock.

There is also this in Paragould:

Police State Comes to Arkansas


I can’t even begin on the Paragould situation. 

Is the Constitution meaningless now? When exactly did this document die? Until I hear that the whole damn thing has been repealed, I will continue to live my life in accordance with the Constitution. 

It all adds up to tyranny. I will continue on, and I won’t comply. 

3 thoughts on “Police State Has Arrived in Arkansas

  1. ldsrr91 says:

    I hate to tell you this, but it is going to get much worse, this is just the start of it. Thank Bushl Cheney and the Patriot Act, all the dummies in the nation’s capitol, they are pushing this agenda and you are one of many who will eventually be thrown under the bus. Cite all the Constitutional Amendments or rules that you want … they are no longer applicable.

    Welcome to the New World Order.


  2. Stranger says:

    Heidi,I hope you are alright.
    They say, “When in Rome,do as the Romans do.”
    You could move to Texas and stand with Alex Jones and company
    I know you are a feisty one,but I would not want you rotting in some dungeon somewhere.
    Take care and be well. *hug* 🙂

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