Strange Dream 2

Well, Saturday evening was Antarctic; I suppose it is natural that Sunday night is Arctic.

I was going into some kind of store in Alaska. It was in the middle of nowhere. The people that owned it invited me to their house. It was on the water. Two sides of the house were very close to the shore. There was a severe recession going on; the owners of the store were not making any money on it. I asked how they were sustaining themselves, they said they really weren’t doing well, but that they had 16 bars of gold stored away just in case. When I was in the home, the waters were rising. You could see huge rocks in the water. With each tide, the waters were getting higher. There wasn’t much of a population near the house; they were more by the mountain or past the mountain. This was the only one near the water. Waters kept rising. I then had a vision in the dream. I had a vision that with this water rise, there would be a very large earthquake. I tried to warn the people that lived there. There were quite a few in the house. Nobody took me seriously, though. They said that there was no history of large earthquakes in that particular region of Alaska. I am unsure where this was; it was on an inlet, not directly on the ocean. I saw large animals that were dead rising up with the water. I was desperately trying to get them to leave, because I knew that the flooding would worsen and that the earthquake was coming. Nobody listened to me.

2 thoughts on “Strange Dream 2

  1. Cest Moi says:

    This Youtube song may have message for you Heidi.
    If they will not listen then save yourself.

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