It Is Getting Crazy Out There

Economy must be tanking, I keep getting bombarded by pre-Black Friday sales. I wonder if the minions are going to fall for it? I like to think of it as the mindless zombification American ritual. Not that Black Friday truly means anything, mind you. The stores will be open on Thursday! You can get in on the violence for a 3 dollar toaster game. Hell, why bother with Thanksgiving anyway? The family that stands in line for Chinese crap is the family that stays together, right? Yay!!!!!!

It is so skewed I don’t understand how people fall for it. Alas, it is a different world now. I am merely a relic from another time. Might as well go off into the dark night. You reap what you sow…at least the TSA will let ya take a turkey leg onto the planes.

*Gets into bunker to watch it in HD*


One thought on “It Is Getting Crazy Out There

  1. Cest Moi says:

    You have a bunker?
    Very good Heidi!

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