State of the Nation

*I wrote this back in 2006. Found it on an old website that needs to be cleaned up. Reposting, as it very much applies right now, if not more so…although “Revolt against government” might be seen as “terrorist” these days.*

The question of the crash isn’t IF it will happen. The question, of course, is

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for citizenry to
revolt against the government…

It appears individuals contained within this mess of a civilization are not
willing to cooperate with the most basic forms of human instinct.

When I look around my surroundings, there is an intense feeling of sadness. A
populace unwilling to face the most glaring truth.

What is wrong with us? Why do we allow this to happen? Is it defeatism, or are
we merely too wrapped up in our own materialism to understand the true scope
of this game?



I wish for a vote of confidence.

Are you happy with your government?

There is currently an air of a dictatorship. Whether you opt to accept this
fact or not, it IS happening. They are plotting evil, even as we speak.

Keep on taking the pills, people…we’ll make more.

Israel is your friend.
There are GOOD, VALID reasons to be in Iraq.
Oil is no motivation in world takeover.
Iran is a serious threat to our democracy.
Freedom means death to the infidels.
If you make one judgment on Israeli practices, you ARE an anti-Semite.
The welfare of the American citizens is what we really care about.
There is no economic problem…what are you talking about?
Paris Hilton says not to worry anymore. It’s all right.
Spying on the citizenry is a perfectly acceptable form of defense against
If you are a law-abiding citizen, then you shouldn’t have to worry about our
new programs.
WE determine if you are mentally stable. There is no argumentation regarding
True patriots pay their federal income taxes, regardless of the validity of
the law.
A North American Union is a positive thing for the citizenry.

Keep on believing the game…

I don’t understand you. I don’t understand why you have let it get so
far…there is so much destruction, so many lies, so much
interference…still, you do not see.

My sadness continues, for the day shall come when they are knocking at your
neighbor’s door for displaying a flag incorrectly…or sending an innocent
email that has certain words…or having a name that matches a supposed
terrorist’s name on a watch list at the airport.

Perhaps you’ll understand, when you proclaim that Israel is a problem and the
ADL or some other nefarious organization decides to put you in their

Will you get angry when your brother or sister is sent to Iran so a pipeline
can be built to assist Israeli interests?

Will you get angry when your son or daughter is denied essential Veteran’s
services when they return home from Iraq?

What will you do when your country is in shambles, and you knew that it could
have been prevented?

Maybe we are doped up on government sponsored materialism. I cannot fathom why
a majority of Americans would want surveillance performed on the public.

Fear is a dangerous weapon. Obviously, you are too entrapped to realize HOW

They’re winning. I’m angry. But it is righteous anger, and I offer no
apologies for it.

The ones that claim morality are the ones that cannot conceptualize it.

Words can only do so much. Do your own independent research. I implore
everyone to start investigating truth.

God help us. As of right now, we cannot help ourselves.

One thought on “State of the Nation

  1. Cest Moi says:

    The white spark of life has been trampled down in many.

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