A Political Rant

Most of the time, I wonder why I even bother. There is a contingency of so-called “conservatives” online that are blaming Libertarians for Obama’s victory. Okay, sure. Never mind that these people don’t have an ounce of intelligence regarding the political structure in this nation, i.e. the electoral college, so I will discuss the “blame game”.

There is a true evil that has overtaken this nation. It is an evil that stifles intellectual and rational dialogue. It is present in people who are political, and in those who are not. It is present in Republicans; it is present in Democrats. This concerns the lack of personal responsibility. People cannot accept that they might be wrong. I am certain that I have been guilty of this, so I am not totally absolved; however, the people that are supposed to know better than myself, certainly do not seem to.

This has led to a populace that resorts to preschool behavior when it comes to defense and rebuttals. The ad hominem style of debate seems to be the most common. This usually involves bringing up a race, religion, or gender card. Screams of “Racist!”, “Sexist!”, and “Anti-Semite” rule this atmosphere. This is not conducive to a true, lively debate; this is nothing but trying to slander one’s opponent.

I am tired of this. I am tired of people putting the blame on others. Republicans, if you had not alienated Libertarians, they might have taken a better look at your candidate. This is actually a moot point, though; if you look at the statistics from this election, a hell of a lot of people simply stayed home. I won’t assume to know why, but I have an inkling. The true conservative base could not stomach voting for Romney. If you look at the electoral votes, you would probably realize that the Libertarian factor could not possibly make a difference. The minute Gary Johnson earns 100 electoral votes, then it would be a factor. For now, your lashing out is nonsensical, at best.

If your life is so meaningless that you must blame me for the one vote I cast, there is something wrong with you psychologically. If you want to blame one million people for the votes they have cast, again, nonsensical. Republicans, you have lost me. With your smears and tactics on people that had no bearing on this election, I will no longer support federal Republican candidates. I will look on a local basis for somebody tried and true.

It’s funny, the email I received yesterday from the Tea Party. Here is a portion:

“However, the Takers didn’t act alone. The question is: if the republicans cannot beat Obama after all of his crimes, fraud and treachery then the Republican Party does not deserve to exist and must be dealt with.”

I cannot agree more.

This partisan halftime show is nothing but grandstanding, while we sit and wait for the collapse that will inevitably come. A nation with an educational system that produces idiocy cannot grasp the economic and political processes that have shaped the problems we need to overcome.

Orwell’s 1984 nightmarish dystopia is here. Obama’s peace is nothing more than drone attacks on Pakistanis and a confusing array of executive orders that threaten our liberties. This transcends anything with an “R” or “D” behind a name.

In any case, I’m not here for your edification.

I don’t know why I bother. It is like screaming in a playground…it isn’t heard, except for those who already know the message. Lines are being drawn. It is up to you where YOU want to be.

Thank you for reading.

One thought on “A Political Rant

  1. Big Bear says:

    Anyone affiliated with an R or D prefers party over country. They are becoming irrelevant. Out of 240 million possible votes, Obama got 60 million. He is a 25-percenter. He has no mandate. Someone had better tell him Socialism only works in countries with gun control.

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