2 thoughts on “More Homeland Security Shenanigans

  1. latitude38 says:

    heidi, great post, as my friend replied when discussing the abuses of big sis and the dhs ” I find nothing surprising in DHS lying to Congress. They do it because they know nothing will happen to them. What part of Congress is going to cite them for contempt? Maybe a dozen or so members is all, and they have no power and will be ignored by the media anyway. Congress is a wasteland of cowards willingly turning their Constitutional duties over to an administration bent on ending this nation as the land of the free. It’s nice to think that this will get Big Sis in trouble, but what has happened concretely in the past three years that would let anyone think that would actually happen? Nothing whatsoever is the correct answer to that question” another link may be of interest to your readers

  2. Cest Moi says:

    On that note I hope that you,Heidi, are living happily ever after. *hug* 🙂

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