For those interested…

I have been updating my paranormal site with new entries and investigations. If you are interested, please stop by; I have EVP’s and photos up from a variety of locations in Arkansas. If you have a location in Arkansas that you suspect is haunted, please contact me and we can check it out. We have plenty of equipment/know-how. I am now certified as a paranormal investigator.

Here is the website:

Hopefully you can stop by…it will be regularly updated.

Make sure to subscribe to it by going to an entry and hitting subscribe. Thanks!!

6 thoughts on “For those interested…

  1. D. SMith says:

    interesting site. what is the driving idea behind what ever is giving you these ‘words’ when you investigate. I don’t think I have ever heard of it.
    ( I am bit behind on such things, I guess.)

    • heidilore says:

      D, it is magnetic fields. The guy who made the app tied it into electromagnetic fields…it is assumed that they have a lot to do with the paranormal. We discount any words that come up when near transmission lines, though, because when you get close to them the app goes nuts. 😉

      • D. SMith says:

        Interesting I am just trying to figure out how the words get formed. I know you didn’t invent the device but maybe you know. Is it your experience that there is enough difference in the field to actually make so many syllables distinguishable.

        to me

        most things of the paranormal depend heavily on the observer. The more sensitive and diligent the observer the more likely they are to witness an event.

        I don’t want to insinuate that the ghost are not really there, because I believe they are, I just think part of what makes them appear, is simply our willingness to ‘witness’ the event.

        my own experiences in such matters is quite small. I am not an investigator, or even a chaser, a dabbler really, drawn in more by accident in most cases then actual pursuit, and on those occasions the visitation was more auditory then visual with other participants hearing nothing at all. Hence my interest in the machine itself.

      • heidilore says:

        I wish I knew all of the mechanics of it…JM can explain it a bit better than I can. The author of the app is rather secretive about this. I can attest to it giving off more activity near transmission lines…I get more of the red “dots” on the radar in those vicinities. It must have to do with the electromagnetic field?

      • D. SMith says:

        as always your sites and work, give me much to think about

        thank you for doing them

  2. Cest Moi says:

    Happy Holidays!
    Merry Christmas!

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