Just a bit of an update

This heat is making me absolutely insane. I was expecting it to be warmer down here (after all, it is the South) but I was not expecting anything quite like this. We have been breaking records right and left recently here in Arkansas. I can tell you, coming from Canada, I do not exactly appreciate heat indices near 130 degrees. Sigh. It is making life miserable; nature has always been my solace, but it is impossible to find that solace with these sorts of temperatures.

I am going to be taking classes at the local community college, though, to entertain my mind this Fall semester. They are all online classes, with so much going on here. Taking an English class, Astronomy, and Political Science for fun. To kinda get into it again.

I took a test to get into the nursing portion of the school. Nursing classes start in January. I did very well on the admission tests; I scored well above what is required to get in. It is, however, very competitive and I will not know until next week if I have been admitted to the program. I hope that it happens.

Take it easy out there…tis a scorcher.

3 thoughts on “Just a bit of an update

  1. latitude38 says:

    heidi. i firmly believe that if you want to take the nursing classes it will be your decision as their is no doubt that you’ll pass no matter how competitive it is. please keep us posted . it’s been hot out here as well , i have even developed blisters on the soles of my feet.how of course we don’t have the humility out here like you do and of course if it does break 100, that means it’s time to make it 1} either to the beach ! or 2) put your fav on the bar-b -que and contrary to popular ark. razorback lore we do have smokers out here and can que up some great tri-tip including the famous cali-santa marie tri-tip or being the hip- sauve sophisticated people that we are out here perhaps napa style caprese sandwiches sampling some of the finest wines found anywhere or perhaps pan-pacific style habichi salmon w/ latitude38’s famous sauce or a ono w/ lat 38’s world famous citrus mango salsa. if you rather we can go “stting on the dock of the bay” with a crab cocktail served w/ anchor steam beer(only made in sf) and the “only” real sourdough bread made again a sf original “.surf’s up” at mavericks http://www.surfline.com/surf-report/mavericks-central-california_4152/ we can have fish or lobster taco’s while kickin it and listin to another local surfer chris issak. either -way a great time is enjoyed by all, when it gets as hot as it is now in the upper-eighties we all make it “doubles” or a bucket of iced coronas w/ chilled silver patron (the only way ) chaser or if you prefer. the lat38’s makahiki ” awa” drink( caution due to the nature of this drink -management will only serve one per person) a cpt. james cook or blue martini (of course shaken and not stirred) life sure is miserable out here when it gets so hot

  2. Cest Moi says:

    Nice of you to keep us posted Heidi.
    This may help:


  3. mike gaukin says:

    i understand, i cant handle the heat either, cant wait till fall!! hang in there heidi.

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