*SIGH…saw this on the news the other night. GET THE WORD OUT!!*


Apparently the Secretary of the Army and the Corps of Engineers have
decided that gas revenues from drilling UNDER Greers Ferry Lake are
more important than protecting the water quality and natural shoreline
of Greers Ferry Lake. License No. DACW03-3-10-3297 was issued to
Chesapeake Energy Corporation to allow extensive “use and occupation of
the premises” from October 1, 2010 to September 30, 2011. No public
hearings were held, no public input requested, no public notification of
proposed licensing for in lake survey or drilling under the lake was
given. This is public property. Mineral rights (gas extraction)
permits would be, or have been, issued by the US Bureau of Land
Management Field Office in Jackson, Mississippi. So far, no response
has been obtained from John Dykes at that office. His phone number is

30 foot boats will be used to shoot 2000 psi air blasts into the water
for sensor recordings to be taken to determine potential gas well
drilling locations. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission representatives
will be present to determine harmful effects (turbidity, fish kill? etc)
and are authorized to halt the operations if damages are deemed
excessive. The AR Game & Fish Commission will build seven courtesy
docks to accommodate the seismographic survey boats. The docks are to
be accepted in lieu of a $42,250 easement payment. Construction of the
docks was to have been completed by January 31, 2011.

To help, please go to Save Greers Ferry Lake:


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