I was curious IF you many of you are aware of this situation occurring around Greers Ferry Lake. I am concerned because our water is supplied by this Lake and even though the permit claims the company will NOT pollute the surrounding areas, we NOW know from experiences in all of the OTHER areas of the State where Fracking is happening , this is VERY UNTRUE! Pollution WILL OCCUR and we will SUFFER because of it! I want the PUBLIC to be aware of what is about to happen to this beautiful Arkansas Lake. Greers Ferry Lake provides water to many communities South of Heber springs, Arkansas. The toxic chemicals being used in the Fracking of Natural Gas are know to cause a wide array of serious health disorders and will not only effect the fish and marine life of Greers Ferry, But also families like yours and mine. PLEASE write your Lawmakers and ask them to HELP Arkansans hold the Gas and Oil Companies accountable by requiring stricter regulations of the chemicals used. There are MANY rural Arkansans whose ONLY source of water is from personal wells and they are being contaminated by the toxic chemicals used in the fracking process. Most of these people are of lower socio-economic class and are unable to purchase filtration systems to make their water SAFE. The companies responsible for the pollution should be made to provide these people with adequate filtration systems and repair damage to the wells caused by the Fracking process. PLEASE HELP US ENSURE SAFE WATER IS NEVER a LUXURY in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!


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