Department of Homeland Security Prepares for Midwest Disaster

*Copied by permission from JM Ashley*

This blog post is a little off topic but I find this information to be very interesting.  The Dept. of Homeland Security is preparing for a disaster in the New Madrid fault zone region.

DHS has requested a supplier for meals for disaster victims:

They have also requested a supply of water:

Also DHS is requesting a supplier for blankets:

They are looking for someone to train an urban rescue team (including equipment and rescue dogs):

They are requesting a supplier of canine food (TSA):

And this may not be related, but they are also moving FEMA trailers from Baton Rogue to southern Mississippi:

It is clear that The Department of Homeland Security is investing a lot of money in preparation for a major disaster with in the U.S.  The time frame on these requests are relatively short.  What do they know?  Is there an earthquake coming?


Thank you, JM.


4 thoughts on “Department of Homeland Security Prepares for Midwest Disaster

  1. ldsrr91 says:

    The New Madrid fault line is one of the most strongest faults in the U.S. The last shift in the earth at this location, actually rang church bells in Boston. For a period of time the Mississippi River ran the opposite direction and a huge lake was formed that is still there today.

    The earthquake threat is very real, as for what the U.S. Government knows and we don’t, that is anyone’s guess. You can Google it and will find a wealth of information on it. It is one of the primary reasons we carry earthquake ins on our house here in Oklahoma.


  2. Stacy Hyatt says:

    Heidi: By chance have you seen this You Tube Video dated today?

  3. tuftskins says:

    Maybe they think they have found a way to predict earthquakes?

  4. latitude38 says:

    heidi, there is definitely something going on with all this movement. i understand that there is also preparations being made out here in northern ca. as well

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