Bird Strangeness in Beebe, Arkansas

Okay, so JM and I decided to take a trip out to Beebe yesterday to see what is going on with the birds. This is not a far trip or anything…fairly close, actually. This makes us pretty nervous. First thing we did was stop at a gas station to get an exact location of the birds. The attendant said it feels like the end of the world. The citizens there are very nervous, and nobody trusts the government given the whole earthquakes in Guy thing (another story for another blog post.)

I am going to give the observations of myself and JM. Disclaimer…I am not a scientist at all, I am merely offering opinions of JM Ashley and myself.

One of the first things that I noticed was the energy was terribly off. My left ear started ringing as soon as we entered the vicinity of the dead birds. The birds that were alive were behaving strangely. They did not fly much more than a few feet off the ground, and a few groups were flying in circles. The people looked freaked out. When we got to the location with the birds, at first we only saw one on the street. It had physical injuries, BUT it was possibly run over by a car or something. This was very close to a construction site.

One thing to be observed is that the location is very close to the Little Rock Air Force Base. Whether this has anything to with it, I don’t know, merely an observation. There were plenty of military planes flying overhead on our visit.

As we got closer to the construction field, we observed many more birds. Hundreds. I don’t know if the cleanup people missed this or not, but there were plenty withing sight.

Our observations: other than the bird in the road, none of the birds had any recognizable injuries. They were in good condition, cadaver-wise. What is strange is the condition of the bodies. They were not in decay, which means these birds have something terribly wrong OR it happened not on New Years, but in the past couple of days.

JM procured one of the cadavers for further independent testing and observation.

It is our opinion that this was something electromagnetic. Something caused these birds to die, and they didn’t bump into each other (no evidence of physical injuries) and we do not believe it was fireworks. This is an area where there is a lot of shooting, so if noises startled the birds, this would be a most unusual occurrence. There are fireworks every year in Beebe; why would this occur now?

The official explanation is that is was “likely” fireworks. Now, they cannot say that with 100% certainty, but this is their explanation. We don’t buy it.

We took videos and photos. We will be uploading the videos later on today. I will provide the links on this blog.


































Read comments from other Arkansans in the newspapers. NOBODY believes the official stories.

More to be posted later today. Thank you for reading.



11 thoughts on “Bird Strangeness in Beebe, Arkansas

  1. tuftskins says:

    Was it only red-wing blackbirds?

  2. Hey happy guys and girls, this is @CelticFire69. Thanks for the piece. Same time as Beebe storms of unusual intensity came out of Arkansas and Louisiana across Mississippi. Just prior to the storm the birds were ape shit. No altitude to flight, running into one another, intermixed specie that normally do not intermix, mass amounts, frantic in action. The storm hit and for an hour was literally a sold non stop thunder rumbling. More like an artillery barrage than a typical thunder storm (and yes I have been around both). I agree with you, something electromagnetic is the issue, source who knows. Liquefied insides have been reported on several bird samples, again supports electro-magnetic. This maybe bigger than we suspect, definitely need to watch. Keep your powder dry. Luv y’all, Ernie and Gavin

  3. BJ says:

    Isn’t “falling from the sky” unique? Yes, birds do frequently die in mass but by “falling from the sky” ? Under what weather conditions do radar plumes like this one occur? What do the radar experts say about this plume? Does the radar show that the plume began at a low altitude and then went up? Did the plume start at a high altitude and come down? Do any local people know how to make a rocket that will ascend to between 7,000 and 12,000 feet? Who owns the land that the roost is on? Would they want the blackbirds killed? The most obvious speculation is that some person killed the birds.
    If you hear hoof beats then first think horses, not zebras.

  4. Andrew says:

    Electromagnetic weaponry or extreme solar storm causing a spike in EM. It showed up on the local weather radar, watch the video! Big change is coming and we are now seeing it like the edge of a very large hurricane. Only 1.9 years until the eye comes.

    • bjhenders88 says:

      Exactly, Andrew, right on! Your calculation of 1.9 years is astounding. Advanced, extremely accurate, hadron weather science has shown that the Big Eye in the sky will arrive at 21:21 military time on 12/21/12. Hadron scientists have calculated the meaning of this date: First, add the numbers to obtain 3/3/3. Next, multiply the numbers by two to obtain 6/6/6 and remove the / . The answer is 666, the number of the Big Eye, which is the “beam me up, Scotty” point. Continuing the calculations, notice that 6 can be divided by 1,2, and 3. Also, 6 is the sum of 1,2, and 3. By definition this makes 6 a perfect number. The three numbers 666 refer to perfection in all three directions of space, the meaning of the Big Eye!

      In preparation for the beam-up I have built a deluxe hang glider that I will use to expedite my life lift. If you’re interested please note that I am selling high-end hang gliders for $6,666.66. They are a beautiful baby blue with 666 printed on them in day-glow red. Also, I strongly recommend a must-have addon, a high powered, radiant, solar heater. A little known scientific fact, not yet published, is that at sky high altitudes the temperature can sink as low as -666 degrees Kelvin. Yes, your read that correctly, that’s considerably below absolute zero. Solar heater, only $666.66 excluding taxes, licenses and assorted fees. I also offer a sure-fire way for you to show love for your significant other. For another mere $666.66 you can be the proud owner of a beautiful bitch seat. Not to worry if heshe is nude. For only $66.66 I offer the ultimate solution — udder balm. Actually it’s a cream not a solution. Guaranteed to keep heshe’s butt baby soft. For a only a short time my genuine cotton gloves are included free, yes, no charge whatsoever. See you in the Big Eye. Get there early; you don’t want to miss it. Uhh sorry, you can’t miss it; it’s relativistically invariant. Remember, without reliable, high quality gear you may end up like those blackbirds, smashed like a bug on your car’s windshield.

  5. bjhenders88 says:

    I have read no agency reports that explain “killed in the air by blunt force impact”. “Killed in the air by blunt force impact” is the key to an explanation of this event. “Killed in the air by blunt force impact” is in no way related to colliding with houses, electromagnetic forces, weather or poisons. Of course flying into hale is a blunt force impact. Hale would be blunt force impacts all over the bird: feathers, head, tail, eyes and wings. This is not consistent with impacts only to the breast area.

  6. latitude38 says:

    i haven’t been in ark…….well let’s put it this way . one heck of a long time
    approximately how far is pine bluff from where the fallen dead birds were located? does any one know of a local veterinarian that viewed these bird?,or does anybody have first hand knowledge about the possible cause of death of these birds other than what has been reported in msm. i would welcome and greatly appreciate any response
    best regards,

  7. bjhenders88 says:

    80 miles 1.5 hrs.
    I-530N to Little Rock
    US-67N to Beebe

    Ask detailed questions.

    1. Were the birds first killed in flight and second fell to the ground? Death in flight is one crucial issue.
    2. Was blunt impact primarily on their breasts? Was the collision head-on? Objects from above or below would hit their wings also. Direction of impact is important.
    3. Was a single bird hit once or several times? A single knock-out or a series of punches?
    4. Which particular bones were damaged, cracked or broken?

    • latitude38 says:

      bjhenderson, thank you for responding, your help and information is greatly appreciated. regarding tour question about details was in fact meant to be just a general question for one, i believe i heard as many as 5k birds felled to the ground, so i would think that all your questions would be applicable. i am located on the west coast and coverage of the news was all network msm. we had heard at first that it was anything from jet engines (5Kbirds) to a sonic boom (that apparently only birds hear) and if so i would think that a large portion would have their ear drums blown out or something to that affect.then i think it was cnn said a local fireworks show( i would doubt that an artillery blast would knock out 5k birds at once) i was just curious if any of you out there might have some first hand or local knowledge. your question is absolutely valid , but i am just seeking a general answer nothing scientific,i probably wouldn’t understand it anyway. but i am not that gullible for the line that the msm feds us out here ! thanks and if you or any of your friends have heard anything, please post and let me thank-you in advance . best regards, gary

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