Strange lights appear in the sky above Utah County

*I found this very interesting, as the situation where Dugway Proving Grounds was shut down is in the county right next to this situation, on the SAME NIGHT.*

AMERICAN FORK, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Reports of strange lights in the night sky have people in Utah County talking about UFO’s. Three red lights appeared between 7:15 and 7:30 last night. Witnesses say they hovered in formation and dropped what appeared to be flares.

The situation at Dugway:

VERY curious.

Department of Homeland Security Prepares for Midwest Disaster

*Copied by permission from JM Ashley*

This blog post is a little off topic but I find this information to be very interesting.  The Dept. of Homeland Security is preparing for a disaster in the New Madrid fault zone region.

DHS has requested a supplier for meals for disaster victims:

They have also requested a supply of water:

Also DHS is requesting a supplier for blankets:

They are looking for someone to train an urban rescue team (including equipment and rescue dogs):

They are requesting a supplier of canine food (TSA):

And this may not be related, but they are also moving FEMA trailers from Baton Rogue to southern Mississippi:

It is clear that The Department of Homeland Security is investing a lot of money in preparation for a major disaster with in the U.S.  The time frame on these requests are relatively short.  What do they know?  Is there an earthquake coming?


Thank you, JM.


Haunted Arkansas?

Hi everyone, looking for anyone that can help me out with haunted locations in central Arkansas, OUTSIDE of Little Rock. Sheridan, Prattsville, Ico, Redfield, Leola, Poyen and the like are the locations I am interested in. If you have any information, whether it be an old folk tale or whatever, PLEASE contact me. I am willing to do investigations. I have done investigations in Ohio, West Virginia, Iowa, Illinois and Canada. Thank you, I recently moved here a couple of months ago and really want to get back into this. ANY location, any information is very appreciated. No Little Rock, please; there are plenty of people willing to go to LR.

My email is


Negative energy is out there

I do not have a good feeling about things. Just kinda putting that out there. Things feel very much off. Can’t fully describe it…trying to figure everything out here.

After going a long time without remembering my dreams (a few months), they have come back. Since the beginning of the year, I have remembered everything. Things are getting very strange, very surreal.

Stay safe. I feel that the days will just get weirder and weirder.

Illuminati symbolism at Hoover Dam

When JM and I went to Hoover Dam last week, we really were not prepared for the amount of symbolism that this place conveyed. There were messages all over the place! I am not going to assume what it all means, but it is a bit unnerving. Upon exit of the visitors area, you are greeted by two massive statues and artwork depicting the universe. While you are perusing the artwork and information on the star systems, there is a voice in the background telling you that the whole thing was built in hope that the aliens would come down from the sky and be able to locate the Hoover Dam. WTF? Here are some pictures.

Here are photos of JM and I next to the massive (strange) statues:

This last photo was the most weird one. It was some kind of monument that was tucked far away from the crowds, down near the river. Sorry for the terrible resolution, I had to kick it to digital zoom in order to even get it, it was so far away. Why would they have such a monument far from the people?

Needless to say, there is plenty of symbolism surrounding the Hoover Dam. Are they preparing for an alien arrival, or is it something else?