Recent Synchronicities

Oh God, this has been happening to me a lot lately…
Saturday night,  I was talking about a band that I have liked for some time, thinking it would be great to see them because I never got a chance to. I was thinking this at the Hank III concert, and I mentioned it to JM. Oddly enough, this band that has not toured in awhile announced a show for Little Rock in December.
Also Saturday night, I was talking about this crazy ex-boyfriend I had that was in a band. This came up because Hank III covered one of his songs…guess who added me on Facebook today? You got it, that ex-boyfriend.
I added an old friend Amy to FB yesterday. She DMs me and says how strange it is that I should write, because she saw my mom last weekend and she was talking about me. Amy had not seen my mother since we were in junior high.
This is getting beyond bizarre.