Letter to my teenage self

*I got this book for my birthday, from JCB. It really is awesome, you write out your life story. Anyhow, one part is writing out a letter to your teenage self. So I did.*

Hi Heidi

You might think the world is terrible right now. I am not going to lie-it is. The world is a cruel place. There is one thing you need to know, though, no matter what. It will get better-you are never completely alone. It might feel like you are right now-but it isn’t all completely empty. You are going to meet a lot of souls, a lot of very interesting souls, and you are going to love them and touch each one individually. You are going to follow your dream to see all kinds of interesting places. You are going to touch life and embrace it, like you have wanted since childhood. You are going to make a mark, Heidi, despite the negativity. Learn to love and cherish every experience, taste it, share yourself. You are not as bad as you think, young lady. The world is yours.


3 thoughts on “Letter to my teenage self

  1. Um says:

    Nice present,
    may all your birthday days,
    and those in between,be happy ones. 🙂

  2. Cris says:

    LOVE THIS! I may steal your idea….:)

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