Road to Nowhere

Lost and forgotten

Somewhere along the way

Following the woeful trail

Searching for myself

Took too many wrong turns

Inflicted harm on that desolate road.

As the past haunts me like a spirit

A spirit of pain, a long forgotten soul

Invested in a futureless landscape

Where there are no longer souls

Groping along in the darkness

We suffer…we all suffer.

For those are the ways of this road

And I will never know anything else.


HL October 27th, 2010


2 thoughts on “Road to Nowhere

  1. mike gaukin says:

    WOW! nice, i can relate to this one.

  2. Um says:

    Given the tone of your recent posts,I was
    slightly taken aback by your prose Heidi.
    I thought you had found love (or a reasonable
    facsimile thereof).
    I thought that at last someone was with you on
    your lonesome inner journey.I was relieved!

    Now this.
    Heidi,will you be happy for GOD’s sake!

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