October 17th, 2010. One of the weirdest times ever.

Jerod and I decided, very spontaneously, to go to Marfa, Texas in the middle of the night. Marfa is a place known for a mysterious light phenomenon that nobody can really understand, and we really wanted to see it. It should be mentioned that Marfa is not exactly close to here, over three hours, to be exact. Grabbed the blackberry GPS and just left. Going down I-20 isn’t so bad, not traumatic so to speak, but damn…once you get to 67 and 385? WOW. Freaky. Not a well populated route, very little traffic, and a ton of negative feelings in that area. I was not fond of the drive or the route. When we got to Marfa, discovered a little viewing center that they have set up for the purpose of seeing these lights. There were a couple of people already there, and they were totally baffled. They were trying to figure out what the hell they were observing. I must say they really need more maintenance at this viewing center. A couple of the lights were burned out and were making very creepy sounds that, at first, scared me. As I was looking out at the clearing, I saw these lights…and it almost seemed as if they were sentient lights. There would be one light, and then another would show up, and they would interact with one another. At another point, a third light joined in and almost…danced. That is the best way I can describe this. It was strange, yet beautiful, and I got no negative feelings from the experience. In fact, I believe I walked away from it more spiritually in tune. I loved it, and I do recommend that if you have a chance, go and see this. As I understand it, not everyone sees this, so I feel especially blessed.

There is an old air field right next to the viewing center; this thing is a little unusual, in that there is a figure of a rocket that can be seen from space. Just add it to the other bizarre stuff around here…

Now, the trip back?? This is a different story. The cell phones lost signal, so we were rather…lost. We ended up kinda south, I guess we were not far from the Mexican border. Just driving along, on a very deserted road. A car was following us. We were starting to get a little freaked out, because the car would slow down and then come very close to us. All of a sudden, lights came on the top of the car, and it turned out to be *cue ominous music* the US Border Patrol. They asked us what the hell we were doing there, explained to them we were watching the Marfa lights, thinking they would let us go on our way. WRONG. They searched the car. They asked us all kinds of questions; took Jerod’s license and insurance papers, took my passport. They asked us the same questions more than once. Then, they told us to wait in the car…why? So they could bring in dogs to smell the car. Ugh. The whole thing took more than a half hour. At that point, it was around 3am. I asked them questions, as I do not like border patrol harassing without having a reason. They never bothered to answer my questions.

Driving around, all of a sudden this weird…creature? I don’t know how the hell to describe it. It was large and black, and it swooped down from the sky. Both of us saw it, but hell if we could make out features or anything, because once it was there, it was gone. It was big, though, so if it was a bird it would have had to be gigantic.

Saw plenty of deer, that is for sure…

I saw several things I originally suspected were meteors, but now I am not so sure. They were orbs of light, not like a normal meteor streaking. Can’t necessarily call them UFOs, because I just don’t know, but I doubt they were meteors. I have seen plenty of meteors in my life, none behaved like that.

We ended up in Crane, Texas, somehow. We had taken the wrong way. Jerod was so busy looking at the damn churches he didn’t realize how fast he was going. He was speeding, and here comes the cop. 😉 We were stopped and given only a warning, thank God.

Finally ended up back in Odessa around 6:00am. It should not have taken that long. That was some crazy stuff…life is usually pretty crazy around me, though. It was interesting!!

3 thoughts on “October 17th, 2010. One of the weirdest times ever.

  1. Syd Southworth says:

    Texas is an interesting place, isn’t it?

  2. Um says:

    Next time you are in Texas,look up Alex Jones Heidi!

    Who is ‘Jerod,’ the guy who said he was going to
    marry you? I am looking forward to the wedding videos. 🙂

  3. ldsrr91 says:

    That is more excitement (and irritation) that one would want in one weekend. Pretty interesting read, thanks.


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