Infrasound and human behavior-feelings

Tethys from Lunatic Outpost brought this to my attention months ago, and I do believe it is a valid theory. Some of us get these terrible feelings of something bad happening…we feel like there is a shoe that is going to drop.

There could be an answer to this, not entirely mundane as one might think. Actually, it is quite interesting.

It is called infrasound. It is a sound, a feeling that many animals get, thus the animals being able to predict and behave differently prior to an earthquake or storm. This is something that can be heard by animals, but more importantly, it is FELT.

Infrasound can be generated by earthquakes, tectonics, volcanoes, storms, surf, avalanches, icebergs, aurora, upper-atmosphere lightning…the list goes on and on. Elephants and whales are known to utilize infrasound to communicate over large distances with one another.

So, the question in my mind becomes…if the animals can feel this way, can humanity? Some of us are more perceptive than others, and can feel changes within the earth. Is this the result of infrasound?

There have been experiments on humans using infrasound. The subjects reported feeling a sense of dread, anxiety, uneasiness, extreme sorrow, ear ringing, and fear.

Perhaps some of us can feel this better than others, some are more in tune with this feeling?

Can you imagine what would happen if the government was employing this as a weapon, to torture those that can feel this? It might not be beyond the realm of possibility. Perhaps by utilizing a HAARP-like technology, TPTB can control those that are known to be more feeling than others.

Some people report feeling these effects while observing UFOs; what if this is also employed against those observing the UFOs?

Even musicians are using it in some songs. Here is an example on youtube:

Beware, for those that can “feel” it can be torture.

I don’t think it is too far gone to think that if this has an effect on some animals, it can also have an effect on humans.

So, is it truly psychic power or just being more in tune to the earth? A way for God to get our attention?

I believe it is a way for God to get our attention to earthly events; He blessed some of us with the capability to feel this, just like our animal friends.

I pray it is not going to be used by the wrong hands, as this would be tantamount to torture.






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