More shenanigans at the Denver Airport?

Scott Groves has been sending me some interesting information. Apparently, a couple of months ago, they approved lotsa money for a new facelift. Of course, that sets off red flags…this is a fairly recent airport, why would it already need renovations? But voila…

DENVER – What does a nearly $1 billion makeover look like? Officials at Denver International Airport revealed their multi-million dollar plans for the south terminal on Thursday.

Okay, so they needed to renovate the recently built, hugely wasteful airport. Fine. Sooo…why are they reducing flights? Via 9 News:

While supporters believe the impending merger of United and Continental airlines will have little impact in Denver, a document revealed in an August hearing suggests a different scenario.

An internal Continental document presented in an ongoing case challenging the merger outlines a total cut of 37 departures at Denver International Airport -a drop of 19 percent – if the carriers combine.

I guess they didn’t prepare for this? All this money wasted on a damn airport?

“The initial cost of this New Beast was to be 1.7 billion dollars (with a “B”) but by the time they were done playing games, having problems, getting bailed out and got extra government money (and money from private corporations on top of that), it cost about $4.8 billion – obscenely over budget.”

Yeah, this makes sense.

We also have this one:

Unusual Financing Plan Keeps Denver Airport Rail Link on Track

Many U.S. cities are struggling just to keep their existing infrastructure intact during these times of shaky finances. But some new projects can’t wait. In metro Denver, the start of an ambitious plan, long considered essential to the local economy and Front Range residents — commuter rail service from downtown to Denver International Airport — has finally broken ground.

For those of you who are not aware of the murals, here are a couple of lovely photos from this place of evil.

Oh, really? Anubis?

Anubis (Ancient Greek: Ἄνουβις) is the Greek name[2] for a jackal-headed god associated withmummification and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology.”

I am sorry, does this dead child in a coffin have a Star of David and a Bible? Hmm…curious.

Killing the dove of peace. Gotcha. Gas mask…gotcha. Burning buildings? Gotcha. These are lovely images to greet someone at an airport!

Dead animals and people. Gotcha. Guess they don’t care much for the inhabitants of this planet.

Horse with glowing eyes. Yeah, you can’t make it much more obvious, people. Apocalypse, anyone?

Anyhow, I am curious as to what is going on there. Theories? There are many. But they are giving the clues. 😉

3 thoughts on “More shenanigans at the Denver Airport?

  1. Agent Black says:

    Note the Middle Eastern scimitar the dove-killer wields? And why the mask? I’d love to know what the note at the bottom says!

  2. Crystal says:

    Are those for real the artwork at the newly renovated Denver airport? First off, Denver has one of the scariest, shortest runways for large planes to land. The money should have gone to improving and making safer their runway infrastructure.

    Now back to those murals, maybe that is their idea of Homeland Security, except with those pictures, they will be scaring everyone off. I don’t get the idea they want us to think we are all one big happy family, you know, peace on earth, goodwill toward all…

    What is it with the flight industry anyway? No matter how much they charge, they always lose money, and luggage…nickel and dimeing passengers for everything. First thing you know, we’ll have to put a credit card in to release the emergency oxygen masks when needed!

    Clean air is expensive don’t you know!

    So what are the conspiracy theories? The new home of Area 51?
    Apparently there are 46,000+ entries called DIA conspiracy
    theories on Google. Go figure!

  3. Patrisha says:

    This is what is siad on the letter of the mural at DIA “I was once a little child who longed for other worlds. But now I am no more a child for I known fear. I have learned to hate… How tragic, then, is youth wich lives with enemies, with gallows ropes. Yet, I still believe I only sleep today, that I will wkae up, a child again, and start to laugh and play.”
    I heard that this letter was written by a child held at one of the Concentration camps of Nazi’s.

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