We are being played

I cannot tell you how annoyed I am with the current climate concerning the Koran burnings. The emotion on both sides is enough to drive one insane…

There are some things for us to ponder and keep in mind.

This is a church with not many members. This is very important. It isn’t like this is the Crystal Cathedral. This is a small, fringe church that is limited in scope and power.

The media, the powers that be…they WANT you to think this is more than it is.  It isn’t. It is just what it is, a few loons who are going to light books on fire.

This happens more than you think, yet the media conveniently ignores it.

Why didn’t the witches claim Jihad when they burned Harry Potter books?

Why didn’t the Christians claim Jihad when the Bibles were being burned?

WAKE UP. Engineered chaos, by your friendly Obama administration and the mainstream media.

Muslims are falling for it…the left is falling for it…the fundamentalist Christians are falling for it.

What is the goal here? That is something I am wondering. I think it might be a combination of things…taking our rights away, attacking Christians…look. You already see people painting ALL Christians as being aligned with this! It is working very well…

Time to open up the eyes, people.


3 thoughts on “We are being played

  1. mike gaukin says:

    intresting take on that heidi

  2. Jesus never burned any books. In fact, the biggest cult around Jerusalem was the Samaritan religion. But Jesus spoke of the Good Samaritan. If Jesus were on earth today, who would be the modern equivalent?

    The Good Muslim. The Good Punk Rocker. The Good Scientologist. The Good Mormon. The Good Pagan. The Good Buddhist. The Good Pot Head???

    Jesus never told His disciples to provoke anybody, but He did take a stand against the leaders of His own religion, the Pharisees and Sadducees and Scribes.

    Now all humanity is one, and has been redeemed as one, by one sacrifice on the cross.

    We, all humanity, all living entities, all the universe, is one in Christ.

    No real authentic Christian would burn a Koran or make fun of any true seeker of God, no matter what path they are on.

  3. Crystal says:

    Where do freedom of expression and respect for the faith of other human beings intersect, do they?

    To me, burning any book is a crime. They start with one and we will all be fighting about books.

    What is the larger picture here? Overcoming our differences and embracing the good that is in all of us, our humanity.

    It is okay to say to someone when they are doing something harmful to that goal, hey, why and what are you doing and put a spotlight on it.

    Sometimes people need to be shown “the light.”

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