We are being played

I cannot tell you how annoyed I am with the current climate concerning the Koran burnings. The emotion on both sides is enough to drive one insane…

There are some things for us to ponder and keep in mind.

This is a church with not many members. This is very important. It isn’t like this is the Crystal Cathedral. This is a small, fringe church that is limited in scope and power.

The media, the powers that be…they WANT you to think this is more than it is.  It isn’t. It is just what it is, a few loons who are going to light books on fire.

This happens more than you think, yet the media conveniently ignores it.

Why didn’t the witches claim Jihad when they burned Harry Potter books?

Why didn’t the Christians claim Jihad when the Bibles were being burned?

WAKE UP. Engineered chaos, by your friendly Obama administration and the mainstream media.

Muslims are falling for it…the left is falling for it…the fundamentalist Christians are falling for it.

What is the goal here? That is something I am wondering. I think it might be a combination of things…taking our rights away, attacking Christians…look. You already see people painting ALL Christians as being aligned with this! It is working very well…

Time to open up the eyes, people.


Mood Alert-September 8th-9th, 2010

Once again New Moon forces will be dominant with forceful and powerful emotions. These may tend to aggressive or belligerent moods and feelings with the risk of contentious encounters, arguments and volatile expression. At the same time there may be an abundance of strong nervous restlessness and energy that may be difficult to control or utilise to good effect.

Today sees a massive alignment of the Moon and Saturn, both of which will be in opposition to Uranus and Jupiter. This is likely to create a wide spectrum of moods and emotions. In particular there will be the restrained and calculated nature of Saturn, with its more demure, restricted, and limited emotional range, with the likelihood of depressive, or pessimistic moods and feelings laden with insecurity and doubt.

Balancing this will be the joy and exuberance of Jupiter with its generous, humorous, and expansive nature, as well as an exaggerated sense of adventure that may tend to reckless activity of an extreme nature.

Then again the bizarre and out of the ordinary characteristics of Uranus will ensure that moods will tend towards extreme or unusual circumstances with the possibility of friction and agitation within the family setting. Indeed any Moon/Uranus alignment has the potential for crisis, with challenging moods and circumstances that can be out of the top category of mood unsettling forces.

This period also sees the beginning of the opposition between Mercury and Neptune. This will be influential for just over a week and likely mood traits include sensitive and easily disturbed emotions with a tendency to confused or absent-minded thinking with vague fears and imaginings. There may also be a subtlety of feeling with intuitive, refined and idealistic emotions with a high degree of creative ability.

All in all this is a vibrant and complex period with contrasting feelings that for some could prove difficult. On the other hand it offers quite definite energy to see and experience things in a unique way that may open doors to new thoughts and ideas.

Alert is 8. Moon 0% illuminated.

It should also be remembered that we are still very much under he influence of the Uranus/Jupiter alignment. This is an extremely slow moving alignment that will be with us for the rest of the year, and occurs only once every 14 years. Likely mood traits include a strong deviation from the norm with the possibility of highly original, creative thought and ideas with eccentric and out of character emotions and feelings.

Unfortunately this may also include drastic and extremely anti-social  compensation for personal inadequacies leading to extreme events and happenings

Because this alignment is so very slow moving many of its traits and inclinations will be absorbed and taken for granted, but they will still be present and will add considerable variety to the months ahead.

Both Jupiter and Uranus are also in opposition to Saturn. Since April this has created a disciplined but formative period of growth with reasoned, inspired, but controlled effort and persistence. This is likely to give rise to highly original ideas and present opportunities that may not otherwise have arisen. As such this will have important implications for the world of science and technology, as well as opening awareness to religious and philosophical impulses that may previously have been ignored.

Meanwhile the effects of Saturn and Uranus upon one another will likely tend to alternating moods that vary between depressive and nervously tensed emotions within a very short time. This may also bring out a tendency to egotism and cruelty.

Naturally this alignment will also be cross influenced by other alignments to distort, enhance, or lower its effects, but to some extent the background element of its effects will remain until the 22nd of September when this alignment finally dissipates.

Increased earthquake activity follows massive planetary alignment.

The massive planetary alignment earlier this month that saw an almost unprecedented situation of all the planets of the Solar System in some way aligned with the Earth, seems to have sparked intense seismic activity. This is of course just what you would expect and what we have observed on dozens of other occasions; namely that planetary alignments do result in a corresponding rise in earthquake activity.

Below is a list of a remarkable number of powerful earthquakes within the last three weeks or so. Due to their remote location almost none of these made headlines, and there was little if any damage, or loss of life.

The fact is that if either one of these tremblors had occurred close to a major centre of population in a so called third world nation the casualty figures would have been enormous. As it was they just passed off as peacefully and unnoticed as any earthquake of this magnitude can do.

List of major earthquakes.

6.7 magnitude: 30th July,     Off coast of Kamchatka.

6.0 magnitude: 1st August.  Marianna Islands region.

6.3 magnitude: 3rd August.  Northern Molucca Sea.

6.4 magnitude: 4th August.    Eastern New Guinea Region.

6.4 magnitude: 4th August.    Andreanof Islands.

7.0 magnitude: 4th August.    New Britain region.

6.1 magnitude: 4th August.    Kuril Islands.

7.5  magnitude: 10th August. Vanuatu Islands.

6.3 magnitude: 10th August. Off east coast of Honshu.

6.0 magnitude: 11th August. Vanuatu Islands.

7.1 magnitude: 12th August . Ecuador.

7.2 magnitude: 13th August. South of Mariana Islands.

6.6 magnitude: 14th August. South of Mariana Islands.

6.4 magnitude: 15th August. New Britain Region.

6.0 magnitude: 16th August  Fiji Islands Region.

6.1 magnitude: 18th August  South of Mariana Islands.

6.4 magnitude: 20th August  Solomon Islands.