This day is very depressing…

The day is depressing and I don’t know why. I feel as if there is a war going on and I am in the middle of it. Yesterday, I was thinking too much. Today, I cannot be bothered to think. Nothing makes much sense. I feel so empty.

Things come and go, I suppose…sigh.

4 thoughts on “This day is very depressing…

  1. Jerod C Batte says:

    I feel that way, too, angel. 😦

    This month is going to be a battleground. I know all will be okay, though, once you’re in my arms.

  2. Use Your Intuition says:

    Ebb & flow, let it go. It is good to relax and simply let it be. You
    make fine pictures, by the way. A lovely smile too.

  3. Cest Moi says:

    You need to be held in warm and loving arms,
    kissed and told how soft,beautiful,and wonderful
    you are. 🙂

  4. Hi, great blog – a lot of interesting stuff!

    Call me crazy but something in me nudged me into sending you this video: ‘Stop Living In Fear! ‘

    I know it helped me. I have noticed how I tend to focus on fear, frustration and many other negative emotions that go along with it…

    Keep up the good work.

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