I have a couple of apologies to make. JM (Disclosure2012, whichever moniker you are comfortable with) I am very sorry for my actions. I know we have forgiven one another, but still, I am making a PUBLIC apology for what I have done. I was wrong.

Another one goes out to somebody that cannot be disclosed right now…he did something very bad and I feel somewhat responsible for this. I apologize for not getting you the help you so desperately needed when I had the chance. Now, you have no opportunity to rectify what you did…but I forgive you for all the pain you caused. In my mind, you are not the monster I initially thought of you as. I am sorry.

I hope this helps…I am letting go of the pain of the past. A new chapter is about to begin.

One thought on “Apologies

  1. JM says:

    Apology accepted Heidi. You have been very honorable with me and I will always have great respect for you. I am proud to still be your friend and will stand in support of you anytime you may need it.

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