More new age tartuffery

Gotta love it. Yup, yup. I am the unenlightened…

I am nothing. I don’t see the light. I am doomed to a life of darkness and insecurity.

Live with it. I am who I am. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t damn my soul for it.

Clowns! How dare you judge my soul? How dare you call me evil? Keep making things up in your head…ya gotta do something.

Welcome to terror dome.

5 thoughts on “More new age tartuffery

  1. jerodian says:

    If you’re evil, does that make me a servant of darkness? :p

  2. Cest Moi says:

    Could you kind of give a little background on this?

    Are you still going to marry that guy,
    the one in the previous post?

    I don’t think you are evil Heidi,but
    I hope you are still my little devil. πŸ™‚

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