Russia State of emergency declared-nuclear?

A fire is endangering a treatment center and storage of nuclear materials in the Ural mountains, which led Russia to declare a state of emergency around the center.

“The head of administration decreed, on 06 August, the state of emergency in forests and parks in the city of Ozersk (where the nuclear complex) due to the spread of fires,” reads a statement released today.

‘From now until the specific decision, it is forbidden to enter the forest and lit bonfires there. Moreover, managers of enterprises and organizations should take urgent measures to clear the surrounding land ‘, enacted local administration.

The central collection and processing of nuclear waste Maiak, one of the largest in Russia, is in Tcheliavinsk region, the Urals, two thousand miles from Moscow.

In the western part of Russia, the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russia said it had detected changes in the levels of radioactivity due to forest fires.

Because of the heat wave of the Russian authorities fear further outbreaks of cholera. A responsible health services revealed that water quality deteriorated in 52 of the 83 Russian regions.

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