Mood Alert, August 1st-2nd, 2010

Once again this is a mood atmosphere of high intensity though perhaps not quite as strident as even just a day ago. Nevertheless we are still in the midst of one of the years most concentrated periods of planetary alignments.

The main feature of this current alert period – as on many of the previous days is the massive alignment featuring ,Venus, Mars, Saturn, Earth, the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus. This is a relatively slow moving alignment that will remain influential for at least the next two weeks and some elements of it significantly longer.

With regard to moods and feelings there is bound to be a confusing mixture of contrasts, with the affectionate and understanding nature of Venus contrasted by the more aggressive and belligerent tones of Mars.

Then again there is the more disciplined, ambitious and calculated disposition of Saturn, with its inherent tendency towards caution, reserve, pessimism and even depression. This finds balance by the optimistic, out going, gregarious and adventurous qualities of Jupiter with its emphasis on fun loving activities, generosity and good humour.

Uranus meanwhile brings eccentric, bizarre and out of character feelings with the possibility of unsettled, agitated and disordered emotions. Uranus is also capable of enormous disruption with drastic and dramatic reactions to even mundane events and problems. It will be appreciated that moods at this time will be a confusing mixture of all these various elements that for some will pose significant challenges.

The negative side to this period is a roller coaster of feeling with hesitant and wavering moods and strong nervous restlessness as well as a far from optimal level of concentration. This could make it harder to focus on the task in hand with other more attractive alternatives of an escapist nature making it difficult to keep to a well ordered routine.

On the more positive side this period offers an open book of ideas and possibilities, whether conscious or subconscious, and forms – whether for better or worse – a pivotal and decisive period in ones future course of development.

Alert is 8. Moon 69% illuminated.


Disturbances likely

Times of heightened planetary alignment almost inevitably lead to a corresponding rise in natural disasters, social turmoil and headline events the world over. As such  this current celestial situation is likely to be no exception and its sheer  magnitude means that for the next month or so there is the likelihood of extreme  events and happenings that will add significant colour to news bulletins everywhere.

Massive  alignment.

Currently  we are influenced by a massive alignment featuring Venus, Mars, Saturn, Earth, Jupiter and  Uranus, and constitutes one of the biggest alignments witnessed since Mood Alert first began.

Predicting likely  moods from this gathering is far from easy

Certain to say there will be a confusion of moods and feelings with contrasting  inclinations and competing emotions that are likely to represent a roller coaster of feeling that will range between various extremes. For example Mars is  now coming into alignment with Saturn and this is likely to create self- assertive but disciplined emotions with practical, controlled, or limited  feelings. However there may also be a severe or ambitious edge to inclinations with unscrupulous, selfish, cruel or even violent behavioural patterns.

In the next  24 hours this will be balanced by the gentler more affectionate feelings of  Venus. At the same time Jupiter may offer a more affable , generous and fun  loving mood environment, though, as mentioned many times here the planet is in  long term alignment with Uranus. This is creating strong deviation from the norm  that although capable of inventive and highly innovative thought, is also prone to drastic anti-social compensation for personal inadequacies.

To complicate matters further we are now at the height of the alignment  between Neptune, Earth and Mercury. This will continue to active for at least  the next week or so and is likely to result in sensitive mental expression with vague, idealistic and imaginative emotional impulses. In addition there may be confused, absent-minded, dishonest, and chaotic feelings interspersed with vague  fears and imaginings.



2 thoughts on “Mood Alert, August 1st-2nd, 2010

  1. Shimmer says:

    Great info…thanks for posting!

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