Chemist: Oysters contain 1.25% (12,500 ppm) hydrocarbons near MS River Delta

Testing Results Returning With High Levels: Wilma Subra, chemist and president of soil testing company, Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN), August 30, 2010:

Results of sampling performed by the Lower Mississippi River Keeper in the Lower Atchafalaya Bay area on August 2, 2010

East of Oyster Bayou, LA:

  • Soil: 378 mg/kg Hydrocarbons and six Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) (0.222 mg/kg)
  • Oiled vegetation: 2.3% Hydrocarbons and 31 PAHs (0.554 mg/kg)
  • Fiddler & Blue Crab: 2,230 mg/kg hydrocarbons
  • Oysters: 8,815 mg/kg Hydrocarbons

Results of sampling performed by the Lower Mississippi River Keeper in the Mississippi River Delta on August 3, 2010

Mouth of Pass-a-Loutre:

  • Sediment contained 71 mg/kg Hydrocarbons and 14 PAHs (0.8713 mg/kg)
  • Muscles: 6,900 mg/kg Hydrocarbons and seven PAHs (0.386 mg/kg)
  • Oysters: 12,500 mg/kg (1.25%) Hydrocarbons and two PAHs (0.063 mg/kg)
  • Sandy soil: 29 to 38 PAHs (3.7259 to 3.934 mg/kg)
  • Soil from vegetation behind beach: 0.4 to 1.16 % Hydrocarbons, and 20 to 40 PAHs (49 to 189 mg/kg)



I have a couple of apologies to make. JM (Disclosure2012, whichever moniker you are comfortable with) I am very sorry for my actions. I know we have forgiven one another, but still, I am making a PUBLIC apology for what I have done. I was wrong.

Another one goes out to somebody that cannot be disclosed right now…he did something very bad and I feel somewhat responsible for this. I apologize for not getting you the help you so desperately needed when I had the chance. Now, you have no opportunity to rectify what you did…but I forgive you for all the pain you caused. In my mind, you are not the monster I initially thought of you as. I am sorry.

I hope this helps…I am letting go of the pain of the past. A new chapter is about to begin.

Company behind Godlikeproductions suing small forum?

*A lot of people are getting these very lame, vague, non-legal threats from Trinity. In case this leaves Lunatic Outpost, I am posting it here for posterity. Come and get me ;)*

This thread was made by Disturbed, the owner of Lunatic Outpost.

Quote:Datum: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 11:04:27 -0500 [21-08-10 12:04:27 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: tortious interference from your website
Headers: Alle headers weergeven
You have a thread on your website advocating tortious interference in our business

This is your one and only warning about this thread from II-Neutron in which your own
moderators are participating.

If the thread remains on Monday I will be filing a lawsuit against your website and you
personally for tortious interference in our business operations.

I suggest you keep your moderators and forum users under control.

While i skimmed over the thread i saw people expressing their opinions and exercising their free speech rights..

So i didn’t respond to the email.. and posted it on the thread.

The following email i received later.. :

Quote:Datum: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 14:31:30 -0500 [21-08-10 15:31:30 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: last warning
Headers: Alle headers weergeven
you’re continuing to inflame the situation

you’re now aware of it

remove the thread now

or monday I file suit

Instead of till monday i had to remove the thread NOW!

As you can see the thread still remains.. Not because i feel like a lawsuit, but it’s ridiculous if somebody orders me around on the forum i run..

Because i run LOP for a hobby, and not really interested in a lawsuit, i even tried to cooperate with this person..

The following email i received on Monday.

Quote:Datum: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 03:16:38 -0500 [23-08-10 04:16:38 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: happy monday
Headers: Alle headers weergeven
I see the thread still remains

I’ll be indexing all the libelous posts on your website thread by thread

We’ll be taking action against you and your posters for harassment, libel, and tortious

I gave you a chance to resolve this issue amicably but you seem to think this is a game

It’s not

You should have stuck to your previous policy

Once I start the ball rolling on this legal action there will be no going back

Enjoy it

You asked for it

Because i still was unsure what exactly the problem was i emailed back :

Quote:No idea what thread/post you are talking about or who you are…

Kinda hard to act on that don’t you think?

I received the following reply :

Quote:Datum: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 05:02:23 -0500 [23-08-10 06:02:23 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: Re: happy monday
Headers: Alle headers weergeven

games are over

you had your chance to comply with the law

<name redacted>
user II-Neutron has committed several crimes on your website to which
you are aware and supporting in this thread:…SEND-MONEY

Some of his crimes are criminal in nature and charges will be brought against <name redacted>

you are now an accessory to those crimes and are willfully participating in them so long
as that thread remains active

I replied :

Quote:Could you direct link to the posts who are according to you criminal in nature, so i can
review them.

Furthermore i like to know who i am dealing with and who you are representing..

I think these are fair questions when threatened with a lawsuit..

In the next email i received the person made it clear that he was going to get through with the lawsuit:

Quote:Datum: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 05:17:09 -0500 [23-08-10 06:17:09 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: Re: happy monday
Headers: Alle headers weergeven
I’m done playing with you

have a nice day

you’ll be hearing from my law firm

To which i replied :

Quote:I think i showed i am willing to clean that thread from any allegedly criminal posts
that are on there according to you..

Yet you choose to remain vague and refuse to state which posts are allegedly criminal in
nature. This makes it very hard for me to cooperate with you..

You have a good day too..

The next email i received :

Quote:Datum: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 05:38:21 -0500 [23-08-10 06:38:21 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: Re: happy monday
Headers: Alle headers weergeven

you have shown you are unwilling to remove the thread

that’s all I need to know

the thread remains

I hope you find it worth the trouble for what you’re doing

To which i replied :

Quote:Yes, the thread remains (although not active) because you refuse to point out which
post(s) are allegedly criminal in nature.

Also, you refuse to state who you are and who you are representing.

Both this things make it impossible for me to cooperate with you..

Again i point out that i am willing to cooperate with you, but you have to give me
something to work with..

The person replied :

Quote:Datum: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 06:01:10 -0500 [23-08-10 07:01:10 EDT]
Van: Jason <>
Onderwerp: Re: happy monday
Headers: Alle headers weergeven

I’ve given you the thread

you continue to publish it

this isn’t a game disturbed

By then i decided it was useless to continue the conversation (The person was gonna sue anyways..)

I received one more email :

Quote:you might also like to know that you are being held liable in connection with several
other domain names owned by <name redacted> as your website is being advertised on and .us + other domains owned by <name redacted> that infringe on
an international trademark and are established with the sole purpose of harassment /
spreading libelous statements

again I’ll ask you is it really worth it?

So i was even get sued for a link i wasn’t even aware of…

needless to say i didn’t respond to that email either..

I haven’t been served yet, but made this post because i know some of you are wondering..

More new age tartuffery

Gotta love it. Yup, yup. I am the unenlightened…

I am nothing. I don’t see the light. I am doomed to a life of darkness and insecurity.

Live with it. I am who I am. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t damn my soul for it.

Clowns! How dare you judge my soul? How dare you call me evil? Keep making things up in your head…ya gotta do something.

Welcome to terror dome.


I often wander around, not really understanding myself. I am willing to admit there are aspects of myself I am not particularly fond of; who doesn’t have those tendencies?

I know now why I was put on this earth. There is nothing to describe, except that sometimes it is the most painful thing in the world to ponder, yet most of the time it is as if being in heaven itself. As it is with my life, there is little in the middle; it is all or nothing.

This time, it is all.

Damn, it feels good.

Russian official confirm fires burning in radioactively polluted areas

The Russian state forest protection service Roslesozashchita has confirmed reports that forests that were radioactively polluted by the Chernobyl disaster have been affected by forest fires this summer.

“As of August 6, twenty-eight fires on an area of 269 hectares had been registered in the Bryansk region alone, including 12 fires on an area of nine hectares in the southwestern part of the region,” a Roslesozashchita spokesman told Interfax on Wednesday.

“There are pollution maps and fire maps. Anyone can compare them. How can such information be denied?” he said.

The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry had denied earlier that forest fires had affected the Bryansk region.

“According to information from Avialesookhrana [the state aerial forest protection service], the local forestry services, the regional administration, and aerial and ground reconnaissance data, there have been no forest fires in the Bryansk region as of now,” Emergency Situations Ministry spokesperson Irina Andrianova told journalists on Tuesday.

Greenpeace Russia had published a map on Tuesday showing that over 20 fires had broken out on radioactively polluted areas in the Bryansk region, including three on heavily polluted territories.

The Gordeyevka, Zlynka, Klimovo, Klintsy, Krasnaya Gora, Novozybkov, and Starodub districts in the Bryansk region are considered to have been radioactively polluted especially heavily by the 1986 disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.